Pacific City, Huntington Beach, California

''A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play has lost forever the child who lived in him.'' - Pablo Neruda

As a fashion blogger in her mid fifties, I’ve always managed to remain a bit of a kid at heart. Being an empty nester with two grown children of my own, I live for those special moments in life like this one with Stella and Blaise. I’m thrilled to introduce you to two of the most darling children on the planet earth @stellaandblaise with quite a stellar Instagram following of their own.

Our relationship began while I was doing a shoot at the Grove in Los Angeles earlier this summer. The Grove is a delightful outdoor shopping center with wonderful shops, a variety of restaurants and outdoor cafes, and even a Farmer’s Market to boot. It’s a lively place with lots to do and see. I happened to spot these little blonde beauties out of the corner of my eye. It’s my nature to be very spontaneous as I reached out to their lovely Mom, Dana, to see if I could “borrow” her children. Dana is not only their Mom but also a busy manager! I loved her easy manner as she gave me the thumbs up. We had a blast on this first shoot as the kids taught this 55 year old the Robot dance ala Michael Jackson. We struck up a lovely relationship and decided to plan another shoot together.



As Stella and Blaise live a little further south near Huntington Beach, we hit the road and set our sights on the Pacific City shopping center. Pacific City has everything from excellent restaurants to the top shopping boutiques, only to be topped off by ping pong and foosball tables right in the middle of the open air mall! We couldn’t resist starting off with a ping pong match. It was a friendly competition with a lot of laughter. Stella and Blaise always know how to make me laugh. Decked out from head to toe in the latest children’s fashion from Blvd. in Manhattan Beach, this was going to be fun and it was only just beginning! Blaise is wearing the cutest shirt and jogger khakis by the brand, Munster out of Australia. I’m amazed at the range of options available for children these days and Blvd. has one of the best selections around. Owned by two sisters, Jen and Brie, it’s a darling shop with a laid back So Cal vibe.  Stella is wearing a fabulous sweatshirt dress by the PopUp Shop which was not only stylish but super comfy.



The foosball table was calling next and we headed over there to continue the fun. It’s been awhile since I played foosball and Stella and Blaise had a lot of fun kicking the ball right by me just about every time. I wasn’t sure if they were laughing at me or with me this time! Dana brought along a wagon to pull the kids around and we were off to investigate our next stop in the mall. Wearing a lovely maxi dress by Stillwater, also from Blvd., I was doing my best to keep up with their endless energy. It’s a beautiful dress that’s perfect over a swimsuit. With a high cut slit on the side, I threw on a belt from Intermix, to define the waist. Wearing casual gladiator sandals from Joie and the perfect Boho satchel from Anthropologie, it was a look that can easily transition from day to night.




The upper deck has an awesome painted wall that’s just perfect Southern California. We couldn’t resist goofing around. I truly am a kid at heart and look for any opportunity to let my inner child loose. I brought along a fresh supply of bubbles from Target and Dana had a blast playing along with us. We made a quick change along the way into our second set of outfits from Blvd. Stella picked out a Cheetah sweatshirt set from PopUp Shop and Blaise was decked out in classic shirt and bottoms from Munster again, finished off with classic Chuck Taylor’s from Converse. The brands were a huge hit and an absolutely perfect match for their colorful personalities. I selected a fun casual outfit this time with a plaid shirt by Rails, a pair of jean shorts by Americano Harlets, suede booties by Dolce Vita and a fun choker by Beach and Beverly in Hermosa Beach. I absolutely loved this look! It was a look this Boho chic girl could live in each and every day.






It was time to run off a little steam. I grabbed the kids and began doing the old helicopter as I did with my own children ages ago. They took turns jumping on my shoulders which was super fun. Living vicariously through these little ones was such pure joy. Make sure to follow @stellaandblaise on Instagram to keep up with their adventures! They have a super fun YouTube channel that’s guaranteed to make you smile as well. An exciting new website is currently under construction and will be ready soon at www.StellaBlaise.com. They are managed by the Osbrink Agency in Los Angeles. Stella and Blaise are guaranteed to brighten your day as they always do mine! Can’t wait for the next date with these Cuties. And, head over to Blvd. in Manhattan Beach located in the heart of downtown, a block from the beach. A delightful bright and charming boutique filled with everything for Mom, Dad and the kids, to have you stepping out in style. Trust me, it’s a can’t miss if you’re  in the South Bay. Thank you Blvd. for sponsoring this post!





Gosh, Grace! What a beautiful set of pictures. Such lovely children. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking at the garments at all. I was simply captivated by the settings, energy and happiness that the three of you exude. You are an absolute inspiration in so many ways. Are you sure you’re 55? 🙂 You look at least 30!


They are just precious, and so are you! Lovely to see all that fun energy spill into the photos. ❤️


Absolutly adorable. Love your plaid shirt!
Great job Catherine! ❌⭕️❌❣️


So cute !!! Great job girlfriend ❌⭕️?

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