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What is North Node Astrology?

How May’s sky weather affects you will vary, depending on your entire natal chart, but your North Node Horoscope transcends monthly sky events. That’s because your North Node reveals what your soul came here to do. By midlife, the soul starts longing and pressing us to live our true purpose. At first, it whispers through intuition. Then it knocks a little louder through “coincidences” and external events. When not heard and honored, the soul’s longing can show up as health crises, marriage or work issues, or wondering “is this all there is?” If you feel a need to reinvent yourself, following North Node guidance helps you do that authentically — for you.

Unlike generic Sun Sign horoscopes, which ignore so many other aspects, following North Node guidance will always lead you in the right direction. Doors open, healing happens, relationships improve, and life gets more magical. This quarterly column will help you tap into your personal North Node Mojo. When you start living your North Node purpose, we all win, because you not only begin to light up your own life. You light up the world.     

You can find your North Node sign here which is often different than your Sun sign. If you’re right on the cusp, consider both possibilities or book a reading for more clarity.

        – Laura

"Meeting Laura feels like a divinely inspired connection. I met her during a pivotal time in my life and she helped guide me back from the brink of despair due to Late Stage Lyme Disease and deep wounds from trauma. She not only helped to save my life, she helped me find a new life and a new way of being. Laura opened my eyes to many new worlds, including the world of astrology and the North Nodes. My life began to change quickly as I discovered parts of myself I didn't know existed. Midlife is a powerful time of self discovery and the North Nodes are a glittering North Star to follow to discover who you're meant to be, versus who have have been told to be, in this lifetime. Working with Laura and learning about my North Node in Leo was like opening a treasure box to discover a world of unknown gifts from my soul. She's a rare treasure bringing a grounded and centered approach to astrology. I highly recommend a one on one session with Laura, particularly at Midlife!"
Catherine Grace O'Connell
Catherine Grace O'Connell



Compared to April, May 2024’s energies feel less intense–but only because April’s transits were insane! This month bring key shifts and begins anchoring the hints of progress we’ve seen thus far.

May 1 Venus in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius. May begins on an intense note for relationships and self-esteem, more pronounced because Pluto stations Retrograde the next day. Watch out for power plays, manipulation, and obsession during this short transit. Intimate relationships have a tendency to grow deeper–or explode.

May 2 Pluto stations Retrograde in Aquarius. Lord of the Underworld prepares for a deeper dive. This stationing amplifies Plutonian energy. Themes of death, rebirth, and regeneration seep into dreams and waking life. Passion, unconscious desire, shame, and power reveal themselves through friendships, politics, and technology. Pluto remains Rx in Aquarius until September 1, when he re-enters Capricorn for one final round of 29° Capricorn. 

May 3 Neptune enters 29° Pisces. The Ruler of Pisces enters the Anaretic (final) degree of his home sign. This degree makes Neptune extra Neptune and Pisces extra Pisces. Crises may force decisions related to alcoholism, addiction, lies, deception, projection, and delusion. Neptune will spend quite a bit of time here in 2024-25. Consequences for willful ignorance grow more pronounced. If you have issues with any of these negative areas of Neptune/Pisces, you’ll fare much better by deepening your spiritual path. Prayer, meditation, compassion, and beauty will take you further than denial. Gaslighting gets so extreme that idols fall, and illusions burst. Appropriate grief can heal.

May 4 Official cross-quarter day of Beltane. The Sun reaches 15° Taurus today. Veils between worlds and timelines are extra thin. Magic and intentions grow strong, but these are strange times. Beware of crossroads and liminal spaces after dark. This is a great day for gardening and creative projects.

May 6 Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries. This happens late in the day Eastern Daylight time, so for much of the world, it occurs on May 7. In any case, the days between May 5-8 bring extra understanding and communication around wounds and healing. Don’t feel ashamed of your health and emotional challenges. Your story inspires others that they, too, can heal. That said, today would be a good day to avoid intentionally cruel conversations. Protect yourself when needed. On the collective level, painful information could come to light. The first step in correcting a problem is recognizing and acknowledging the need to change.

May 7 New Moon in Taurus, 11:22 p.m. Eastern U.S. time. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: “(TAURUS 19°):A NEW CONTINENT RISING OUT OF THE OCEAN. KEYNOTE: The surge of new potentiality after the crisis. … The ‘technique’ is simply to allow the infinite Potential to operate in unconstrained SPONTANEITY. This means to have reached a state in which the conscious, rational ego is no longer a controlling factor.” With Mercury conjunct Chiron still in tight orb, this New Moon brings a kind of healing balm that fosters real growth.

