''Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.'' - Ernest Holmes

The game of life is an interesting one. This month begins a new series of inspirational posts where I open my heart. I intend to share everything from my deepest fears to my greatest joys. There’s immense power in vulnerability and authenticity. Surviving a life threatening illness has brought with it some of the most amazing gifts. The real catalysts for change in life oftentimes come from pain. It’s our deepest inner wounds that can hold us back or propel us forward in life.

You have heard the saying that “life is a mirror.” In my work with rescued horses, these powerful beings are the ideal metaphor for this message. Horses are prey animals. Extremely sensitive to energy, they pick up on your energy long before you step into the ring. They act as a mirror, always on point, reflecting your own energy back to you. There’s absolutely no denying the truth. The empowering part of this is the opportunity to change your energy in an instant and have it reflected back to you.

It’s pretty cool when you think about it that every single human being you encounter is actually there to serve you. “Nothing happens to you but everything happens for you.” Hopping on this path brings with it immense responsibility and accountability. Once you see life as a mirror, it’s not possible to deny your role, your true reflection. A common trigger is jealousy. I know that I’ve struggled with the comparison game and feelings of inadequacy. If I were to be truly honest, I was unaware of the depth of my own self doubt. I tended to be self deprecating. Compliments were instantly deflected. I spent much of the time in my head listening to the voices telling me that I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, thin enough or smart enough. Basically, I wasn’t enough.  What I’ve come to learn is that all jealousy really means is self doubt or low self esteem in the person feeling those feelings. It has absolutely nothing to do with the person who triggered those feelings. It’s so empowering to wake up and boy did I need some waking up.

In the real world, your own personal trigger might look something like this: You go into Starbucks to grab your morning coffee. The person waiting on you is in a bit of a mood. She’s irritated and short with you. The highly conscious person will understand that this has nothing to do with them and they will respond with kindness which will most likely help to shift the energy around the situation. Most human beings will likely become triggered and react to the situation, not in kindness but in anger. I wish I could say that I always respond with kindness but I’m human like anyone else. When I can forgo the anger, and react with compassion, I’m not only lifting my own energy or vibrations but theirs as well. If we could begin to shift our perspective and look at those triggers as gifts reflecting back the places inside calling for heaing.  By starting my day with a centering routine like meditation, it’s much more likely that I’ll respond from my heart rather than my head.

For most women, it’s perfectly normal to have feelings of inadequacy come to the surface. The only way for us to heal these emotions is to feel them fully, and then, to intentionally let them go. It’s about building integrity within ourselves by being responsible for our feelings. It’s also important to realize that absolutely no one can make us feel inadequate without our permission. Every single time that we encounter self doubt, it’s an opportunity to heal the unhealed parts of ourselves. Our feelings are our radar. If we pay close attention, we have an inner guidance system at our disposal at all times.

Healing happens through personal empowerment. Personally, I have decided to stop giving my power to others by learning to control my emotions. I tend to be highly empathic and I feel things deeply, like so many of you. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, emotions and belief systems. They are there to guide and serve you in this beautiful game of life. And, it is indeed a beautiful game of life. Remember, beauty can only found within and expressed without. Now, go out and rock that game of life!

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This is screams TRUTH!!!!! It is what so many women and men feel eachday. We are all different but…oh so the same.

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