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Laura’s Jun 2020 Mystical Reading

Meeting Laura feels like a divinely inspired connection. I met her during a pivotal time in my life and she helped guide me back from the brink of despair due to Late Stage Lyme Disease and deep wounds from trauma. She not only helped to save my life, she helped me find a new life and a new way of being. Laura opened my eyes to many new worlds, including the world of astrology and the North Nodes. My life began to change quickly as I discovered parts of myself I didn’t know existed. Midlife is a powerful time of self discovery and the North Nodes are a glittering North Star to follow to discover who you’re meant to be, versus who have have been told to be, in this lifetime. Working with Laura and learning about my North Node in Leo was like opening a treasure box to discover a world of unknown gifts from my soul. She’s a rare treasure bringing a grounded and centered approach to astrology. I highly recommend a one on one session with Laura, particularly at Midlife!

Catherine Grace O'Connell

What is North Node Astrology?

Your North Node reveals what your soul came here to do. By midlife, the soul starts longing and pressing us to live our true purpose. At first, it whispers through intuition. Then it knocks a little louder through “coincidences” and external events. When not heard and honored, the soul’s longing can show up as health crises, marriage or work issues, or wondering “is this all there is?” If you feel a need to reinvent yourself, following North Node guidance helps you do that authentically — for you.

Unlike generic Sun Sign horoscopes, which ignore so many other aspects, following North Node guidance will always lead you in the right direction. Doors open, healing happens, relationships improve, and life gets more magical. This monthly column will help you tap into your personal North Node Mojo. When you start living your North Node purpose, we all win, because you not only begin to light up your own life. You light up the world.           – Laura

North Node June Theme!

Eclipse Season begins with a Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 5, followed by a Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 21st, just one day after Summer Solstice. These events will affect everyone on some level. Whether or not it triggers any destiny level activity in your life depends on not only the sign but especially the degree of your North Node. (Too specific for general horoscopes! If you have any major planets or your North Node in Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer or Capricorn, you might want to book a private reading. Special Rate available for CGO readers.)
The big event in the sky right now is Venus Retrograde in Gemini from May 13-June 25, 2020. The full shadow period extends through July 28. Venus rules love, relationships, emotions, beauty, money and values — including how you value yourself. Some North Node signs will feel this transit more than others. For clues to how it might impact you, look back at May-June 2012 and May-June 2004. It’s not the only transit in effect right now, but don’t feel surprised if old Venusian themes recycle.
The other big event still in effect is the collective North Node’s recent move from the sign of Cancer to the sign of Gemini, which I discussed in last month’s North Node Horoscopes. With the Sun and Mercury now also in Gemini, and a Gemini New Moon on May 22, that’s a whole lotta Gemini! Whatever your North Node sign, you’ll feel some Gemini themes of duality, verbal dexterity, twins, and possibly even shamanic, magical elements. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is an Air Sign — quick, mental, chatty, and tricky. In mythology, Mercury/Hermes is the only god who can come and go from Hades at will. That means this light, airy sign can also plumb the Shadow world, bringing hidden things to light and understanding.
It helps to think of life as a spiral journey. Healing and transformation occur in their own perfect timing, to whatever degree you can process these at any given time.
Whether you know why or how, astrological transits trigger new levels of awareness. Depending on the aspect, this new awareness can arise through friction, frustration, Fate, a sense of urgency, or just a soft, natural flow of opportunities. 
Knowing your astro-weather report prepares you to make the most of whatever energy heads your way. Think of anything interacting with your North Node as a key event — like a graduation, wedding, or even just an afternoon picnic with destiny. If rain’s in the forecast, you might want an umbrella or a covered pavilion as a backup. A rainy forecast doesn’t mean it 100% will rain. But you’ll have more flexibility and a better time if you prepare. On the flip side, if there’s “plenty of sunshine” headed your way, then Zip a Dee Doo Dah, get out and enjoy those rays!

You can find your North Node sign here which is usually different than your Sun sign. (If you’re right on a cusp, consider both options, or book a reading for more clarity.)

