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“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” – William Shakespeare

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Lace Jacket, Girlfriend Jeans, Scarf

Back in December, I was in the midst of a brilliant yoga class when a vision came through me. Yoga is my happy place and fills me with the most delicious inspiration! A beautiful vision appeared with the intention of creating a supportive, collaborative community and to begin to shift a perception of women at midlife. The vision was to bring together 50 women over the age of 50 on the 50th day of the year in an annual celebration of one another. In my excitement, I dashed off my mat and ran home to pick up the phone and call a few very special women whom I now call my dear friends. My vision has now become a reality as The Fierce 50 was launched on February 19th and we have created some very special bonds in the meantime.

A lot has happened since that divine moment on my yoga mat and my heart is filled with love and admiration for these amazing women who are now like sisters to me. When Chico’s reached out to share their upcoming Girlfriends campaign, we were absolutely delighted to plan a reunion and to pick up where we left off!  The cast of characters are some of my favorite fashion bloggers, blessed with style, beauty and sparkly personalities.  Cathy Williamson of The Middle Page is a feisty redhead from Dallas with a southern twang and a sassy attitude that’s endearing to everyone who crosses her path. Shauna Robertson of Chicover50 joined us from Salt Lake City, Utah. Shauna is one of those over 50 ageless wonders and one of the kindest women on the planet. Cath and Shauna were two of my dream partners in crime in planning The Fierce 50 and were only too happy to pick up where we left off. They hopped on a flight and we were quickly united back on solid ground in LA. Deborah Boland of Fabulous After 40 was another organizer of the campaign and was only too happy to jet off to sunny LA and join the gang. The lovely Jamie Lewinger of More Than Turquoise joined in the fun, jet setting from her native New Mexico. Kathy Kaehler of Fit and Sexy for Life, is the host of a very popular Radio Show in LA and couldn’t wait to join the party. I reached out to Glenda Harrison of So What to Twenty, a beautiful fashion blogger living in LA and she loved the idea! Now, it was time to bring the women together for an afternoon of pure joy.

Decked out in gorgeous Chico’s casual chic style, we made our way to The Hopkins Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach. The South Bay is filled with the most beautiful backdrops and vistas. The Wilderness Park is a world of it’s own; a beautiful expanse set in the woods, overlooking much of LA. With picnic tables galore, streams teeming with tropical fish and the most magical trees, it was the perfect setting for a picnic with girlfriends. We plopped ourselves down on the colorful picnic table and began digging into the delicious fresh baguette sandwiches along with the freshest mesclun salad from Cafe Bonaparte. Topped off with freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade, we grabbed our glasses and toasted our new friendships and celebrated together. We laughed and told stories, creating new bonds and strengthening bonds. Chico’s had reached out and personally connected with each woman of The Fierce 50 to send them a very special “Girlfriend’s Bracelet” that are available in-store. Every bracelet has a special meaning and derives inspiration from the various gemstones. Our hearts are overflowing to know that a company took the time to choose a bracelet that matched every woman’s individual personality. Armed with our Chico’s friendship bracelets, we made our way through the park, taking advantage of all the spectacular vistas.

I had spotted this creamy lace coat in the Chico’s catalog and couldn’t wait to try it on. I fell in love with the embroidered denim jeans that seemed a natural fit to pair with the coat. I tossed on a belt and sandals from my own collection. The eyelet scarf was a great find at my local Chico’s store and was just the right touch to finish off the look. Chico’s spring line is spectacular, taking advantage of some of the recent trends. With gorgeous sleeve details, lace touches and the most beautiful embroidery, they have won me over by incorporating trends into classic designs. It’s a brand that’s surprising a lot of women with some of the latest style inspiration. There’s something about a brand that’s united in celebrating the beauty of women at midlife. I’m forever grateful to Chico’s for shining a light on a glorious demographic that is only just beginning.

There’s something powerful that happens to women when they are at or approaching midlife. It’s almost like an automatic reset, giving you permission to be yourself. It’s a time of settling deeper into oneself and letting go of all the little things that felt important along the way. It’s a time of setting new priorities and focusing on creating, dreaming and scheming. The women that I have bonded with through The Fierce 50 are filled with compassion and a vision of a world where women truly care and support other women.

The day was coming to an end as sunset was approaching. It had been a beautiful day of intimate bonding and celebrating life and one another. Our reunion was coming to an end, although our friendships were only just beginning. There’s no doubt that we will be reunited soon enough. Thanks to Chico’s and my girlfriends for enriching me and filling my heart with pure joy! A very special thanks to Elena Zalevskaya, our fabulous videographer who came in all the way from Canada, for her vision and her brilliant imagination. You can see more of her work here.

I would love to give Chico’s a virtual hug for the incredible support of the women of The Fierce 50 and sponsorship of this post. There’s something very special about a brand that celebrates women at midlife, long before they have learned to celebrate themselves. Chico’s…this celebration is for YOU! #lovechicos #chicosrocksforever



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This is the best women supporting women example ever!!
You all are the best and the smiles say it all!!

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