A FierceCon Story: Linda Williams

This past weekend was the birth of a new dream and hopefully, a new world and a new way of life and being for women at Midlife & Beyond. It was the birth of FierceCon. It wasn’t meant to be a conference. It was meant to be a connection. I wasn’t sure it would be. … Continue Reading

Midlife: My Greatest Teacher

One of my favorite books is “My Greatest Teacher” by Wayne Dyer. It’s the story of how he realized that the Father who abandoned him as a young child ultimately became his greatest gift, thus his greatest teacher. He’d spent a lifetime hating his Father and then one day, as he went to his Father’s … Continue Reading

Weaving Uncommon Threads with Uncommon Style

Fall brings with it a desire for cozier styles, comfier fabrics, and warmer tones and hues. There’s nothing like fall weather to bring back memories of growing up in the Midwest with crisper temperatures and the changing colors of the leaves. Fall meant back to school shopping, football games, and wool sweaters. Relocating to LA … Continue Reading

Mauve Fall Style Challenge with Always Discreet!

Who doesn’t love a fashion style challenge? Last fall, I traveled to New York City from LA to meet the Always Discreet team at an event to talk about a critical women’s issue and to have an empowering discussion around incontinence and bladder pads. Authentic? Absolutely. After giving birth to my children, I experienced the … Continue Reading

Dispel the Myth of Midlife! Be Spontaneous!

I would like to dispel a myth. There’s a perception of older women as being set in their ways and far from the spontaneous, vibrant, and fun loving women that we are today. By now, Y’all know I wear my heart on my sleeve. Life is messy. Life is complicated. Life is beautiful and the … Continue Reading

The Essex Street Inn: A New England Gem

As I get older and begin inching toward 60 years young, I find it’s the simplest things in life I value the most. It’s the qualities of kindness, friendliness, warmth, and compassion that touch my heart. Recently, I had the pleasure and honor to spend a week experiencing homespun hospitality at it’s finest with a … Continue Reading

The Wonder of a Red Dress

It’s hard to believe how dramatically my life has changed in just 3 years! At the time, my days were consumed by a life-threatening illness rather than by life itself. Lately, I’ve been peppering my feed with Wednesdays being dedicated to the brilliant concept of “Wonder.” What do wonder, fashion, a red dress, and life-threatening … Continue Reading

Tropical Maxi Dress: Cool Feel, Hot Look!

When you think of palm leaves, does your mind immediately travel to summer vacations and beaches in tropical climates…oh and Gilligan’s Island…like me? What woman born in the 60’s didn’t grow up with Gilligan, The Captain, Ginger and Mary Ann? I spent most of the first 50 years of life in the northern suburbs of … Continue Reading

Seventeen Fierce Reasons You Should Attend FierceCon LA 2018

Sisterhood: The reason Sisterhood is at the top of the list is that FierceCon is centered around fierce connection. As women get older and cross the threshold of Midlife, it can be harder to meet women who share heart-centered values and truly care about supporting one another. FierceCon is designed with YOU in mind. Our … Continue Reading

Ballgowns, Beaches, and Boho

You know those Vogue Editorial shoots with the gorgeous models in the most to die for and unexpected settings? I had a vision come to mind to create my own version, let’s just say a FIERCE version of an editorial spread! The inspiration came through as I envisioned an elegant ball gown in the most … Continue Reading