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“Life is a runway.” – Veronica Webb, Supermodel

What if we began to see life through a new set of eyes? What if every day was as exciting as walking the runway? What if you slipped on the persona of your best self each day, that ideal future self you desire, and hit the daily runway with Fierce energy, confidence, and determination?

I about hit the floor when I received an email from Create & Cultivate and Designer Shoe Warehouse that I had been chosen to walk the “Runway Redone” event at New York Fashion Week! I had entered my information in a nationwide contest because … who knows? My confidence is a lot higher than it used to be, but hitting the catwalk at NYFW as a newbie at age 58 was a little daunting! So why not find someone to help a Sister out?!

I was doing a walk through for our upcoming FierceCon “Projecting Confidence Class” sponsored by StriVectin and instructed by my friend and Fierce sister, Jacqueline DePaul. Jacqueline is the brilliant creative behind the outstanding blog, Yellow Brick Runway. She also happens to be walking the Paris Fashion Week Runway in a week for the 3rd time at the age of 50! And did I mention she’s a physicist as well?! I was doing my best to follow her lead in a bit of a “Cliff Notes” crash course on how to walk a runway when up popped a Fierce sister and friend on the screen in front of us. I had planned a Zoom call with a woman I deeply admire who just so happens to be an iconic Supermodel and a real life Superwoman, Veronica Webb of the awesome Lifestyle blog Webb on the Fly

Veronica is not only drop dead gorgeous, she’s also refreshingly down to earth for a woman who’s strutted the catwalk with some of the biggest Supermodels on the planet. It’s hard to believe this iconic Supermodel is in her 50’s. I was about to get a lesson in so much more than walking the runway. Her message is “Own your age. Own your beauty. Own your power!” This is a conversation you do not want to miss!

Veronica’s opening advice was “Life is a Runway.” BAM. Yes, it is! She went on to share that every day we have an opportunity to slip on a Fierce persona and our desired best self as we strut down the runway of life. Fashion combined with personality and projecting confidence is a recipe for success on the runway at NYFW or the runway we call Life! 

Life is a Runway with Veronica Webb & Jacqueline Depaul

Who knows that “Life is a Runway” better than iconic Supermodel and Fierce sister, Veronica Webb?

Today’s Moxie on Monday blog post features this extra special video sharing an inspirational message for my Fierce sisters and women of all ages.

Posted by Catherinegraceo on Sunday, September 1, 2019

Decades ago, I would see captivating and breathtaking images of Veronica in magazines like Vogue or ads for Revlon as she was the first African American model to land a coveted cosmetic contract blowing through glass ceilings both then and now. 

When I think back to my life only a few years ago, it’s days like this that feel surreal. Here I am chatting with a Supermodel who’s now become a friend and a revolution sister. If you had shown me a crystal ball back then, I would never have believed this could be my reality today. Only 4 years ago, I was just entering the land of the living. I was barely over 100 lbs, skin and bones, yet with a gigantic dream beating in my heart. 

There’s a lot of divinity happening in my life. The universe has been busy behind the scenes conspiring to make out of this world dreams come true. Winning a contest with over 4000 applicants by DSW and Create & Cultivate to walk the NYFW Runway is the equivalent of winning the lottery for a 58 years young rookie like me. To think that I have angels like Jacqueline and Veronica to call on for advice and support at times like this is mind blowing. They are two Fierce sisters with a hell of a lot of Moxie!

Life is a Runway- for you and for me. Life is waiting for you to slip on your best self and strut down that Runway of Life projecting confidence along with the Fierce force of character that is you. Veronica nails it when she says that girlfriends need to support and celebrate each other! Make sure you listen to her words of wisdom!

The universe is conspiring for me! It’s also conspiring for you – for us – for every single one of us! 

It’s women like Veronica that give me hope … hope for the future of women at Midlife & Beyond. We aren’t done. We’ve only just begun. There’s a runway down Main Street just waiting for you. You can tiptoe through life with your head down and just blend in … but what the hell fun is that?! Master Modern Midlife. Strut your stuff. Time to bring what’s on the inside out … into the Light!

Life is a Runway – a Moxie-ful Runway. Try it out.

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Oh my goodness! How fun! I am so happy for you! What a delight! Thank you so much for sharing that! I can’t wait to see you on the runway! I hope you can share footage!


Lucky me sister!!!


Always so great to talk to you! See you on the runway!


Thank you for being you sister. You are such a bright and beautiful light. Look forward to our chat soon!



loved this video with Veronica! She had alot of good advice and I am sure you’ll hit it out of the park at Fashion Week.


Thank you sister. Isn’t she lovely?


Love what Veronica said about each day dressing as a cosplay. Yeah!


It sure is sister!

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