Moxie on Monday: The Life Changing Power of Gratitude

If you’re looking to put a little pep in your step, inject some Moxie into your Monday, I have a simple solution for you … and for me! In just a few minutes a day, you can change your life. How? Practice gratitude. It was last October. A group of us were gathered around a … Continue Reading

Desert Awakening with We Are Leone

When I’m in search of answers, I head to the Desert. It can be intimidating…stark…barren. It’s a place that doesn’t suffer fools. But like a woman at Midlife & Beyond, once you experience its ability to simply be itself with no apologies, you will be inspired by the alluring beauty, strength, and calm that one … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday – The Voice Within

Michel Pascal is a quiet man. His peace, calm, and serenity are what immediately capture your attention. When he speaks, his voice is hypnotic. Michel is a Buddhist meditation teacher. He’s also a man who’s traveled the world, lived in a Buddhist monastery, performed at Carnegie Hall and written 20 books, including one with the … Continue Reading

I Quit!

I quit. I’m done. No mas. I’m turning my back on the world of Influence. No photos please! I started this blog and my Instagram 3 years ago. I’m done being an Influencer. It’s a dirty word in a dirty world. I won’t engage in the deceit required. I won’t buy followers, post about products … Continue Reading

Moxie On Monday – The Mirror

  It was Thursday morning. Last week. I woke up after a night tossing and turning. The evening before, I returned home after experiencing my very first laser treatment. Or laser treatments. Lots of them. I had 4 lasers combined with lots of needles pricked all over my face. I’m a virgin at all of … Continue Reading

Three Sisters, Three Brands!

Right on the heels Forever Fierce Day Celebration and an entire month dedicated to women at Midlife & Beyond, let’s spotlight three brands with three Fierce sisters at the helm: Jaclyn Jones – The Founder of Jaclyn Jones USA, Will Leather Goods – with my dear friend, Shannon Gunderson, the new General Manager and Miriam … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday: How the Light Gets In

We were sitting in my home studio filming a talk show. Michel Pascal is a Modern Master in Midlife. He’s a Transformational Meditation Teacher. He lived in a Buddhist Monastery, authored 20 books, including one with the Dalai Lama. He’s deeply spiritual, blissfully content, fully immersed in the present moment. His peace is palpable. I asked … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday: A Modern Midlife

I spent the weekend with my daughter. We were busy creating lively vision boards…talking about our dreams…big dreams…manifesting and setting intentions. We were also talking about Midlife. A new Midlife. A Modern Midlife. The conversation took an interesting turn as we began to talk about a shift taking place. The shift happening on the inside … Continue Reading

Forever Fierce Month – A Midlife Celebration!

The Evolution of the Revolution It was December of 2016. I was sprawled in yoga class following savasana when inspiration hit like a tornado! The message was crystal clear. On the 50th day of the year, bring together 50 women over the age of 50, to celebrate together and to create a collaborative, supportive community. … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday – Grandma Can Wait

It was Sunday. We were sitting on the sofa immersed in conversation. Lana of My New Happy was in town for a visit. We were talking about Midlife Reinvention. Not long ago, we were mothers raising our kids. Being a Mother was our whole identity. Empty nests rocked our worlds. In our mother’s generation … … Continue Reading