Laura’s June 2020 Midlife North Node Readings

ARIES NORTH NODE: At some point this month, the big action in Gemini sextiles your North Node and trines your South Node. These are gentle, positive aspects, sometimes so subtle that you can miss their opportunities. Open your eyes to supportive energies, and you’ll reap more benefits. With an Aries North Node, “support” usually means “new chances for you to forge your own path or take the lead.” With Venus Retrograde, pay attention to any relationship patterns that make you feel smothered, co-dependent, or “less than.” Resist a tendency to go along just to get along, or to want others to fix things for you. These patterns don’t work or satisfy, because your soul wants you to love and value yourself first and foremost. Use this month’s Gemini Air energy to fan the flames of inner confidence and your sense of adventure. Get clear on what you want. This month offers a Houdini-esque ability to untangle yourself from old ties that keep you small and frustrated. Embrace the magic and free yourself to enjoy the show!

TAURUS NORTH NODE: Venus rules Taurus, so Venus always affects Taurus North Node natives. This month, she’s in a more introverted, contemplative mood, which means she needs more of the finer things to keep her (and you) happy. Flowers, gardening, art, music and personal adornment delight Venus. Find ways to bring more of these into your life this month. Gemini energy moves much faster than the “slow and steady” mode that Taurus North Node natives need to honor. Don’t let anyone — especially yourself — rush you this month. You can use that fresh Gemini energy to loosen any dark, brooding moods, though. Reevaluate crash and burn, trauma/drama, and power play relationship patterns. How’s that workin’ out for you? By contrast, who or what feeds, grounds and supports you? Your soul wants stability this lifetime, especially in the realms of home, finance, self-worth, and your physical well-being. Just because you’ve always risen from the ashes like a phoenix doesn’t mean you should leap into the fire. Learn to value the little things in life. Set a goal, make a habit of taking small, tangible steps, and watch it materialize in solid, unshakeable ways.

GEMINI NORTH NODE: It’s all you, baby! Seriously, this month features so much Gemini action that your North Node will get several fly by’s, with banners, to boot. The exact degree of your North Node determines just how much action you’ll experience, but you can expect this month to bring more insights into relationships — especially destiny level relationships. We have many soulmates, and they often show up in unexpected roles. Not all soulmate connections are romantic, but they all involve love and the emotions. All that energy in Gemini not only activates your North Node, it also opposes all the old energies of your Sagittarius South Node. Life will ask you questions this month. Questions like: “Are you sure that’s the only way to look at this situation? What other perspective could you try on for size?” “Are you sure this is the one and only (person, job, philosophy, goal) for you?” “Do you really need to go all in? What if you just dabble for awhile?” Most of all, you need to play this month. Get silly. All those transits can feel so weighty, even in airy Gemini. Your North Node wants you to lighten up! Flit and flirt, smile and giggle. If you feel down, this is a great time to try something new. 


CANCER NORTH NODE: Your North Node sign points to where your soul wants to go. For Cancer North Node natives that often means wearing more heart on your sleeve, nurturing others, nesting, cooking, and caring for the ones you love. These are forward movements for you, but this month asks you to look backwards. Where have you been, who have you been, and what have you done? Which skills, structures, and commitments can you reintegrate in a new way? All that Gemini energy this month forms a quincunx aspect to your South Node in Capricorn. Quincunx means 150 degrees apart. When a quincunx aspect hits your South Node, it can feel a bit like looking through your old yearbooks. Mercury retrograde in Cancer in mid-June through July 12  amplifies this reviewing energy. You’ve moved on from some people and situations, but sometimes it feels good to stroll down memory lane. No need to throw the baby out with the bath water. How can your good sense knowledge of finances, tradition, timing and leadership help you to find and enjoy the softer side of life? Explore these ideas in the privacy of a journal until you feel clear, then share heart to heart with someone you love.

LEO NORTH NODE: At some point this month, the big action in Gemini sextiles your North Node and trines your South Node. These are gentle, positive aspects, sometimes so subtle that you can miss their opportunities. Open your eyes to supportive energies, and you’ll reap more benefits. With a Leo North Node, look for chances to shine, play, create, relax, and follow your great big heart. Airy Gemini feeds Leo’s fire. Focus on communication this month, especially when you feel passionate. Be careful not to stay too much in your head, though. Make it a daily practice to tune into your heart. You’ll make better decisions if you favor love over logic. Analysis paralysis is a real thing, and it’s not your friend! If you feel overstimulated, indulge your inner lion with some time just lying around doing nothing. Naps are a beautiful thing. While dreaming or daydreaming, notice if any relationship themes and patterns come into your awareness. Who or what makes your heart smile? What does that tell you? Be honest with yourself. Lions follow their instincts, and so should you.

