Change Your Energy, Change Your World! Moxie On Monday

Did you know you have the power to shift your internal energy and watch the world around you change in an instant? I’ve got proof on film! I will never forget the moment I experienced that power for myself. I was in San Luis Obispo, CA for my first Equine Therapy immersion weekend. What’s Equine … Continue Reading

Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs With a Moxie Menu: Moxie On Monday

Do you have a Moxie Menu?! I bet you don’t. And I’ll also guess you may have Limiting Beliefs. We all have them. They’re clips on our wings. I’d like to share a story about a woman I met who’s banished those. How? At the beginning of every month, she makes a list of 10 … Continue Reading

Jambu: Off Road, In Style!

Cheers Beauties and Happy Spring! As you know, I’m a Boho girl at heart. Sure, I love getting glammed up for nights out but those evenings are definitely more “highlight reels” than the way actually I live my life most days. Boho girls are always up for an adventure, especially one in style! It’s awesome … Continue Reading

Rich in Green: The Energy of Style

My word this year is “Rich.” There. I said it and I’m owning it. Why choose a word (or words) of the year to live by? It’s a powerful way to focus your energy and your intention. My intention this year is one I’ve been reluctant to own up until now. Language has power. Words … Continue Reading

Unleash the Power of Positive Projection: Moxie On Monday

“Projections” are something we do when we don’t want to take responsibility for our feelings and characteristics. It’s an unhealthy defense mechanism that’s an easy way out to deflect personality traits we don’t like to own, onto others. Guess what? It works both ways! There is a concept that’s far more empowering and that is … Continue Reading

Like a Virgin! Medical Skincare for the Very First Time!

For 57 years, I’ve been on a path of aging naturally. And, naturally … I’ve aged! Until recently, I was a “virgin” when it came to trying things like botox, fillers, lasers, and the latest Pro-Aging technologies and interventions. No more! I’m smack dab in the midst of Midlife and I’ve never felt more powerful … Continue Reading

Spring Pastels in the Wildflowers

This was planned to be a trip down to the Anza-Borrego Desert Superbloom of wildflowers! But the combination of immense crowds, traffic jams, extremely windy weather, and 7 hours of driving led me to sneak away to the Palos Verdes Peninsula which is just 15 minutes away. I found wildflower blooms, wild peacocks, dogs, and … Continue Reading

The Mantra That Saved My Life – Moxie On Monday

It was early in 2015. I had survived a Near Death Experience but the battle wasn’t over. The battle wasn’t with the illness. The battle was with my mind. A Mantra saved my life. Our greatest challenges in life tend to become our greatest teachers, a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to alchemize suffering into … Continue Reading

Striking Desert Gold

Did you know there was a mini gold rush around Joshua Tree National Park? In 1873 the Blue Jay Mine became the first claim in the area and you can even hike out to the abandoned Lost Horse Mine in the park itself. What do you say we go and look to strike some Desert … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

What does it mean to be Fierce? It means running toward fear instead of away from it. It means baring your soul when you want to hide it. It means standing your ground when you want to run for cover. It means climbing that mountain and never giving up. A few years ago, I was … Continue Reading