Be the Ultimate Age Disrupter

I don’t know when I’ve ever been more excited to be a Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger. Today, I’m announcing an additional focus for This is a natural evolution from a topic I’ve been recently discussing that’s hit a powerful nerve. With the launch of The Fierce 50 Campaign that has now turned into a full fledged … Continue Reading

The Chopra Center: A Woman’s Retreat

My friend and fellow Fierce 50 sister, Rae Marie Jaeger, surprised me recently with an invite to the very first “Women’s Retreat” at The Chopra Center. How could I say no to such an amazing opportunity! Rae and I met through another fabulous Chopra experience called “Seduction of Spirit” in Whistler, Canada. It was a … Continue Reading

Cat & Kaehler: My Voice

This is the most challenging blog post I’ve ever written. I stand for authenticity and it’s authenticity you’re going to get. I sat down to celebrate in gratitude my opportunity to co-host the Cat & Kaehler show with the amazing Kathy Kaehler. I wanted to talk about how thrilled I am to have a voice… … Continue Reading

Dancing Through La La Land: Birth of A Talk Show!

In an early morning yoga class in December, as I lay there in savasana, inspiration poured through me with an energy that almost overtook me. Dashing off my yoga mat, I ran home and excitedly picked up the phone to call two of my favorite over 50 Fashion Bloggers, Cathy Williamson of The Middle Page … Continue Reading

Bonjour French Kande!

You have to love a jewelry designer who has a personal connection to each and every piece she creates by hand. I’m delighted to introduce you to one of the most delightful Francophiles out there, Kande Hall, the Founder and Designer of all things French Kande. Located in El Segundo, a charming community in the … Continue Reading

Quaint Cambria: Central Coast Gem!

The quaint little town of Cambria on California’s Central Coast is the essence of time gone by. Things move at a slower pace. People are friendly and warm. They look you in the eye and want to know how you’re day is going. It’s a bit old fashioned and that’s just fine by me, and the … Continue Reading

A Passion For Purple Poppy

Connie Goggin has been curating the unique treasures at Purple Poppy for over 25 years. Her shop has certainly evolved over those 25 years when the store first opened in a more seasonal and casual setting on Cape Cod. She has perfected her buying craft, carefully hand selecting each designer in her online store. With … Continue Reading

An Anthropologie Anthology

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness most likely hasn’t visited Anthropologie at 111 Chicago Avenue in downtown Chicago. It’s a virtual wonderland with 11,000 square feet of carefully curated treasures from around the world. A kaleidoscope of vibrant patterns and colors that will have your senses humming, this location boasts the second largest Anthropologie in … Continue Reading

Style Collective Gals Gather at Gumtree LA

Are you in the mood for some shopping, interior design, or yummy and healthy ‘down unda’ delights?’ I’m delighted to introduce you to one of my favorite places in the South Bay for all those things … Gumtree LA in Hermosa Beach! With a new store in Manhattan Beach and a Gumtree Kids in Hermosa, … Continue Reading

Change Your Socks; Change Your Look!

When Chrissy’s Knee High Socks first approached me to do a blog post, my creative juices started flowing. What if something as simple as a pair of knee socks could be the answer to creating a whole new look without spending a fortune? It’s been a long time since I donned a pair of knee … Continue Reading