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Laura’s may 2020 Mystical Reading

Meeting Laura feels like a divinely inspired connection. I met her during a pivotal time in my life and she helped guide me back from the brink of despair due to Late Stage Lyme Disease and deep wounds from trauma. She not only helped to save my life, she helped me find a new life and a new way of being. Laura opened my eyes to many new worlds, including the world of astrology and the North Nodes. My life began to change quickly as I discovered parts of myself I didn’t know existed. Midlife is a powerful time of self discovery and the North Nodes are a glittering North Star to follow to discover who you’re meant to be, versus who have have been told to be, in this lifetime. Working with Laura and learning about my North Node in Leo was like opening a treasure box to discover a world of unknown gifts from my soul. She’s a rare treasure bringing a grounded and centered approach to astrology. I highly recommend a one on one session with Laura, particularly at Midlife!

Catherine Grace O'Connell

What is North Node Astrology?

With much of the world still shut down due to a global pandemic, life continues to unfold in new, unsettling ways. Some people find this time exciting or rejuvenating; others remain scared or stressed without a clear direction. 
As Nietzsche said, “One must still have chaos in oneself in order to birth a dancing star.” The shift from old habits to new ones — from South Node to North Node — often features chaos. Sometimes we bring that on ourselves, and sometimes Life shakes our collective snow globe. Instead of spinning out of control, we can dance as our own unique snowflakes, and what better way to dance than with music? This month’s North Node Horoscopes include song suggestions at the end. I selected songs whose lyrics, sound and energy reflect what each sign needs to embrace. It’s just another way to get you more comfortable with the often unfamiliar North Node energies.

Your North Node reveals what your soul came here to do. By midlife, the soul starts longing and pressing us to live our true purpose. At first, it whispers through intuition. Then it knocks a little louder through “coincidences” and external events. When not heard and honored, the soul’s longing can show up as health crises, marriage or work issues, or wondering “is this all there is?” If you feel a need to reinvent yourself, following North Node guidance helps you do that authentically — for you.

Unlike generic Sun Sign horoscopes, which ignore so many other aspects, following North Node guidance will always lead you in the right direction. Doors open, healing happens, relationships improve, and life gets more magical. This monthly column will help you tap into your personal North Node Mojo. When you start living your North Node purpose, we all win, because you not only begin to light up your own life. You light up the world.           – Laura

You can find your North Node sign here which is usually different than your Sun sign. (If you’re right on a cusp, consider both options, or book a reading for more clarity.)

Laura’s May 2020 Midlife North Node Readings

ARIES NORTH NODE: Sometimes a spade really is a spade. So called “negative emotions” give Aries North Node natives a sign post to course correct. If people restrict your individuality or insert themselves into your center, consider this a warning that you need better boundaries. Do an energy brush off: put your right hand on your left shoulder and sweep down your arm past your fingertips. Repeat on the other side, left hand on right shoulder, sweeping past your fingertips. Alternate sides three times and then flick your fingertips three times like you washed your hands and there’s no towel. Inhale long and slow, then exhale with a sigh. Now, assess the situation. Aries North Node natives can feel inappropriately strong tugs on their heartstrings, urging them to fall into old, co-dependent patterns. While you can have a strong, healthy partnership, in order to do so, you need to maintain your own center. Instead of feeling guilty about negative thoughts and feelings, recognize their call to action: something needs to shift so you can stay on path. This month’s song is Jess Glynne’s “Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself.”

Jess Glynne – Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself [Official Video]

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TAURUS NORTH NODE: The Sun shines through Taurus from April 19-May 20, 2020, bringing light and optimism to Taurus North Node natives. With Uranus in Taurus continuing to kick up themes of liberation, pay attention to sudden opportunities for growth. In particular, look for inspiration related to your body, exercise, art, home, finances, and food preparation. Find ways to ground and soothe your body during this time of social distance and no contact. If you can’t hug someone, spend extra time nourishing your body, creating art, gardening, and/or decorating your home. Focus on making your world a more beautiful place, however large or small your world feels right now. Your soul calls you to move in the direction of self-sufficiency, leaving any trauma-drama patterns in the past. If you find yourself disappointed by would-be leaders, consider this a lightning bolt to get where you need to go with your own smarts and through your own will power. You are much stronger than you think you are. This month’s song is Cake’s “I Will Survive.”

