For me, and I’m imagining for many, by her warmth and lit up personality, Amanda Boleyn is one of those women whom you meet and immediately feel like you’ve known each other before or know that you are certainly destined to become friends.

Maybe it’s because of our small town, midwestern roots, our love at first date relationships become marriages, enchantment with living in Chicago or our passion for empowering and mentoring female entrepreneurs that we realized we are so much more alike and connected as women in this life, and not defined, limited or separated by our age.

I was inspired listening to her share about how like myself, she has always been willing to follow the opportunities where life is guiding her and yet has a big vision & purpose directing the way. Her passion project She Did It Her Way Podcast was born out of her innate teaching and leadership skills and a desire to create a community for female entrepreneurs and to empower women to create businesses that thrive doing what they love.

I’m so impressed by how Amanda boldly brings her ideas to fruition. She is now branching out to create live events with the first She Did It Her Way Summit coming up this month in Chicago!

So much fun that Bridging the Gap brought us together, but even more so that it’s only the beginning!

XO Mindy Schinnerer

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