Dianne Vavra, Spotlight Beauty:

“I was heading PR at Dior for nearly 20 years. When I began there, supermodels were the ambassadors for beauty brands. I worked closely with girls like Paulina Porzikova and Dayle Haddon. Then makeup artists became ambassadors, followed by celebrities and now “influencers.” There was no such thing as digital press. My Rolodex was my life. I had learned to adjust and adapt. It’s really been an evolution.

Natalie Ackerman came into my life when I hired her at Dior as a PR assistant. She was young, smart, sophisticated, eager and a city kid, like me.  She reminded me of myself back in the day. We quickly bonded and although she would tell you I am her mentor, she is actually mine!!

We spend several hours a week together where Natalie updates me on the latest technology, what’s in, what’s out, who’s in, and who’s out. I’ve learned about micro influencers how best to reach them…

I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without her positive spirit and patience.”

Natalie Ackerman, Spotlight Beauty:

“Growing up in Manhattan, I’ve always believed that ending up in a field like PR was inevitable for me due to the fast-paced, go-getter nature I absorbed in this city from a young age.

During my studies at F.I.T., I held experiences in the public relations departments of designers such as Alexander Wang, Jill Stuart and also explored the editorial side at ELLE Magazine. However, it wasn’t until I met Dianne Vavra that my love for communications truly began to set in. At Dior, Dianne showed me how to effectively delegate creative strategy and build relationships with positivity, grace, along with the utmost intelligence.

I am beyond grateful to work with Dianne. All of her accomplishments in this industry are what motivate me on my own path, as we guide Spotlight Beauty and beyond.”

You can find out more about Spotlight Beauty PR’s clients, press and events by checking out their Instagram, and following Dianne Vavra @diannevavra and Natalie Ackerman @natalie_ac !

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Natalie, thank you for sharing some of Dianne’s words. I love that it was she who helped set in stone your love for communications. How great it is to work with someone who truly inspired you. Thank you for being a part of this campaign!

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