Cake – I Will Survive (Official Video)

Music video by Cake performing I Will Survive. (C) 1996 Volcano Entertainment III, LLC #Cake #IWillSurvive #Vevo

GEMINI NORTH NODE: Between May 4-5, 2020, the collective North Node moves from its 18-month journey through Cancer, into Gemini. For Gemini North Node natives, this heralds a year and a half of extra focus on destiny level decisions and events. When the collective North Node enters your natal North Node sign, your life moves more in sync with collective energies and urges. The Nodes move slowly; you haven’t had this extra destiny level oomph for almost 18 years! Venus will spend three months in Gemini this year, giving an unusual influx of energy to your North Node sign. Pay special attention to Venusian themes — love, beauty, art and money — in April through August of this year. If life seems chaotic or painful, embrace the changes as course corrections leading you on a more soulful journey. Apply humor, playfulness and expression as antidotes to feeling like you need a better map. Gemini’s often get where they need to go by getting “lost” in just the right way. With the collective North Node traversing your sign, you can trust that any detours will ultimately prove worthwhile. Even so, it helps to process things in a journal or conversation. This month’s song is Coldplay’s “Talk.”

Coldplay – Talk

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CANCER NORTH NODE: The collective North Node is finishing its 18-month sojourn in the sign of Cancer. For Cancer North Node natives this encourages a time of reflection and course correction. The North Node won’t move back into Cancer until May 2037. You can always improve your life and move towards destiny, but May 4, 2020 serves as a kind of “last call” where the collective destiny urge pulls in the same direction as your own. With so many people homebound right now, we can view this as a collective time to “git er done” in Cancer. It’s a great time to focus on family, home, cooking, baking, and homemade arts and crafts. Nurturing others always beckons to the Cancer North Node native, as does the Moon, which rules your sign. Spend some time reviewing your last year and a half. How have you waxed and waned? Who and what lured you into or out of your shell? This month’s song is Cat Stevens’ “Moonshadow.”

Cat Stevens – Moonshadow

No Description

LEO NORTH NODE: Even though the world’s taking a collective inhale, allow yourself to laugh out loud. Leo North Node natives have a gift for fun and enjoying the game of life. Lowering your vibration to fit in with a stressed out group dynamic helps no one. Don’t let anyone shame you into feeling weak or hamstrung. Your inner light shines bright, and you stand out. If you can resist the desire to fit in, you’ll inspire others with your enthusiasm. In serious times, you do well to focus on your inner child. What does she need to hear right now? What would she love to do? Find creative ways to engage this part of you. When your inner child feels safe and loved, she brings magical gifts to you and others. If you feel a sense of inexplicable joy, you’re on the right track, no matter how bizarre or irrational it seems. Patience isn’t your strong suit, but joy is. As Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” This month’s song is Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.”

Pharrell Williams – Happy (Official Music Video)

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VIRGO NORTH NODE: While some other North Node signs benefits from daydreaming, Virgo North Node natives need an action plan. You can’t afford to wallow in self pity or delusions of grandeur. If you want something, you need to write it down and take the steps to make it so. If recent circumstances have disrupted your normal routines, then you need to implement new routines. Even temporary guidelines ground and energize your focus. Create a schedule and stick to it. Build in alone time for journaling and meditation, but you’ll feel so much better if you can also show tangible results for each day. If money’s tight right now, make a budget or engage alternate income streams. If you can’t get outside or go to the gym to workout, find some way, somehow to exercise at home. Your body needs regular movement and healthy food. This might seem like a crazy time to adopt an animal, but that companionship and structure offer extra goodies to Virgo North Node natives. Whenever motivation seems lacking, find the fun or a higher purpose for your task. This month, imagine Mary Poppins singing “A Spoonful of Sugar.”

Mary Poppins Fandub – Spoonful of Sugar

Mary Poppins has got to be one of my favorite disney movies. I know, my voice may be deeper than hers, and my british accent is horrible, but I really wanted…

LIBRA NORTH NODE: When the world goes into crisis mode, Libra North Node natives shine. You instinctively know how to manage emergencies, and people rely on you much more than you realize. Yes, the world needs your help right now. Find a way to give, and give more than you think you will receive. The scales will balance themselves when you stop worrying about your side of the equation. Likewise, you gain confidence when you highlight others’ contributions. It feels tempting to go it alone, but that’s not the way your soul wants to go anymore. Your life path requires cooperation, teamwork and partnership, so you might as well throw yourself into the mix. There’s more than one way to win, and you’ll feel better about winning if others win, too. In these extended Coronavirus and economic challenges, Libra North Node natives can offer special gifts of encouragement and good sense by really paying attention to others as individuals. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes for a moment, and then respond with that level of awareness. This month’s song is George Michael and Aretha Franklin’s “I Knew You Were Waiting for Me.”

George Michael, Aretha Franklin – I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (Official Video)

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SCORPIO NORTH NODE: As Uranus (planet of sudden changes and inspiration) continues to move through Taurus, opposing your sign, Scorpio North Node natives would do well to make peace with unexpected changes. A planet of liberation, Uranus acts like a lightning strike full of energy, igniting change. You can exert more influence over how these changes take shape by leaning into the process. If someone or something feels constricting, explore ways you can voluntarily shift the dynamic. Life can dial down the voltage if you’re moving in the right direction. If you’ve already experienced a sudden change, admit to yourself ways in which this change benefits you. What space might it open up for a new focus? In your life, how have losses helped you to get in touch with the deepest parts of your soul? Focus on the regenerative aspects of change, so that you more easily receive the benefits and abundant growth. This month’s song is U2’s “Bad.”

