Capturing Grace. No really … Capturing Grace!

This week’s Capturing Grace is a repost from last year. Why? Because it’s the week of Rosie G’s fantastic and fabulous annual Fundraiser and Fashion Show for Cystic Fibrosis! This 14-year-old dynamo and fashion designer holds her annual runway show to #CureCF, and this year it’s at the historic and stunning Houdini Estate in Laurel … Continue Reading

Yoga Your Way to a Younger You!

Yoga is no longer a secret! It’s simply one of my passions and joys, and an absolute fundamental to being an Age Disruptor. How can yoga turn the clock back and disrupt the aging process naturally? One of the biggest causes of physical aging is a lack of movement, causing our bodies to become more … Continue Reading

When Darkness Calls – Capturing Grace

Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite. With the whirlwind of the Fierce 50, it’s been awhile since I’ve shared a Capturing Grace message with you and I felt it was time. Life brings ups and downs, ebbs and flows, difficult challenges and great joys. This past week was a low point for me and I … Continue Reading

Welcome to Glamazon!

We all know how great Amazon is at delivering toothpaste and electronics right to your door with free shipping and Amazon Prime. But what about designer fashions?! C’mon Glamazon! Quite honestly, the new Amazon has rocked my world and opened up the possibilities by adding a wide array of designer fashion at affordable prices. I’m … Continue Reading

The Age Disrupting Foundation: Nutrition

Today officially begins my series “Be the Ultimate Age Disruptor” as I show you my secrets from my ongoing investigation into the most natural ways to turn back the clock and take care of your health. I’m fortunate to have inherited youthful genes but that’s countered by some very difficult chronic  health issues; and both … Continue Reading

At Age 56: Model or Role Model?

I remember spending hours in my little cocoon, laying on my bed with magazines strewn across my room. Hours upon hours, staring at gorgeous images of beautiful models living lives I could only imagine and that felt light years away. How many of us have dreamed of stepping out and trying something we didn’t think … Continue Reading

Independence Day: The Fierce 50 Invades LA

As firecrackers lit up the sky on Independence Day, the women of The Fierce 50 Revolution lit up the City of Angels, traveling from all corners of the globe on a powerful mission. These are women in their Second Act of life. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, caretakers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, authors and so much … Continue Reading

The Fierce 50 Invade LA! Launch Party!

Have you noticed that a Fierce 50 Revolution is underway? It was only a few short months ago when the very first Fierce 50 Campaign was launched on February 19th, the 50th day of the year. The idea behind the campaign was to bring together 50 female bloggers over the age of 50 to create … Continue Reading

Be the Ultimate Age Disrupter

I don’t know when I’ve ever been more excited to be a Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger. Today, I’m announcing an additional focus for This is a natural evolution from a topic I’ve been recently discussing that’s hit a powerful nerve. With the launch of The Fierce 50 Campaign that has now turned into a full fledged … Continue Reading

The Chopra Center: A Woman’s Retreat

My friend and fellow Fierce 50 sister, Rae Marie Jaeger, surprised me recently with an invite to the very first “Women’s Retreat” at The Chopra Center. How could I say no to such an amazing opportunity! Rae and I met through another fabulous Chopra experience called “Seduction of Spirit” in Whistler, Canada. It was a … Continue Reading