May 9-10 Mars in Aries opposite Black Moon Lilith in Libra. Revelations about sexual abuse and/or disharmony in the childhood home demand targeted action. Victims fight back, and they find strong, new allies. This uncomfortable time period could become productive if you work with the energies. Legal oppression and lawfare are “up.” Who’s the victim, and who’s the aggressor? Consider alternatives to the old victim-abuser-savior paradigm: power to, not power over.

May 13 Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus. A desire to break free of any and all limitations pervades the collective. Light shines on whatever got triggered by the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20th. This same day brings Venus in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces. This is a wonderful transit for artists–bringing inspiration down to Earth. It could also bring financial insights and opportunities, but these might take some time to manifest.

May 15 Mercury enters Taurus. Communication slows down–a welcome respite between speedy Aries and Gemini. Take your time, and evaluate information step-by-step. Think before you speak. Life will speed up again when Mercury conjuncts Uranus at the end of May, and then moves into Gemini on June 3rd. Enjoy this time to catch your breath. 

May 17 Mercury in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius. Obsessive thoughts could slow you down. Watch what information rises to the surface. Collectively, we’ll experience a change in how we think about the corruption of political parties, occult activities, and group think.

May 18 Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus. This is a huge day for opportunities–the kind that have legs in tangible, Earthly reality. Orchestrated relationships kick up a few notches.

May 20 Sun enters Gemini. Life speeds up with clever conversation, short trips, parties, and collaboration. The next month supercharges written projects, media (including social media), wheeling, dealing, and early childhood education. Engage your curiosity, and experiment. If it doesn’t work, try something else. Easy-breezy energies bring fresh air and a potential for profound change, because nything entering Gemini also trines Pluto in early Aquarius.

May 22 Sun in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius. Light shines on formerly hidden information. Stories reveal something deep and magical. Pluto and the sign of Gemini have a special relationship, because Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, could come and go at will from Pluto’s realm. The days on either side of May 22 feel extra shamanic and liminal. 

May 23 Full Moon in Sagittarius, 9:53 a.m. Eastern U.S. time. The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “(SAGITTARIUS 3°): TWO MEN PLAYING CHESS. KEYNOTE: The transcendent ritualization of conflict.” An expansive, highly strategic day. Pay attention to “big picture” downloads. Venus conjuncts Jupiter (this Full Moon’s ruler) in Taurus, both sextiling Neptune in Pisces. Harmonious and grounded spiritual awareness lends support and charisma. Later that day, Venus enters Gemini, where she’ll flit and flirt until June 17th. The Sun-Pluto trine remains in effect, with the Full Moon closely sextile Pluto in Aquarius. These aspects strengthen any magic or ritual performed at this time.

May 25 Jupiter enters Gemini, and Venus in Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius. An exuberant and empowering day for finances and relationships. The Venus-Pluto trine energy only lasts a few days, but Jupiter remains in Gemini until June 9, 2025. For clues of how this might affect you, look back to June 2012-June 2013, when the Great Benefic also soared through Gemini. Collaboration becomes more important, and overall worldview will undergo significant change. The last few years have been–rather–intense, but get ready. In the immortal words of Cindi Lauper: “Girls just wanna have fun.”

May 31 Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is considered the higher octave of Mercury. Pay extra attention to thoughts and insights that seems to arrive “lightning fast.” Moments of genius strike, especially related to physical health, food, agriculture, gardening, finances, and personal values. 

You can find your North Node sign here which is usually different than your Sun sign. (If you’re right on a cusp, consider both options, or book a reading for more clarity.)



One of the most active quarters in recent history for Aries North Node natives! From April 1-25th, Mercury goes retrograde in your sign, so review options and reconsider alternatives. Is this really your desire, or have you allowed others to impede your forward movement? The April 8th Eclipse brings a chance for major course corrections and “impossible” healing, especially if your North Node is between 10 and 25 degrees of Aries. More healing rushes in on April 21st. In late May, both Venus and Jupiter enter Gemini, bringing optimism and support to Aries placements. Jupiter’s influence can last off and on for months. When positive openings arise, have courage to step through. Some of these opportunities will be fleeting–but real–provided you act in a timely manner. This is no time for wallflowers.