BAD – U2

BAD by u2


SAGITTARIUS NORTH NODE: Between May 4-5, 2020, the collective North Node moves from its 18-month journey through Cancer, into Gemini, opposite the sign of Sagittarius. For Sag North Node natives, this heralds a year and a half of increased focus on destiny level decisions and changes. When the collective North Node opposes your natal North Node, life clears its throat a bit louder, urging you to get on path. Intuition may lead you in a different direction than those around you. That’s just fine, and you’re right on time. The most intense moments of destiny depend on the degree of your North Node, but in May, both Venus and the collective North Node clamor for attention in Gemini. Notice if old patterns arrive as tests. You don’t need to succumb to scattered energy or option dilemma. Drop into your heart and feel your own inner truth. Look back 8-9 and 17-18 years ago for a heads up of themes that might return for a different level of attention and resolution. Remember to pray. It works! This month’s song is Ace of Base’s “I Saw the Sign.”

Ace of Base – The Sign (Official Music Video)

Taken from the album “The Sign”/”Happy Nation”. Expand for links and lyrics. ► Stream / Download: http://smarturl.it/AceOfBase.TheSign ► Follow the Spotify p…

CAPRICORN NORTH NODE: With Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn right now, you’re set up to thrive, if you also clean house. Use the collective pause to reassess what works and what doesn’t work in your life. Cutting cords swiftly and decisively eases the process. Sometimes a “ruthless” attitude is more compassionate than agonizing over difficult choices. Bring some logic into the emotional realm, and be honest with yourself about the true cost of some relationships and situations. Can you really afford to maintain the status quo? Now’s your chance to rebalance the books. Bring this awareness into the realm of finances and structures, too. What emotional charge does this bill or that structure cost you? Streamline your energy outlay. If something bothers you, explore ways to upgrade and/or eliminate. Irritation comes from deep inside your soul. Instead of trying to suppress or override the feeling, use it as fuel for practical action. This month’s song is Perry Como’s “Accentuate the Positive.”

Perry Como — Accentuate The Positive

Perry Como — Accentuate The Positive

AQUARIUS NORTH NODE: In perfect love and perfect trust, perfect timing is a must. Yes, you want things Now, but Aquarius North Node natives live best in a realm of serendipity and Divine Timing. The world has screeched to a collective halt in some areas. Use this time to cultivate patience and the idea that “Enough is enough.” This means recognizing the abundance already around you. But it also means that you are enough. You have enough and you are enough. When life brings you love or good fortune, trust that you, too, deserve good things. You’re a wonderful friend to those around you. Friendship is a give and take. It’s OK to receive. You don’t need to earn your keep in this Universe. As long as you pay things forward when you feel led, life will keep things flowing. Aquarius is “The Water Bearer.” Ponder the strength of water. Ever flexible and flowing, it can wear away stone. This month’s song is Howard Jones’ “Don’t Try to Live Your Life in One Day.”

Howard Jones – Life In One Day (HD)

The most euphorically song all-time. From 1985. Lyrics: The old man said to me Said don’t always take life so seriously Play the flute And dance and sing you…

PISCES NORTH NODE: Dream a little dream, Pisces! As you tread water awaiting a new normal, remember that uncertainty opens possibilities. Sure, it feels uncomfortable not knowing where the currents will take you, but you have more influence and guidance than you realize. Pay attention to dreams and daydreams. Your North Node sign swims in other realms. Trust that your guides and inner guidance bring inspiration in the proper dose at the proper time. What version of you has begun to shimmer and glimmer through this in-between-time? Feel into your dreamiest fantasies and visions. Don’t get too attached to details, but know the overall feeling is true for you. Build faith by noticing little miracles and dreams come true, so you can expand enough to catch the bigger fish headed your way. Meditate a little each day. Your Future Self will thank you. This month’s song is Louis Armstrong’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me.”

Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Acho que fala per si !


You’re probably wondering … Who is Laura Bruno?!

Laura Bruno (that’s me!) is an Empowerment Coach, Medical Intuitive, Astrologer, Reiki Master Teacher and Life Path Reader. I specialize in transitions, life changing health issues, silver linings, and inspiring others to live bold and beautiful lives. I hold a Masters Degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago. A 1998 traumatic brain injury shifted my focus from reading books to reading energy. It was a gift. My last 19 years have been spent helping people heal themselves and our world. You can read more about me on my website About Page.

