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As a child of the 60’s, with vivid memories of flower children, painted VW Vans, Woodstock and the Beatles, I’ve always kept a piece of Boho close to my heart and soul. What exactly is Boho Style?  It’s about an inner feeling of peace and joy. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and bringing a bit of bohemian flavor to your life. It’s letting go and being yourself while connecting with the beautiful elements found in our natural surroundings. Warm sand, flip flops, cover-ups, floppy hats, little makeup, and letting your inner child loose.

Hermosa Beach is located in the heart of the Southbay of Los Angeles. A gorgeous seaside enclave overflowing with bohemian flavor, I can’t seem to get enough of the incredible beauty that surrounds me living here. Hermosa Beach Pier is always teeming with people from all walks of life and demographics. Filled with an array of colorful surf shops, restaurants, taverns and trinkets, it’s paradise for anyone with a Boho spirit. The vibe in Hermosa Beach is quite youthful, light and fun. It’s home to some of the top volleyball tournaments in the area where you can easily spot an Olympic hopeful or the next Misty May out practicing her best spike. It’s bikini heaven with a wide range of everything from live music to family movies right on the beach.



The essence of the Boho look is carefree and casual. This crochet cover-up from Cleobella is the epitome of Bohochic. It’s become my favorite beach look  that easily transitions to evening with the addition of a slip and a fun belt. The gladiator sandals from Steve Madden seemed a perfect choice.  So easy to slip on with the back zipper, they lend a touch of Boho flair. The body chain is from a local shop in Long Beach, located about a half hour south of Hermosa. Laurenly, the boutique, carries everything from sun dresses to jewelry by Vanessa Mooney, one of my favorite Boho jewelry designers. I was initially a bit reluctant to try out the body chain trend, yet when I tried this one on, it was love at first sight. It’s so easy to change up a look by adding a simple accent. The round rimmed shades are classic Rayban and the floppy hat is by Michael Stars.



Time for a pit stop on the Pier for a little refueling. Hooked is a tiny shop at the end of the Pier with yummy healthy selections like steamed edamame, pickled cucumbers, seaweed salad and of course, the local Poke specials. Close by is one of my favorite stops, Café Bonaparte. Recently moved to a new location, the café is brightly lit and charming with cases of delicious pastries baked fresh daily. I’m a fan of the croissant sandwiches with a refreshing iced decaf latte on the side.



Growing up in Chicago on the lake, this instilled a passion within me for the outdoors and my love of the water. It’s always been a challenge to pull this girl away from the coast.  Vacations were spent in the Florida Keys, the epitome of Boho Style, where the only thing required is a t-shirt and flip flops. I’ve carried a passion for all things Boho since falling in love with the Keys many moons ago. The remarkable sunsets on the Gulf are forever etched in my memory only to be topped by the sunsets I’m so fortunate to enjoy while living in the Southbay. If you decide to visit the area, trust me, you won’t want to miss the sunsets. There’s nothing like the spectacular free show most evenings by Mother Nature. Grab your favorite beach blanket, pack a picnic, and bring the family and frolic in the natural beauty of the beach.



The tour of downtown Hermosa isn’t complete without my favorite part, the beach!  Heading down underneath the famous Pier is heaven for most photographers in the area. As prime territory for local Lifeguard training, we were in luck to admire the incredible athleticism of the lifeguards as they wrestled with the challenging ocean waves. After a full day, it was time to throw off the Cleobella dress, showing the one piece suit underneath by Tularosa from Revolve Clothing.  Classically beautiful and cut high up on the thigh, you’ll undoubtedly connect with your inner Bond girl with this look. Beach and Beverly is a local boutique which caters to the beach lover in you and carries the coolest round towels by the Beach People. In a variety of colors and designs, I highly recommend snapping up a colorful beach blanket like this to enhance your experience. The final piece, which is on repeat, is the classic burlap tote by Target. Target is my go to for affordable beach accessories.



A trip to LA isn’t complete without a visit to the Southbay! With so much to offer in this little slice of paradise, you might end up making it home as I did five years ago. Come on down and let me know your favorite hang outs. If you’re a Boho child like me, get ready as you’re in store for a real treat. Let me know if you’re in the area. I absolutely love hearing from you!








Love this description of Hermosa beach! It makes me want to visit there soon! You look beautiful as usual– the body chain is an incredible accessory– adds to the overall vibe of a fun, carefree beach town day! You’ve done it once again my friend! Well-worth-my-time post!


Loved all pictures! I couldn’t see the body chain in the beginning but I saw it when you’re wearing just the bathing suit. I really like it. I never was into “bohemian ” style, until last year. Is like you said is so freeing, comfortable, to me it makes me feel unique. Overall beautiful dress and bathing suit!! Beautiful you!!!


Thanks my beautiful friend. I do love boho and the beach. The beach is my healing happy place for sure ?


I ADORE everything about this!! That dress is breathtaking and you make it totally wearable for Moms like us ??. I also love what you said about “bohemian”. I would never describe my style as that BUT I’m heading to an outdoor concert tonight and that’s exactly how I feel “carefree and casual” and “it’s being yourself and letting go while connecting with the beautiful elements found in our natural surroundings” and that’s EXACTLY how I’m going to dress!!!



You are an absolute love and made my day! Thank you and I hope it’s a carefree and casual evening that brings you great joy beauty!
Many Blessings,


This is all so beautiful and inspiring ! Thank you for being so classy and elegant and presenting such valuable ideas.


Thank you so much Jennifer! I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

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