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“We stand today on the edge of a New Frontier. However, we seek not the stars, but an inner reckoning.” – Jeff Krasno

You can feel it too, can’t you? We are witnessing the ultimate paradox unfolding before our very eyes.

Our beautiful Mother Earth is finally being allowed to pause, to exhale, to heal while humans are suffering and succumbing to illness in massive numbers around the globe.

The question that arises for me, and perhaps you as well, is as we struggle to find meaning from this pandemic, is – did it have to be this way?

Did we have to be utterly gobsmacked by a global pandemic or could our relationship with our planet … and our lives … have been adjusted with far more ease and grace?

Did the world have to come to a screeching, collective halt – one that was forced rather than a conscious global agreement? Did the Universe have to pull the emergency brake? Did we have to lose hundreds of thousands of lives and suffer immensely to change our ways and awaken?

I’ve been a deep thinker for much of my life. I spent much of my time lost in daydreams as a young girl. I would spend hours and hours isolated and alone in Mother Nature. I could climb trees like a monkey. I was in awe of the beauty of Mother Nature. It was as if I could hear the voices of the trees. I felt as if they were my friends. It was an unspoken agreement where we understood one another. We wanted the same things.

We wanted peace. We wanted gentleness. We wanted to be loved and cared for.

On days when the weather wasn’t so kind, I could be found wandering amongst endless stacks of books in the public library, drawn to biographies and autobiographies, enraptured by the human story. As I grew older, it was philosophical and spiritual authors and teachers like Joseph Campbell who wrote about the Hero’s Journey that drew me in like a bee to honey.

I suppose, when I really think about it, it feels as though we are embarking on a gigantic experiment – a global Heroine’s journey. In Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, the archetypal hero moves in a dreamlike landscape of fluid and curiously ambiguous forms, where he must survive a succession of trials.

As life would have it, trials force us to rise. Trials force us to change.

A pandemic is an opportunity to change on steroids.

We can’t help but change during this pandemic. Yet, it’s what happens after the pandemic, that continues to pique my curiosity. It’s what keeps me up at night when I can’t sleep or causes me to drift off during the day, wondering what our new world will look like.

Will there be a new world?

Will we learn our lesson?

Will you learn yours and will I learn mine?

What is the lesson we are meant to learn?

Which leads me to meaning.

Finding meaning. Making meaning.

Meaning is what makes life worthwhile.

A Midlife without meaning is a Midlife without Moxie.

Meaning is taking our trials and turning them into valuable lessons – lessons that make us better humans – lessons that leave us forever changed.

Will we, as a collective, be a tighter knit band of humans, realizing that we’re far stronger together – awakening to new realizations – about ourselves, about our neighbors, about our beautiful earth – that lead us to a new way of being – one that’s far more enlightened, connected and conscious than we are today?

A new earth.

A kinder earth.

A gentler earth made up of kinder, gentler humans.

In the end, I believe, it’s our consciousness that matters. It’s the one thing that can’t be taken from us and the one thing that we take with us when it’s our time to leave this realm.

Conscious meaning.

Meaning is what alchemizes suffering into purpose.

Perhaps, one day in the not so distant future, we will look back through the gift of hindsight to understand the meaning of today’s topsy turvy world.

Perhaps, we will better understand our role – why we chose to be here on this world stage at this very moment. Perhaps, we will see how it made us stronger, how it made us view our lives through a new lens, a far more conscious lens – adding new meaning to Midlife – more Moxie – a more Moxie-Ful Midlife.

Now that’s the beginning of a new world – a beautiful world.

Cheers Beauties! I’ll meet you there.

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Another thought provoking well written post. Thank you for creating this space and for being you Catherine. Grateful 🙏🌈


Thank you so much sister. I appreciate you!

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