Second Quarter 2024 proves pivotal, with lots of activity in your North Node sign. Your sign’s ruler–Venus–moves through Taurus from April 29-May 23rd, bringing grace, beauty, and enhanced self-esteem. On April 20th, Jupiter and Uranus exactly conjunct–exploding prior limitations. The May 23-25th Venus-Jupiter conjunction will benefit all Taurus North Node native, especially those with late Taurus placements. From June 9-July 20th, Mars moves through Taurus. Whenever Mars conjuncts someone’s North Node, big shifts occur. Unlike your trauma-drama Scorpio South Node, you don’t need to destroy your old life in order to create the new one. Remember, slow and steady wins this race. Mars triggers situations that have brewed for a long time. When in doubt, aim for people and things that enhance your future stability, wealth, and physical health.


This quarter really energizes your North Node. You’ll receive more subtle–but significant–healing support in April than Aries North Node natives. By late May, you’ll feel a lift if you haven’t already. Venus in Gemini highlights destiny-level relationships, and Jupiter (aka The Great Benefic) blesses your sign from May 25, 2024-June 9, 2025. The exact conjunction with your North Node depends on your degree, but Gemini North Node natives will have better luck and bigger opportunities throughout this year. Just remember that Jupiter rules your Sagittarius South Node. Beware of putting all your eggs in one basket, or fixating on only one possible solution. Appreciate the little things, because these add up. An active gratitude practice helps you to recognize and receive more blessings.


The first part of this quarter brings friction from all the activity in Aries, but anything moving through Taurus offers subtle support for Cancer North Node natives. Always pay attention to your feelings, even the so-called negative ones. In relation to your North Node, emotions guide you well. If something bothers you, experiment with extra nurturing vs. a need to withdraw and recharge. You move like the tides, and you’re much more sensitive to lunar events (like eclipses) than other North Node signs. Sometimes you just need to wait out the energies. The key for you is learning to trust your natural rhythm. Pushing too hard doesn’t pay, no matter how much that Capricorn South Node drives you. If you feel tired, moody, and/or raw, practice extra good energy hygiene on the many highly charged dates this quarter.


Anything moving through Aries and Gemini offers supportive energy to Leo North Node natives. Those planets moving through Taurus challenge you to put yourself first, even if that goes against tradition. Anyone with a 0-7 degree Leo North Node has Pluto–planet of death and rebirth–obliterating old patterns and social pressures of your Aquarius South Node. For later degrees, your Pluto time will come, but not this year. Focus on creativity. Second Quarter 2024 favors a complete makeover of Leo finances, health, appearance, and overall self-confidence. If something makes you insecure, you’ll have many opportunities to level up. Don’t worry about feeling vain or undeserving. In its highest expression, Leo’s healthy ego inspires and empowers those around you. If you feel stuck, imagine sharing your comeback story with whoever needs to hear it.


Second Quarter 2024 brings a mix of energies your way. Anything moving through Taurus trines Virgo, so you’re likely to experience a lift and even some sudden breakthroughs during April and May. Gemini placements eventually square your Virgo/Pisces nodal axis. That can trigger excess criticism, insecurity, disappointment, and nostalgia. Depending on your degree, Saturn in Pisces will limit contact with anyone or anything no longer on path for you. Pay extra attention to your physical health and well-being. Remember to incorporate daily habits like exercise, nourishing foods, and some sort of spiritual discipline. If you dream, write those down and organize them for easier analysis of recurring themes and symbols. When discomfort arises, aim to upgrade your distraction. Instead of drugs, alcohol, or sugar, knock off something on your to-do list. You’ll feel MUCH better in the long run.


This is a potent quarter for Libra North Node natives. The April 8th Solar Eclipse occurs in Aries, your South Node sign. Anyone with nodal degrees between 13 and 23 Aries/Libra will most feel that impact, but all of you have a chance for massive healing and release. Throughout this quarter you’re likely to see new opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and love. Planets in Aquarius and Gemini offer harmonious support for creative projects, legal issues, and negotiations. Anything moving through Taurus or Pisces brings strange but potentially life changing situations to Libra natives. In a world of warfare, legal quagmires, and aggression, you’re called to keep the peace. Bring some harmony into sharp, ugly areas. When in doubt, ask, “How can I beautify my surroundings and myself?” and “What would love do?” Jupiter in Gemini for the next year brings good luck. Just remember to look for win-win scenarios. It’s not all about you.


