Marissa T Designs

I’ve been a Boho beach girl since day one. It’s in my bones. The beach, the ocean, the outdoors…always soothe my soul. It’s hard to pull this fashion blogger away from the pure beauty that surrounds us every day from Mother Nature. I’ve been a collector of crystals and natural gemstones for decades. There’s immense … Continue Reading

VIPme, Let’s VIP You

Recently, VIPme sent a video to watch sharing their company’s mission and philosophy. I have to admit that my first impression was WOW! I was blown away by what I saw. A company on a similar mission with a philosophy so close to my heart. I didn’t hesitate for a moment in responding that I … Continue Reading

Boho Style The Hermosa Beach Way

  As a child of the 60’s, with vivid memories of flower children, painted VW Vans, Woodstock and the Beatles, I’ve always kept a piece of Boho close to my heart and soul. What exactly is Boho Style?  It’s about an inner feeling of peace and joy. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin … Continue Reading

Romping Around Yorkville

Ahhh…beautiful Yorkville, a little slice of paradise for this fashion blogger with cozy streets brimming with life, beautiful boutiques and the finest restaurants. It wouldn’t be a visit to downtown Toronto without a stop in Yorkville. Conveniently located right out the door of the Four Seasons Hotel, Yorkville offers something for everyone. Starting with a … Continue Reading

Niagara Falls

Growing up in the midwest with four siblings, summer usually meant road trips and tourist traps. We would pile into the family station wagon, cram the suitcases on the roof, and hit the road to visit the Grand Canyon, Chattanooga Choo Choo, or Ruby Falls. Somehow, we never made it to Niagara Falls yet it … Continue Reading

The Stylist LA

Entering the warm and inviting showroom at The Stylist LA, be ready to be greeted with a big smile and most likely a hug or two. Founded in 2009 by Emily McDonald, a USC grad, with a big idea to provide affordable fashion to be “borrowed” for a 7 to 10 day rental. As a sorority … Continue Reading

The Coat as a Dress: Styling a Look in 3 Ways

I’m always looking for multiple ways to style a new piece in my wardrobe. Spotting this fabulous coat on a recent shopping trip at Madewell, I snapped it off the clearance rack and ran home to see how I could make it work in my wardrobe. Like many of you, I grew up hitting the … Continue Reading

Acro Yoga: A Lesson in Self Trust

  You may be wondering, what is Acro Yoga all about? Having ventured down the spiritual path decades ago, I developed a passion for Vinyasa Yoga. I adore the flow, the vibe, the peace, the community, the connection and the beautiful space that it created inside of me. I absolutely love the way that it … Continue Reading

The Cosmopolitan Village of Yorkville – Part I

A visit to Toronto isn’t complete without a stop in the charming enclave of Yorkville. It’s almost hard to imagine it’s original bohemian roots as the capital of Canada’s hippie counter culture, as today it’s  the epitome of cosmopolitan style. With charming streets that have a bit of the European vibe, it’s an absolute can’t … Continue Reading

The Four Seasons Toronto – Living the High Life in Yorkville

I fell in love with Canada long before ever setting foot there. My Grandmother, an Irish lassie who never left the house without her nails, lips, and eyebrows carefully done, always spoke fondly of this beautiful country. And she was right. When you arrive in Canada, the air feels different and the energy is vibrant and … Continue Reading