Disrupting Menopause … Naturally!

Midlife and beyond can be a powerful and transformative time in a woman’s life. It can also be quite challenging as a woman transitions from perimenopause to menopause.  My Ultimate Age Disruption Experiment enters its second month as I share my personal journey through Menopause. Guiding me along the Hormonal Highway is Leona West,  a … Continue Reading

Forever Fierce Day! Join the Revolution.

What does it mean to be FIERCE at Midlife? Exactly one year ago today, the Midlife Revolution began with an organic, grassroots campaign called The Fierce 50. Since that time, we’ve been humbled by the response and the evolution of a movement to disrupt the perception of women at midlife and beyond. In response to … Continue Reading

Shifting the Perspective on Midlife

It’s hard to believe it’s been less than a year since the launch of The Fierce 50 and the beginning of a Midlife Revolution! You have to be careful when a bunch of Midlife women get together to bring to life a crazy idea to empower older women and launch a full-blown Movement. The mission … Continue Reading

Healthy Hormones and the Farmer’s Market!

Disrupting aging begins from the inside out. What better way than with locally grown, organic produce, sprouted nuts, seeds, nut-butters, tart kefir and delicious raw butter and raw milk? Many women at Midlife recall the days of the weekly milkman (yes, I know I’m dating myself…and that’s the point!), ringing the doorbell, leaving a basket … Continue Reading

I Found My Tribe: Forever Fierce

I’ve always had an empty space in my heart that longed for connection and purpose. It made me sad. For my whole life, I couldn’t find my tribe. In 2017, all of you inspired me, and joined with me in creating one! You, the women of Forever Fierce are now my tribe! Women are communal. … Continue Reading

Fiercely Affordable Style for the New Year!

Doesn’t time seem to go faster and faster each and every year? I don’t quite know how we arrived at another year-end as this year feels like it just began! I’ve never been one to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the traditional way… I suppose I don’t celebrate anything in the traditional way any longer! … Continue Reading

Twas the Myth Before Christmas

Are you holding onto Santa Claus like me? I know there’s a little girl inside of me that clings to the Norman Rockwell version of the holidays and the myth of Santa Claus. Yet, if your life has been anything like mine, those picturesque paintings don’t exactly ring true. I don’t actually recall the moment … Continue Reading

Dogeared: Jewelry that Speaks

It seems most companies these days can have a very short shelf life. With startups around every corner, becoming an entrepreneur or a Boss Babe seems to be in style. Building a successful brand that’s far more than a flash in the pan takes a great concept, execution, and perseverance. Today’s blog spotlight is on … Continue Reading

Fierce Sisters in Red: Capturing Grace

With the end of the year around the corner, I always find myself reflecting on the year gone by…and what a year it was. One year ago, just before the holidays, I was enjoying myself, relaxing at my favorite yoga studio, The Yogaloft in Manhattan Beach. Cozy, warm, inviting and the ideal space for inspiration, … Continue Reading

Self Portrait for the Holidays

The Holidays tend to conjure up visions of sugarplums, toasty fires, cozy sweaters and sparkly evening attire. Weekends are filled with holiday parties and the search for that perfect holiday look. Feeling beautiful is the essence of a beautiful design. When it comes to gorgeous, distinctive design, there’s one brand that’s become a stand out … Continue Reading