This is a make-or-break quarter for Scorpio North Node natives. With all the activity in your South Node sign of Taurus, you’ll be challenged to release anything that no longer serves–including a perceived need for self-sufficiency and material security. When you surrender and release, that which you need arrives in a newer, more appropriate form for you. Trying to hold onto the old won’t serve you well, especially in April. Yours is a sign of shared resources, transformation, death and rebirth. You reach your full potential by diving deep into your passions, research, vulnerability, and emotions. As the Gospel of Thomas says, “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” Your mystical side unlocks far more protection, healing, and security than focusing on the 3D world.


Second Quarter 2024 brings change through a variety of energies. Anything moving through Aries offers destiny level support. Opportunity knocks, and doors open. Transits in Gemini call up South Node issues like spreading yourself too thin, lack of focus, and a willingness to stay small. When these old patterns erupt, ask your angels, intuition, and Higher Self, “Where do I need to go all in? Which quantum leaps would broaden my horizons?” Travel clears your calendar and your perspective. Tuning out the endless chatter expands manifestation. As planets move through Taurus and Cancer, you might sense some weird energies. Life feels surreal, but you’ve learned to pay attention in such moments. You catch a glimpse of something grand and begin to sense your own role in a larger unfolding story. You’re a natural teacher and inspiring guide for others. Embrace those qualities: they bring meaning and success.


A vital quarter for Capricorn North Node natives! All the activity in Aries stirs up potential for healing and greater leadership roles. You’re not here to remain a homebody. You’re here to teach, lead, or manage others. Your natural empathy helps you do so with a softer touch, but beware of empathy overload. Too much emotion and family-like enmeshment become your personal kryptonite. Transits in Taurus lend grounded support and stability for on-path endeavors, while Gemini brings the weird through a series of highly charged events or realizations. These might feel fleeting, but pay attention. That information shines light on your life path. Cancer Season moves through your South Node sign, raising family issues, codependent relationships, and a need to release that which no longer serves. It really is okay to say, “No.” Sometimes that’s the only answer you can afford to give, on any level. Cut your losses, Cappy, and move on.


Second Quarter 2024 is active for everyone on Earth right now, including Aquarius North Node natives. Anything moving through Aries or Gemini brings harmonious support. Pay special attention to new friendships, opportunities, and healing information. Since your sign connects with group energy and humanitarian concerns, you might feel called to offer support during more intense transit dates like the April 8th Sun-Moon-Chiron in Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse, as well as the future oriented–but very intense–Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on April 20th. While being of service, prime yourself for intuitive downloads and big ideas. Your sign’s ruler (Uranus) brings a stroke of genius and the element of surprise, but it’s not all about you. Your insights, skills, and ideas help others. With Pluto still in early Aquarius, we’ll see huge collective transformation in coming years. Often ahead of your time, consider how well-positioned you are to co-create this changing the world.


Mars entered Pisces on March 22 and remains in your North Node sign through April 30. Whenever Mars conjuncts your North Node, something decisive shifts. Exactly when depends on precise degree, but overall you’ll feel a lift throughout April. A Pisces North Node can feel nebulous, but practical realist Saturn continues to troubleshoot illusions, build foundations, and identify tangible opportunities in Pisces. On May 25, one of your sign’s co-rulers–Jupiter–enters Gemini for the next year. Jupiter squares to your nodal axis can still bring benefits, but beware of get rich quick schemes. Pay special attention to bigger picture ideas, philosophy, information exchange, and anything to do with organized religion vs. spirituality. “Life” will probably adjust these areas. On June 2, your sign’s other ruler–Neptune–enters the anaretic (final) 29th degree of Pisces. Increasingly, collective energies will feel more ordained and aligned with your destiny.


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Who is Laura Bruno?

Laura Bruno (that’s me!) is an Empowerment Coach, Medical Intuitive, Astrologer, Reiki Master Teacher and Life Path Reader. I specialize in transitions, life changing health issues, silver linings, and inspiring others to live bold and beautiful lives. I hold a Masters Degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago. A 1998 traumatic brain injury shifted my focus from reading books to reading energy. It was a gift. My last 19 years have been spent helping people heal themselves and our world. You can read more about me on my website About Page.

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