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“Fashion has the power to transform the way a woman feels in an instant. – CatherineGraceO

I’m delighted to be a Co-host in this month’s Ageless Style Link Up with my dear friend and Fierce Sister,  Jonet Wooten of Fabulously Chic Over 50. My other bestie, Jodie Filogomo of Jodie’s Touch of Style, has piqued my curiosity with her fabulous Link Up posts while this tech newbie was trying to figure out what the heck a Link Up was! Thanks to my fabulous Fierce Sisters for holding my hand through the process, I’ll be a seasoned “LinkUp’er” in no time!

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When I heard the theme was maxis, I was all in!  Maxis conjure up memories of prom in the mid to late 70’s. Back in the day, maxis weren’t a classic as they are today. Raised on Loehmann’s, Dress Barn and layaway, I remember combing through the racks to score that perfect maxi look.  It was like hunting for a diamond in the rough. Prom usually meant a maxi dress along with a date who was dressed in a corny, matching tuxedo in the most unmanly shades of sorbet. My date would arrive at the front door, usually sweating with trepidation upon meeting my Father; a former Marine who seemed to thrive upon intimidation. The poor souls didn’t usually stick around!

After hours of preparation, which included buckets of hot rollers, Aquanet, multiple applications of frosty lip gloss and the requisite blue eyeshadow (yes…gasp…blue eyeshadow!!!), my date and I would awkwardly affix our corsages on one another and head out the door to an all-night extravaganza. Where I grew up, prom started in the evening and didn’t finish until a breakfast party on the beach. One night could feel like years if you didn’t hit it off with your date!

The maxi has evolved along with just about everything else. No longer limited to a special occasion, there’s a fabulous selection of maxi dresses just about everywhere you turn! Boho maxis make for a perfect swimsuit cover up for a day at the beach. You can  easily find maxis glistening with sequins for a full-on Golden Globes Red Carpet appearance. With summer officially here, I decided to channel the fiercely feminine aspects of my personality. I found this beauty which seemed to capture the essence of romance online at Nordstrom. It’s by Wayf, a designer I’m getting to know and love. Wayf is an acronym meaning “Where Are You From?” Launched by Kentucky native and designer, Meredith Fischer, her Southern Belle roots definitely inspire the overall vibe of the designs. Her mission is in providing affordable luxury to the contemporary market and I would have to say she’s succeeded.


What woman can resist florals? Clearly, not this one! Wayf had me at the florals but then “double had me” (is that a thing???) with the addition of ruffles. I’m a sucker for any design that embodies the essence of femininity. The price point was an added bonus at $109. The look and feel of the dress are far more pricey. I ordered a small and found it fit perfectly and ran true to size. I’m just over 5’8 and it fit me to a “t.” The length was ideal with the addition of a pair of sandals from J Crew I’d found several seasons ago. Any strappy sandal from your closet would work well with this design.  I wanted the dress to stand on its own – to be the focal point – without a lot of accessories. I decided to toss on a couple of Samantha Wills rose gold bracelets from my collection. Samantha Wills is a designer I’ve discovered out of Australia. I found these on one of her clearance sales as I love the way rose gold accents my skin tones. I would highly recommend signing up for her email list to receive notifications on her sales. I’m a fan of just about everything Samantha Wills. 

I was delighted to pull out a necklace I had received from Kendra Scott as a gift. I’ve long admired Kendra’s designs and the overall allure of her colorful branding. I’m like a kid in a candy store anytime I’m surrounded by gorgeous and distinctive aesthetics. The beauty of this necklace is that it’s adjustable to any length. I had it made at Kendra’s in store Color Bar which allows you to choose each piece of the necklace from the metal to the stones and the overall design. They put it together in an instant while you wait and you walk out feeling like a jewelry designer. Absolutely brilliant! I had been coveting this fun tote on the Moda Operandi site for some time. It’s a site that I love to virtually “window shop” as most everything is out of my price range. I’m absolutely loving the trend in natural fiber bags in unusual shapes and sizes. More whimsical than practical but certainly fun, nonetheless!

Although I grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago (I know it’s a shocker as I’m such a CA girl now!), I went to college down south. I suppose I’ll always have a bit of sassy Southern Belle in me. The “Y’all” part of my personality couldn’t resist the addition of an old-fashioned hat. I found this one at a local gift shop in Hermosa Beach and it’s by Hat Attack. This brand always has a fabulous, new selection every season. I’ve become a fan of Hat Attack as I’m a hat collector. I’m not one of those women who benefits from the windblown look. My fine hair tends to get a bit over tousled by the winds and I usually have a collection of hats ready to go for shoots. I love traveling with hats and always look for brands whose designs are resilient and don’t crush when packed. I can be hard on my hats and I have yet to do any damage to one by Hat Attack as they’re so darn resilient and “Catherine proof!”

In my world, you can never have too many maxis. My philosophy is “To the Max with Maxi’s!” The best part of Wayf is the designer look without the designer price. As I’m always on the lookout for a deal or steal, you can easily find a wide range of Wayf dresses marked down considerably, both online and instore. I’ve selected some of my favorite looks, and believe it or not, many of their current designs can be found in the $40 range and up. I can’t wait to see the posts by my Ageless Style sisters. I invite you to make the rounds and be sure to let me know which looks are your favorites. If you’re not a fan of Maxis currently, I sense you’ll be a convert once these Ageless fashionistas inspire you. Thanks for joining our Ageless Style Link Up. Make sure to add your blog to the link up below! And, if this post lights your fire, I would absolutely love it if you hit the share button or pinned your favorite looks. Cheers, Beauties…to the Max-i!

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Love this look Catherine! That dress is beautiful!


Hi Julie…how sweet are you…thank you!!!


Catherine, this is such a great choice for a maxi dress! Super feminine in its print and ruffles, it has your name written all over it! Stunning, my friend! And your description of your prom had me chuckling in my coffee. So thank you for that! I needed it today. And while maxis have certainly evolved into the perfect closet staple, I have to say so has blue eye shadow! Ha. I wear it sometimes! Done right, it is the perfect accent to make my green eyes shine! And welcome to the world of link ups! They are fun way to meet fabulous new bloggers. I host two every week on Tuesdays and Fridays…I would love for to join if you can! Thanks for always being so fabulous and inspiring!



Thank you my friend…it was such a fun experience…and I think I’ll let the blue eyeshadow go for now…goodness…what were we thinking???

XOXO…and I would love to join you as well on the days you host…please remind me as this girl can go in too many directions and miss out…I would be delighted!


This dress is just stunning and you look gorgeous in it! Love the photography too! Thanks for co-hosting!


Thank you, Amy…you are so kind and it was such fun. I appreciate your kind comments and I’ll pass along your feedback to my photog as he will really appreciate you too.


Hello my beautiful fierce sister!

You always look so beautiful and I was so happy to see you here on this link up!
That maxi is perfect and Mike ( Hi Mike!) did a fabulous job capturing your beauty!



Thank you my dear friend…it was a fun look and a fun shoot!


I love every frilly, feminine detail of this gorgeous maxi dress. It is like a celebration of spring and summer with the beautiful floral print and detailing. Bravo, Xo Jonet


Thank you, sunshine…so honored to be your Cohost!

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