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Being a survivor to me means overcoming the obstacles life puts in your way and becoming stronger.” – Jill Johnson, Awe Founder

Outfit Details:
Awe Medallion, Mini Dress, Strappy Pumps, Strappy Suede Sandals, Bag

I’m thrilled to introduce you today to my latest collaboration with a company I deeply admire, Awe Inspired. The company reached out and shared their vision with me, and what a beautiful vision it is! Awe Inspired is a company that celebrates the survivor. The Awe medallion is a powerful symbol with four droplets at the center representing blood, sweat, tears of sorrow, and tears of joy.  Jill Johnson, the company’s founder, is a three time cancer survivor who knows that it takes all of those things and more to survive major adversity.

“Blood to remind us we’re alive and empowered

Sweat for the determination exerted

Tears of sorrow for the dark times overcome

Tears of joy in celebration of triumph”

Jill saw this design as a universal symbol of strength, hope and resilience; all qualities one must connect to in order to survive life’s darker moments. The company celebrates survivors and gives back 20 percent of proceeds to assist survivors in need. Now, that’s a special company!

As someone who visited the brink of death with late stage Lyme Disease, I know something about surviving adversity. I was honored to receive this medallion to remind me of how far I have come! Wearing the Awe medallion instantly connects me to the many survivors around the world and to the stories carried in their hearts. One of the most terrifying experiences that you can have in life, is to find yourself in a place that is so dark and challenging that it feels like there is no way out. Hopelessness and despair can permeate your thoughts. When you are blessed to see a glimmer of light, the darkness begins to fade, slowly, a little at a time. The simple elegance and beauty of the medallion lets me know there is someone out there acknowledging me, my story and the incredible suffering that has brought me to where I am today. The path of survival can be a very lonely path and Awe Inspired’s mission is to make sure that survivors don’t feel so alone.

Although this stunning medallion goes with just about anything, I wanted to make it stand out with a really fun and uplifting outfit! I’m wearing the Aeroplane Mini Dress by Keepsake from Shopbop. I’m loving the trend with the sleeve detail! It’s paired with the sweetest strappy pumps from Daisy Street by Asos. The bag is by Zara and is sold out. I linked a couple of similar styles. This look is classic with the monochromatic color tone with a bit of a twist. The perfect look to compliment the lovely Bolo choker from Awe Inspired. There’s no easier way to change up a look than with a quick change of shoes. I brought along a pair of Steve Madden strappy suede sandals in the softest shade of blue. They are long gone so I linked a similar pair. It’s such a fun way to style your look and change the vibe.

With a gorgeous website filled with the most delicate fine jewelry, it wasn’t easy to make a selection. I finally decided upon the Inspiration Bolo Choker made of 14 karat gold with a diamond in the center of the medallion because I love the flexibility of a Bolo, wearing it as a necklace or as a choker! Quite honestly, I live in this piece as the symbolic meaning is very inspirational to me. There’s something about being a survivor that’s really special. You don’t want to stay caught in your story yet it’s so important to feel validated and understood. I treasure this beautiful medallion and the essence of it’s message. Knowing that Awe Inspired sees me as a true survivor means the world to me. This piece is gorgeous by itself or layered with some longer pieces. Awe has necklaces of every style with the perfect lengths for layering. In both silver and gold, there’s something at every price point for the survivor in your life. Now, don’t we all know someone who has survived a major illness or tragedy? If you want to make an impression and celebrate the survivor in them, treat them to a gift from Awe Inspired. Isn’t it time to celebrate the survivor in your life?

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Such a lovely necklace & a beautiful vision!! I am AWE-inspired! Celebrate your strength Catherine ♡

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