VIRGO NORTH NODE: This month’s Gemini energies square your Virgo North Node and your Pisces South Node. Squares create friction, like the irritant that makes the pearl. If you find yourself annoyed this month, use that feeling for discernment. “If not this, then something better.” What’s better? Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, so it’s not completely unfamiliar energy. Just remember to ground that Gemini breeze into Virgo lists, habits and action steps. Then it becomes productive friction. Areas that might call for attention include how you communicate in relationships, any escapist tendencies or addictions, and finding new balance between the bigger picture and the details. Can you see the forest through the trees? Good, now explore the individual trees that make up the forest. Pay attention to subtle differences, especially in diet, health and daily routines. Virgo North Node natives thrive when they tweak general advice to make it more optimal for them. You of all North Node signs should “take what resonates and leave the rest.” Not everything will resonate. Irritation, annoyance and overwhelm are signs that something doesn’t fit. Find and wear what suits you best.

LIBRA NORTH NODE: This month’s Gemini energies trine your North Node and sextile your South Node. These are gentle, positive aspects, sometimes so subtle that you can miss their opportunities. Open your eyes to supportive energies, and you’ll reap more benefits. Since Venus rules Libra, the sign of relationships, you’ll feel her retrograde more than most, but remember, with that trine aspect, she’s smiling on you. Use any introspective time to brainstorm ways to bring more beauty, art, love, romance, harmony and teamwork into your life. Choose soft words over harsh ones, and embrace the duality of Gemini. Aim for both/and rather than either/or. Seek more win/win than win/lose. It’s a great month to experiment with adornment of any sort. Beautify your body, your home, your thoughts, and your love life. Be graceful and gracious. To keep the scales balanced, try to give a little more than you receive. Venus will make up the difference and then some. If all this talk of love, harmony and teamwork makes you uncomfortable, spend some time exploring any lone wolf dynamics. You don’t always need to go it alone. Gemini’s the sign of the twins, so this month offers extra energy for pairs and partnership. They don’t need to be romantic, but for Libra North Node natives, shared experiences are sweet and satisfying.

SCORPIO NORTH NODE: This month’s Gemini energies quincunx your Scorpio North Node. Quincunx means 150 degrees apart, and it kind of feels like a mosquito. A small thing that demands your attention: you can’t quite catch it, but you know when it bites. You’ll feel an extra buzz to integrate areas of life you’ve known you need to address but haven’t. Communication and relationships really matter this month. You need to find ways of expressing deep, unspoken, shadowy things in a manner that others can understand. The good news is that the quincunx aspect triggers creativity. What might normally elude you gets infused with very different energies — and these arise from a changeable air sign in the form of Solar, Lunar, Mercurial, Venusian and collective North Node energies. You’ll have many little chances this month for aha’s and unexpected breakthrough’s. Opening yourself to new possibilities puts you in better position to recognize such offers to realign with destiny. Sometimes an unexpected traveler pops on the scene with delightful recommendations you wouldn’t have even known to explore. The North Node provides an excellent GPS, but this month brings a high chance of wow encounters. If you find a friend on the road — even for a short while — pay attention!

SAGITTARIUS NORTH NODE: Gemini opposes Sagittarius on the zodiac wheel, so your experiences the next while could feel 180 from those around you. That’s OK. Sagittarius North Node natives do best following their own intuition and not getting penned in by others’ rules and expectations. The sign of “The Archer” hits its mark when shooting from the heart. Use this Venus retrograde period to create a vision board or art of who and what you love. Something tactile and visual will work better for you than words, words, words. Drop beneath and beyond the mind chatter, and let your intuition flow. A Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 5-6 could affect you more than other North Node natives. Depending on how comfortable you feel with Shadow work, things will seem very clear or very confused at that time. Allow whatever comes up during this month, and especially around the eclipse, just to “be” for awhile. Give yourself room to explore emotional and esoteric depths until you find what feels true for you. Your sign does best when your aim is true; take the time to reevaluate your surroundings rather than rushing in where angels fear to tread. This month favors philosophical and shamanic journeys more than physical travel.

