Venice, California

“You are more powerful than you know; you are beautiful just as you are.” – Melissa Etheridge

Outfit Details:
Velvet Dress, Red Bag, Strappy Pumps, Sunnies, Belt

Venice is a world unto it’s own. It’s one of those destination musts if you’re in the Los Angeles area. Originally designed to mimic the original Venice, Italy, it’s one of those unique spots with a flavor of it’s very own. We decided to head on over and bring along VIPme for the ride. As I’m all about Boho Chic, this was one way of combining the two sides of my personality. Venice is Boho vibe all the way and VIPme stands for everything that’s “Chic” in the fashion world. VIPme is all about making you a VIP in your own life while stepping out in style!

When VIPme approached me several months ago looking to collaborate, I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with the brand. They sent me a copy of their video “I Am Uniquely Me” as a part of their “Uniquely Me” campaign celebrating women of different cultures who had overcome immense adversity in their own lives. As I was recovering from a life threatening illness, I knew a thing or two about adversity and the powerful stories of these women moved me deeply. I took a peek at their website, and I was immediately sold. This wasn’t your typical fashion retailer. VIPme was unique in bringing heart and soul to their brand. They’re a company that genuinely cares, with an intent to inspire and empower women. Now, that’s my kind of company and I’ve been on fire to share them with you. What I discovered was a delightful website with one of the most amazing selections online. They have something for everyone on your list. From accessories to the latest fashion at affordable prices, VIPme is a brand you’ll want to get to know.




Instead of a Starbucks on every street corner, in Venice, you’re lucky to stroll from block to block without hitting a tattoo parlor! So, it made perfect sense to start at the famous House Of Ink around the corner from the Boardwalk. No need to worry! I left the tattoos behind while living vicariously through all the colorful people in line. It’s not easy to take a stroll through Venice without posing amongst the many painted walls. It’s a bit part of the allure and charm of the community. Known for its eclectic nature, Venice is loaded with artists and artisans of all kinds. Everywhere you turn, there’s colorful inspiration on every corner. It wasn’t easy to choose from the incredible selection on the VIPme site. I wanted just about everything but had to make a choice. I hit upon this velvet dress and knew I found a winner. When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it on. It’s classically beautiful with the most intricate quilted detail. I loved the added touch of the gold buttons. The velvet fabric is lush and the highest quality. It’s cut perfectly with a cinched in waist. To accentuate the waist, I added a belt from BCBG.

Don’t you just love it when you find a dress that’s not only drop dead gorgeous but comfortable as well. I love looking stylish but don’t like having to give up on comfort. As we were covering a lot of ground in Venice, I was grateful for the relaxing feel of this dress. The temperatures were dropping, yet I was cozy and warm wrapped in the most luxurious velvet. With VIPme’s vast selection of accessories, it was easy to find the perfect shoes and bag to match.  When I hit upon this burgundy red embossed tote, I knew I found a winner. It’s a bit of a statement piece and can easily be the cornerstone of any look.  I have a pair of the suede tie up shoes in red and decided to try the off white pumps as well. They go with absolutely everything. Isn’t it fun to mix and match and play around with your wardrobe? The sun was shining bright and I pulled out my LeSpecs sunnies from Intermix and we were on our way.




The Boardwalk is quite the scene. It’s loaded with tourists and fabulous street performers. Venice is known for it’s “Muscle Beach” and Golds Gym with fitness buffs doing incredible feats everywhere you turn. There’s always a variety of live music and colorful characters at every vista. It’s an eclectic culture that’s fun for a change of pace.  We decided to head over to Abbott Kinney to discover a few more lively backdrops. If you stroll along the back streets, it’s easy to find hidden treasures. I tend to be a bit of a kid at heart. From the corner of my eye, I caught a wall with giant women in underwear. Who can resist a silly moment?! Well…I sure can’t if you can’t tell by now. My photog is used to my antics on our shoots and does his best to humor me along the way!

The vibe in Venice is reminiscent of the 60’s. Being a child of the 60’s, I vividly recall Woodstock and it’s hippie tone. It’s much the same in Venice. Many of the painted walls are loaded with inspiration. It’s all about Peace, Love and not War. A bit, “Love American Style” from my childhood. Ok…I’m dating myself!  Around the corner, was an awesome wall covered with beautiful sayings from Love to Compassion to Grace. That’s pretty much the same message that VIPme shares: it’s time to give yourself that same love and compassion…your unique self…your authentic self. The truth is that there is only one YOU and VIPme not only values our differences but celebrates them as well. Now, don’t you wish more corporations shared that vision today?




It was time to head over to the beach to catch the beautiful sunset. While on our way, we found a  few more colorful walls to take a few shots. The pit bulls aren’t usually my cup of tea, but as these fellas weren’t in 3D, I felt it safe to plop myself on top of the wall. Back to the Boardwalk, everyone was focused on the show that Mother Nature was putting on with one of the most glorious sunsets. One of the ongoing joys of being in SoCal is the evening journey of the Sun into the Sea, and today’s was turning into a beauty. It was the end to a perfect day decked out in perfect style. I definitely felt like a VIP in this dress. So classically beautiful! It’s one that will become a mainstay in my wardrobe. It’s so easy to style as a dress or, leave it open, and wear it as a coat. The strappy suede pumps go with absolutely everything. It’s the perfect neutral color for multiple styles. And, that bag hasn’t left my side. It’s so beautifully detailed and truly makes the outfit. Many of VIPme’s designs rival those of the high end brands for a fraction of the price. With the holidays around the corner, this look will keep you cozy and warm in the cooler temperatures. VIPme, you did it again! Register on the VIPme site for a $30 off coupon and free shipping on clothing purchases over $59. In addition, use the coupon code Catherine322 to save an extra $5 off on orders over $50. Head on over to VIPme.com to find the perfect look for your holiday parties. They’ll have you stepping out in style while feeling like the very important VIP that you truly are. Cheers beauties! Make it a VIPme day!






Venice Beach was a favorite during my visit to Los Angeles. A beautiful must-stop destination for anyone visiting LA and this dress is worthy of a catwalk and a crowd. You look fantastic!



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