Beware of the woman whose power’s been taken away; for when it returns, it returns with a fury so strong, she becomes an unstoppable force in the world. – CatherineGraceO 

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Growing up in the 70’s, racing stripes and fashion were mutually exclusive. Back in the day, the only brand known for its stripes was Adidas. Those stripes were relegated to the soccer field, far away from the fashion runway! Times have certainly changed as just about anything goes when it comes to personal style. That’s the beauty of fashion! Ideas are infinite as new trends become classics.

I recently hit New York City to join a fabulous group of Midlife women to discuss the evolution around the conversation of menopause. The conversations were centered more around hot flashes than hot fashion! After a full day of bonding over ways to empower women to think differently about what used to be called “the change,” I decided to take a few moments of downtime to have some fun with the art of street style.

Fashion lights my fire and has since I was a little girl. I’m like a kid in a candy store and thrive on creating new looks. Prior to hitting the Big Apple, I had ventured into one of my favorite stores, Zara, to pick up a few casual pieces for the trip. Racing stripes have come a long way from the soccer field and can be found everywhere from the cover of Vogue to New York Fashion Week to your local Target. I’ve never been a follower of trends, as they come and go faster than my credit card can catch up. What I do love, is when a “trend” morphs into a classic. As women, we have the power to make our own choices and to determine whether a trend becomes a classic.

Adidas has evolved way beyond the world of sports with an entire fashion line centered around the racing stripe. Part of fashion is its whimsy in juxtaposing just about everything. True fashionistas think nothing of being daring in combining styles that look as though they couldn’t possibly go together. That’s the art of fashion. Sneakers and ball gowns. TargetStyle and Neiman Marcus. The possibilities are endless.


Part of the fun for me is in finding the diamond in the rough. The hunt for the perfect look that doesn’t cost a fortune. Raised on Loehmann’s and layaway, I have clearance sale practically programmed into my DNA. When it comes to shopping, discount stores are magnets for my attention and my pocketbook. Racing stripes and skinny jeans are a match made in heaven. Stripes have a way of elongating the leg and what woman doesn’t want those legs to look a little longer? Zara has a wide range of styles to fit all different shapes and sizes. The boyfriend jean is more relaxed and is far more forgiving than a skinny jean. PopSugar seems to agree. In their article, “Side Stripe Jeans are Cool this Season,” their Editors state, “Ask yourself this one question: do you own side-striped denim? If not, girl, you need to get your hands on a pair of these true blues, because the race car effect is pulling ahead, full throttle.” In other words, sisters…Side Stripe Jeans…GAME ON!

This darling jean jacket caught my eye while combing the racks. I loved the mix of distressed and dressy and that it didn’t look like the other 12 jean jackets in my wardrobe! The fringed crossbody was another score from Zara that looks like an expensive designer version at a fraction of the cost. Tossing on a nautical tee from my closet, a pair of pale blue suede kitten heels from Zara and a fisherman’s cap from Brixton, I hit the streets of Midtown. It’s my version of nautical with a twist, an edge and a wink to All American red, white and blue.  NYC is a fashion blogger’s dream with a photo opp on every street corner. The streets and sidewalks were vibrant and alive. A perfect summer day, offices were emptying and the workers were happy to be sprung free, enjoying the sunshine and extended daylight hours.

Back to those photo opps as we went from one spot to the next, looking for the perfect shot. It’s not hard to do in the bustling streets of NYC. It’s funny as I used to be painfully shy and now, I don’t give a second thought to plopping in the middle of a sidewalk overflowing with people to strike a pose. That’s the essence of a woman waking up upon reaching Midlife. There’s a tremendous force that seems to arise from within. It’s as though the Phoenix can’t help but rise…and, in my world, she might as well do it dressed in the latest style!

Consider incorporating racing stripes into your wardrobe. It’s easy to do with a vast selection of choices. Be open to experimenting to find your personal style and know that it will evolve over time. Personally, I’m loving the denim options and scooped up a few different styles and colors. I’m officially declaring this trend a classic in my wardrobe. What trend would you like to see become a classic? Cheers, Beauties!



You always know how to tell such a great story!! And I totally know what you mean about taking photos ina crowd!! People either are interested or could care less—either way it works!!
And don’t you look amazing as usual?? I think I’ll try to channel my inner Catherine on my next photo shoot. Do you think Rob will fly me out to NYC to do it??


I wish he would, sister…shall I talk to your IG hubby and coax him along???


Oh my goodness what a fun post! I love this look on you and the shots are just gorgeous and fun!
I may have to try some pants with the Adidas stripe!


Thank you sister…it was such a fun look and so affordable!

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