The Mystical Midlife Reading is an exclusive offer for Catherine Grace O’Connell’s readers. This one-hour intuitive session looks at your North Node and other life path markers to help you live your most empowered, authentic life. We’ll explore your soul’s purpose and any messages coming to you through health or midlife transitions. The special discount rate of $199 is only available here and  is my only reading that focuses on helping women Master Modern Midlife!

North Node Calculation Table

Once you locate your North Node sign just click on the link and continue your Midlife Mystic journey!



North Node

South Node

25-May-1941 21-Nov-1942 Virgo Pisces
22-Nov-1942 11-May-1944 Leo Aquarius
12-May-1944 2-Dec-1945 Cancer Capricorn
3-Dec-1945 2-Aug-1947 Gemini Sagittarius
3-Aug-1947 25-Jan-1949 Taurus Scorpio
26-Jan-1949 26-Jul-1950 Aries Libra
27-Jul-1950 28-Mar-1952 Pisces Virgo
29-Mar-1952 9-Oct-1953 Aquarius Leo
10-Oct-1953 2-Apr-1955 Capricorn Cancer
3-Apr-1955 4-Oct-1956 Sagittarius Gemini
5-Oct-1956 16-Jun-1958 Scorpio Taurus
17-Jun-1958 15-Dec-1959 Libra Aries
16-Dec-1959 10-Jun-1961 Virgo Pisces
11-Jun-1961 23-Dec-1962 Leo Aquarius
24-Dec-1962 25-Aug-1964 Cancer Capricorn
26-Aug-1964 19-Feb-1966 Gemini Sagittarius
20-Feb-1966 19-Aug-1967 Taurus Scorpio
20-Aug-1967 19-Apr-1969 Aries Libra
20-Apr-1969 2-Nov-1970 Pisces Virgo
3-Nov-1970 27-Apr-1972 Aquarius Leo
28-Apr-1972 26-Oct-1973 Capricorn Cancer
27-Oct-1973 9-Jul-1975 Sagittarius Gemini
10-Jul-1975 7-Jan-1977 Scorpio Taurus
8-Jan-1977 5-Jul-1978 Libra Aries
6-Jul-1978 5-Jan-1980 Virgo Pisces
6-Jan-1980 6-Jan-1980 Leo Aquarius
7-Jan-1980 12-Jan-1980 Virgo Pisces
13-Jan-1980 24-Sep-1981 Leo Aquarius
25-Sep-1981 15-Mar-1983 Cancer Capricorn
16-Mar-1983 11-Sep-1984 Gemini Sagittarius
12-Sep-1984 6-Apr-1986 Taurus Scorpio
7-Apr-1986 5-May-1986 Aries Libra
6-May-1986 8-May-1986 Taurus Scorpio
9-May-1986 2-Dec-1987 Aries Libra
3-Dec-1987 22-May-1989 Pisces Virgo
23-May-1989 18-Nov-1990 Aquarius Leo
19-Nov-1990 1-Aug-1992 Capricorn Cancer
2-Aug-1992 1-Feb-1994 Sagittarius Gemini
2-Feb-1994 31-Jul-1995 Scorpio Taurus
1-Aug-1995 24-Jan-1997 Libra Aries
25-Jan-1997 20-Oct-1998 Virgo Pisces
21-Oct-1998 8-Apr-2000 Leo Aquarius
9-Apr-2000 12-Oct-2001 Cancer Capricorn
13-Oct-2001 13-Apr-2003 Gemini Sagittarius
14-Apr-2003 26-Dec-2004 Taurus Scorpio
27-Dec-2004 22-Jun-2006 Aries Libra
23-Jun-2006 14-Dec-2007 Pisces Virgo
15-Dec-2007 21-Aug-2009 Aquarius Leo
22-Aug-2009 3-Mar-2011 Capricorn Cancer
4-Mar-2011 29-Aug-2012 Sagittarius Gemini
29-Aug-2012 18-Feb-2014 Scorpio Taurus
19-Feb-2014 11-Nov-2015 Libra Aries
12-Nov-2015 9-May-2017 Virgo Pisces
10-May-2017 6-Nov-2018 Leo Aquarius
7-Nov-2018 5-May-2020 Cancer Capricorn
6-May-2020 18-Jan-2022 Gemini Sagittarius
19-Jan-2022 17-Jul-2023 Taurus Scorpio
18-Jul-2023 11-Jan-2025 Aries Libra
12-Jan-2025 26-Jul-2026 Pisces Virgo
27-Jul-2026 26-Mar-2028 Aquarius Leo
27-Mar-2028 23-Sep-2029 Capricorn Cancer
24-Sep-2029 20-Mar-2031 Sagittarius Gemini


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I am a client, fan, and partner of Laura Bruno. I receive compensation from any Mystical Midlife booking. – CGO

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