CAPRICORN NORTH NODE: This month’s Gemini energies quincunx your Capricorn North Node sign, while beginning May 28, Mercury in Cancer will oppose it. A quincunx aspect insists on integrating things that seem to have nothing in common. It breeds creativity. In your case, focus on communication, relationships, love, and any tensions between home life and career, a safe cocoon and higher visibility. How can you use information, intuition, and paradox to feel more secure in a life path of leadership, authority and commitment? Review old patterns of communication and see where you get swamped by too much emotion or empathy. Do you know how to say no? It’s hard to say yes to the “right” if you can’t say no to the “wrong.” Journaling pulls you from riptides and quicksand. If you struggle with resistance while trying to walk your path, invoke some trickster energy to tease and delight you along the way. Gemini brings magic and novel ideas to lighten overwhelm and a heavy sense of duty. Yes, you can have fun while doing what you came here to do. Take advantage of adaptable energies this month. The dice are loaded in your favor, so roll with a few risks if they feel right — especially if those right feeling risks scare the pants off you.

AQUARIUS NORTH NODE: This month’s Gemini energies trine your North Node and sextile your South Node. These are gentle, positive aspects, sometimes so subtle that you can miss their opportunities. Open your eyes to supportive energies, and you’ll reap more benefits. Aquarius and Gemini have a special relationship, a meeting of the minds in Air. Venus retrograde in Gemini will call you to explore relationships and love, but more in the sense of “brotherly love” and “higher love” than romantic love. That might come, but you can best use the energies this month to find new ways of relating with others, perhaps through technology or a different perspective altogether. Yours is an unconventional and paradoxical North Node sign, and Gemini’s “twin” energies will amplify those qualities. You want to be the most authentic you — quirky, yet accommodating. A cooperative rebel with a cause. Things could feel a bit wonky over the next two months, thanks to Mercury’s transits, but innovative you can use this energy to your advantage. Think of yourself hanging upside down on the jungle gym in elementary school — smile and enjoy the altered view. When you hop down, you’ll do so from a place of greater freedom and wisdom. Allow any hot emotions to soften, then cool. Remember to breathe. Sitali pranayama would be extra good for you in June.

PISCES NORTH NODE: With Mars and Neptune moving through dreamy Pisces, these North Node natives will feel a mix of energies this month. Your longing for ideal love and an ideal life might preoccupy you more than usual, but you could also feel greater frustration and confusion. Don’t worry, Pisces! Yours is the least direct but most mystical sign. Somehow you get where you need to go even if you have no idea how or even when that happened. Just flow with it, and find ways to curb the worries. Making a spontaneous gratitude list helps when anxiety strikes, because you cannot feel worried and grateful at the same time. Listing at least five things for which you feel grateful will help to integrate both South and North Nodes. Some of those energies in active Gemini will square your nodal axis, so don’t despair if old “stuff” reemerges. Review and release what no longer serves. If it feels restrictive, judgmental, or too linear, take a deep breath and exhale it very, very slowly. Feel the space between breaths before you inhale again. Practice slow breathing and focus on the space between each breath. An infinite space. The realm of possibilities. The Faery Realm, Deep Space, both inner and outer. As the mystic Kabir said, “All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.” Swim. breathe and merge. 


You’re probably wondering … Who is Laura Bruno?!

Laura Bruno (that’s me!) is an Empowerment Coach, Medical Intuitive, Astrologer, Reiki Master Teacher and Life Path Reader. I specialize in transitions, life changing health issues, silver linings, and inspiring others to live bold and beautiful lives. I hold a Masters Degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago. A 1998 traumatic brain injury shifted my focus from reading books to reading energy. It was a gift. My last 19 years have been spent helping people heal themselves and our world. You can read more about me on my website About Page.

The Mystical Midlife Reading is an exclusive offer for Catherine Grace O’Connell’s readers. This one-hour intuitive session looks at your North Node and other life path markers to help you live your most empowered, authentic life. We’ll explore your soul’s purpose and any messages coming to you through health or midlife transitions. The special discount rate of $199 is only available here and  is my only reading that focuses on helping women Master Modern Midlife!

North Node Calculation Table

Once you locate your North Node sign just click on the link and continue your Midlife Mystic journey!



