“The only way to experience change … is to change.” – Catherine Grace O’Connell 

Be prepared! This Moxie is interactive! It’s a dare. You have a role to play and report back!

We are born to be unconventional. We aren’t born to squish and squeeze our expansive souls into perfect little boxes; you know, the ones society and grown-ups begin to construct for us – to mold and shape us into well behaved little mini me’s, playing out unresolved issues that don’t belong to us. Before we know it, those boxes become us.

Midlife is the ideal time to break free. Midlife is a time to grant yourself permission, permission that your inner child has been longing for. That’s how I found myself laughing and dancing in the desert in a gown and a boa! Today’s Moxie on Monday is a dare, a challenge, for you to join me in busting out of that box! Let’s toss those restrictive confines placed upon you by others to the wayside. It’s a dare. Will you take it?

We all carry an inner child within. It’s not actually one child but rather children or inner selves that represent different parts of us. We’ve all seen an adult, or perhaps ourselves, revert to acting like a child at times in our lives. You know that person who throws a tantrum in the midst of a traffic jam or gets triggered by the barista at the coffee shop when their order isn’t just right? Or when you somehow get elected President of the United States and learn to tweet? Oftentimes, these are younger parts of us, wounds we carry deep within, being opened and triggered in the present moment filled with the energy of our younger selves. That little girl who felt invisible and unloved rises up to make herself heard today.

I became reacquainted with my inner child during a meditation exercise. She was a beautiful young girl. She was playful. It took her a while to trust me, to believe that I would listen to her as she had been trying to get my attention for a very long time. I was directed to ask her what she wanted from me in this moment. The idea was to listen to her and to plan an experience together to celebrate my inner child, the child that was me. I remember the moment I connected with her. I asked her to share what would bring her happiness in this moment. She asked me for a yellow dress. She asked me to take her and wear that yellow dress to the beach. She asked me to play with her on the beach. And so I did. I laughed and I played.

When I was done I cried. Tears of Joy.

We have all experienced moments when a song from our past triggers us to instantly travel back in time to a memory of hearing that song, possibly for the first time, decades ago as clearly as if it’s happening today. Memories are alive in us. Our inner child or children are also alive in us.

Midlife isn’t an age. Midlife is an experience. Midlife is a time of self-discovery. Midlife is a time to be unconventional. No one can fill your shoes but you. No one was born to be you but you. What better time to be yourself, your real self, than NOW…right now!

The best way to bust out of a box that’s been constructed around you without your permission is to bust out of that box. The only way to be unconventional is to be unconventional. The only way to be free is to be free. You have that power. I have that power. We have that power. Midlife gives us that power.

You have an inner child who’s beckoning for your attention. That inner child needs a parent. That inner child needs guidance. That inner child wants your love. That inner child is waiting for you. That inner child is you.

Last week, I shared a blog post where I did something very unconventional. It was silly. It had no real purpose other than pure joy, self-discovery, and creative self-expression. Joy is the gateway to the inner child.

Is there a secret desire you’ve been carrying, perhaps it’s unconscious at the moment, but it’s carried in your heart by your inner child waiting to be heard and acted upon?

I dare you to be you. I dare you to be unconventional. I dare you to join me in letting that inner child break free. I dare you to be silly. I dare you to choose joy.

Are you ready to join me?

I dare you in the next week to do one thing outside the box just for the joy of it … something unexpected … and share your experience in a photo or a social media post, and right here in the comments below.

This world doesn’t need more rules. This world needs more rule breakers.

Breaking rules takes Moxie.

Moxie sets your inner child free.

Are you in? Let us know. Make us laugh. Make us smile. Tell us your story!



I’m sorry I am late to the party! I’m in!


I know you are sister! Better late than never!



I’m in! I like to think outside the box. I ask questions, that some may think is being defiant. Defiant is cool with me. As the youngest child, I was defiant and I did break the rules. Now is the time to let my inner child back out, defiantly break the rules and be fiercely spontaneous.


Somehow that comes through loud and clear, sister! So glad you’re in. Spontaneity is a wonderful quality.


It’s only recently that I’ve been breaking rules…and it’s fun!!


I feel that it is presumptuous to assume everyone shares the same political views. We are all different. We may all have different viewpoints for different reasons.
The joke about our president instantly made me feel excluded from this club. I prefer an environment without judgement in any area whatsoever.
It’s important to me.


Hi Laura. I appreciate your feedback. First and foremost, this is my personal blog which is centered around self expression. That’s really important for all of us to be able to express ourselves freely without censorship. Second of all, I was a lifelong Republican. No longer. I rarely express my political viewpoints on social media as it only leads to division. I worked on Capitol Hill for Howard Baker when he was the Republican Majority Leader of the Senate. I met Ronald and Nancy Reagan privately during that time when he was President. I was a huge supporter of both of these men. I no longer vote along party lines. I vote for the best human. I vote for the best leader. A leader never divides. This blog post was centered around our inner child. It was also highlighting our unconscious moments. When we express ourselves without thinking which is what we see with our current President on Twitter, that is coming from an unconscious part of ourselves. It was a light joke. Not a major political statement. I make fun of myself and my own unconscious moments. The truth is we don’t live in a world without judgment. Only enlightened beings live in a world without judgment. When it comes to politics, we are required to make judgment calls. That’s how we vote. We are expected to research our leaders, their records, where they stand on the issues and vote based upon an informed judgment we are making. I work very hard not to judge people from an unconscious place however making healthy judgment calls about people is being a healthy person. I have been abused. I have a background of major trauma involving sexual abuse. This requires me to be very discerning about every relationship I have and that involves making healthy judgments and setting healthy boundaries. I will never ever support a political candidate who says things like he has permission to grab women’s “pussies.” That is morally reprehensible behavior and behavior our current President openly brags about. The best part of living in a free country, is freedom of expression and the right to vote. I would be foolish to vote without making a healthy judgment first and choosing to vote for the best leader who unites us which is my right and privilege.


I’m in. I have always been a rule follower as the first born, compliant child. Lol. With turning 60 in a few months, I want to take more risks, and break more rules. Less planned things and more spontaneous. 😊


I know you are! Let’s go break those rules, sister.


So true! For me, in a way, its the freedom to question things- I may still have the same answer I always have, but it is worth asking the questions again to rethink them from my 57 year old perspective. And maybe question them again in a year or two. I don’t have to stay locked into any mindset… that is so freeing! And that allows me to play without anyone else’s preconceived way my story should go. By the way, I am very grateful to you and your group for being such a great confidence builder!


The most important thing we can question is our own thoughts. That’s what drives us and our behavior. We also have to realize that younger parts of us want to control us at times. If we aren’t fully conscious and in the role of the parent of our inner child, we can definitely get off course very easily. We always have the freedom to change our mindset don’t we sister?


I have been in since my 30’s. Started this younger than most since I did not have children…but older stepsons. Love the direction you’re going, Catherine.


You are definitely a rule breaker, sister! Thank you for following along in this new direction. I love it too.


I’m in! Dressing Men is my new venture! I never dreamed taking a fit with Men would make me uncomfortable. So, this is stepping out of my comfort box. I know I can do it!


I worked in the Mens Department at Neimans. I was asked to be the manager because I was so successful at it. It was fun! Men are much easier than women. They know what they want and they don’t return! I loved it and wish you so much success in your new venture.


Oh you know I’m in. I’m a rule breaker from way back. 😉


Don’t I know that sister! Rule breakers are the ones who change the world!!!


Rule breakers break rules!!!

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