“Cystic Fibrosis is life-threatening and there is no cure, YET. They are getting closer each year. I do multiple treatments and take several medications every day just to stay healthy. CF is not well known which is why I feel like it’s so important for me to do whatever I can to help find a cure for everyone that is living with it. – Rosie G

Outfit Details:
Off the Shoulder Top, Capri PantsColorful Pumps, Rosie G’s Designs

Think back to when you were a teenager. What were your days like? Did you have a plan for your life? There’s a very special young woman I would love to introduce you to today. Her name is Grace Rose Bauer and Rosie G Style is both her alter ego and her fabulous brand.

What happens when you’re born with a life threatening illness like Cystic Fibrosis? Well, if you’re Grace Rose, you build a life that involves giving back, helping others and finding a way to end the suffering. Grace was born in New Orleans but was forced to leave during Hurricane Katrina. She and her single mother, Leah Bauer, headed west and began building a new life together.And that life included helping to find a cure for CF. As a young girl, Grace was surrounded by beautiful design and it seemed to find it’s way into her genetic makeup. Telling her Mom that she was ready to take over the design work at the tender age of 10, Grace began creating the unique designs for Rosie G. With fun fabrics, delicious colors, and the latest trends incorporated, Grace is a young designer on a mission to change the world.

I was delighted to make it to Grace’s latest Fashion Show/Fundraiser at the incredible Houdini Mansion in Los Angeles. With giggling young models taking over the estate, it was a day that won’t soon be forgotten. With hostess Kit Hoover from Access Hollywood running the show, we were in for a fabulous evening. Grace hand selected the models, which were mostly her friends from school! From young girls dressed in darling mini dresses with teddy bear backpacks and colorful booties to teens in fashion forward jumpsuits, Grace’s designs have something for every tween. Known for her Rosie G graphic tees, each of us took home a t shirt that perfectly captured Grace and her dynamic personality encouraging us to “Stay Weird.” That’s no problem, Grace, as I don’t know any other way to be!

The styles continued to delight and thrill. Pale Blue halter tops and shorts, maxi dresses and stylish shift dresses, the array was endless. I don’t know about you but the younger generations coming in have style options I could only dream of when growing up. Grace has a way of taking a stand and never backing down from her cause. She’s a true force of nature and one Nordstrom certainly couldn’t resist. Grace and her Mom packed up her line and took off for Seattle waltzing into Nordstrom’s home office and walked out with floor space. Yes, just like that! When it comes to fundraising and finding a cure, Grace never takes no for an answer.

Grace’s finale was when she was introduced at the end of the show. Decked out in a royal blue maxi with her gorgeous locks in the beachiest waves, Grace delighted the audience with an unexpected twirl while her maxi quickly became a stunning mini. An amazing way to end the evening! Following the show, I had a chance to hang out with Grace and some of her young friends. There’s nothing like that youthful energy to help you feel young again. I tossed on a super affordable off the shoulder top from HM along with a pair of hot pink capri pants. The colorful pumps are by Sam Edelman from Shopbop. It’s an affordable look for any age!

We roamed the property and enjoyed delicious fare from a variety of vendors. From chicken and waffles to ice cream sundaes, it was a feast for the young and old alike. Grace and her Mom put together a stunning display sharing various powerful stories of young women and their illnesses. Showing both “visible and invisible” illnesses, the stories were moving and made you realize how important it is to take care of your health. Those of us that are reasonably healthy, tend to take that health for granted. It’s an important reminder that there are brave and courageous souls out there that persevere in ways we don’t know about.  It was a beautiful tribute for a beautiful cause. With both a silent and live auction, the attendees were happy to support a powerful cause and help Grace work to find a cure. Rosie G, you’re a special one and I have no doubt you’ll succeed in finding that cure! Help #CureCF!

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