North Node

South Node

25-May-1941 21-Nov-1942 Virgo Pisces
22-Nov-1942 11-May-1944 Leo Aquarius
12-May-1944 2-Dec-1945 Cancer Capricorn
3-Dec-1945 2-Aug-1947 Gemini Sagittarius
3-Aug-1947 25-Jan-1949 Taurus Scorpio
26-Jan-1949 26-Jul-1950 Aries Libra
27-Jul-1950 28-Mar-1952 Pisces Virgo
29-Mar-1952 9-Oct-1953 Aquarius Leo
10-Oct-1953 2-Apr-1955 Capricorn Cancer
3-Apr-1955 4-Oct-1956 Sagittarius Gemini
5-Oct-1956 16-Jun-1958 Scorpio Taurus
17-Jun-1958 15-Dec-1959 Libra Aries
16-Dec-1959 10-Jun-1961 Virgo Pisces
11-Jun-1961 23-Dec-1962 Leo Aquarius
24-Dec-1962 25-Aug-1964 Cancer Capricorn
26-Aug-1964 19-Feb-1966 Gemini Sagittarius
20-Feb-1966 19-Aug-1967 Taurus Scorpio
20-Aug-1967 19-Apr-1969 Aries Libra
20-Apr-1969 2-Nov-1970 Pisces Virgo
3-Nov-1970 27-Apr-1972 Aquarius Leo
28-Apr-1972 26-Oct-1973 Capricorn Cancer
27-Oct-1973 9-Jul-1975 Sagittarius Gemini
10-Jul-1975 7-Jan-1977 Scorpio Taurus
8-Jan-1977 5-Jul-1978 Libra Aries
6-Jul-1978 5-Jan-1980 Virgo Pisces
6-Jan-1980 6-Jan-1980 Leo Aquarius
7-Jan-1980 12-Jan-1980 Virgo Pisces
13-Jan-1980 24-Sep-1981 Leo Aquarius
25-Sep-1981 15-Mar-1983 Cancer Capricorn
16-Mar-1983 11-Sep-1984 Gemini Sagittarius
12-Sep-1984 6-Apr-1986 Taurus Scorpio
7-Apr-1986 5-May-1986 Aries Libra
6-May-1986 8-May-1986 Taurus Scorpio
9-May-1986 2-Dec-1987 Aries Libra
3-Dec-1987 22-May-1989 Pisces Virgo
23-May-1989 18-Nov-1990 Aquarius Leo
19-Nov-1990 1-Aug-1992 Capricorn Cancer
2-Aug-1992 1-Feb-1994 Sagittarius Gemini
2-Feb-1994 31-Jul-1995 Scorpio Taurus
1-Aug-1995 24-Jan-1997 Libra Aries
25-Jan-1997 20-Oct-1998 Virgo Pisces
21-Oct-1998 8-Apr-2000 Leo Aquarius
9-Apr-2000 12-Oct-2001 Cancer Capricorn
13-Oct-2001 13-Apr-2003 Gemini Sagittarius
14-Apr-2003 26-Dec-2004 Taurus Scorpio
27-Dec-2004 22-Jun-2006 Aries Libra
23-Jun-2006 14-Dec-2007 Pisces Virgo
15-Dec-2007 21-Aug-2009 Aquarius Leo
22-Aug-2009 3-Mar-2011 Capricorn Cancer
4-Mar-2011 29-Aug-2012 Sagittarius Gemini
29-Aug-2012 18-Feb-2014 Scorpio Taurus
19-Feb-2014 11-Nov-2015 Libra Aries
12-Nov-2015 9-May-2017 Virgo Pisces
10-May-2017 6-Nov-2018 Leo Aquarius
7-Nov-2018 5-May-2020 Cancer Capricorn
6-May-2020 18-Jan-2022 Gemini Sagittarius
19-Jan-2022 17-Jul-2023 Taurus Scorpio
18-Jul-2023 11-Jan-2025 Aries Libra
12-Jan-2025 26-Jul-2026 Pisces Virgo
27-Jul-2026 26-Mar-2028 Aquarius Leo
27-Mar-2028 23-Sep-2029 Capricorn Cancer
24-Sep-2029 20-Mar-2031 Sagittarius Gemini



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