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Women don’t get older. They get bolder!

Growing up, my idea of Midlife wasn’t something to look forward to! The 50’s were the beginning of the golden years and birthday parties were limited to “Over the Hill” themes. As my 57th birthday is in a few weeks, I’m grateful to find brands evolving along with the times. Chico’s has been celebrating and styling women at Midlife and Beyond for decades. It’s exciting to see a retailer celebrating the vitality today’s women at Midlife enjoy. Chico’s latest spring BOLD Campaign centers around the mission and message of The Forever Fierce Revolution: Age Is Just a Number and “We’re Not Older, We’re Bolder!”

Many of the Forever Fierce sisters hosted events across the country. I was delighted to co-host the LA event at the Costa Mesa location with my ageless friend, Janet Gunn, Creator of The Grateful Gardenia. I’ve followed Janet in the virtual world for some time. A former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, she has one of those sunny dispositions that attracts both men and women like the chick magnet she is! Janet and I spent time getting to know one another during the launch of the Chico’s Bold Campaign in NYC earlier this year. The Midlife and Beyond blogging community in LA is a small one but also a tight one. It’s like a sisterhood where we’ve earned our badges together!

Janet and I met up at a coffee shop to catch up prior to the event. I’ve enjoyed hosting events at the Chico’s Santa Monica location but this was the first time meeting the team in Costa Mesa. We made fast friends with the team and were honored to have Sabrina Collins, the District Manager and Managers, Marsha Kasianczuk and Amisha Patel join in the celebration. The store was decked out in BOLD Chico’s style, with goodie bags, delicious treats, and libations. Janet and I made the rounds, greeting everyone from the women on the sales floor to the management team and of course, the customers!

The highlight of the evening was chatting with a woman who had been a customer for over 25 years! Now, that’s dedication! I couldn’t help but pull out the video camera and ask her to share her enthusiasm for everything Chico’s. Her enthusiasm and BOLD Chico’s style will inspire you to become a Chico’s fan like the rest of us! Janet’s Mother in law lives in the neighborhood and joined us with her own sisterhood, many of whom she’s known since raising her own children! This was a group of women who weren’t allowing age to define them. They were the essence of the Chico’s message showing they weren’t getting older, they were getting bolder!

Costa Mesa is located in Orange County and my Forever Fierce sister and friend, Tamera Beardsley joined the celebration with her husband (and photog) Geoff. Tamera is turning 60 this year…I know it’s hard to believe as she’s an ageless wonder. She’s that blogger that turns heads everywhere she goes. Style is in her DNA and creativity is her calling card. She’s the Creator of and one of the most authentically, vulnerable bloggers who regularly shares stories from the deepest place in her heart. Tamera modeled the Chico’s BOLD T, proudly shouting her age to the rooftops, rivaling someone decades younger.

The evolution of Chico’s style is evidenced by the abundance of colorful inspiration. It’s easier than ever for a woman to create ageless looks that incorporate the latest trends. Stores across the country are brimming with the latest styles. You’ll find everything from the cutest bomber jackets to jumpsuits, blouses in every color and pattern, denim galore and kimonos to top them off or take to the beach. Their Black Label Collection pieces are available online. They’re my personal go to when I’m looking for a distinctive piece to add to my wardrobe that’s current yet classic.

This jacket is one of those pieces that easily transitions from day to night. I recently filmed an episode of The Forever Fierce Revolution featuring Jen Dulski, Head of Groups & Community at Facebook and the author of Purposeful: Are you A Manager or a Movement Starter? Before beginning to film, Jen mentioned that she would love to add a jacket to her look. Fashion blogging definitely has its benefits as I had a rack upstairs with some of the looks I wore to the Chico’s event. I grabbed a few options and Jen scooped up the Black Label Faux Leather Jacket. It was the perfect compliment to her outfit as she wore it right out the door and onto center stage for her speech. I believe Chico’s has a new fan! And guess what?! I found this incredible jacket marked down from $229 to $98! Grab it now!

A visit to your neighborhood Chico’s is a bit like entering a Sisterhood, and a boldly stylish one at that. If there isn’t a location that’s convenient, I invite you to check out their website as it’s never been easier to shop from home. With everything from casual athleisure attire to bold and beautiful looks to transition easily from day to night, Chico’s has you covered…and covered in style!



Hi Catherine!

This looks like such a fun night! I love what YOU and Chico’s are doing for women in Midlife! Bravo to you both!


Thank you so much…I hope your heart is a bit lighter each day…thinking of you.


What a great event and Chico’s has been so supportive of our community. I follow Janet and she is so full of life. All beautiful ladies in this post!


Thank you for checking it out…and Janet is a doll!


How did I miss this post?? I never got the email??
What a fabulous event and Chicos has been such a great support …both ways really. Us for them and they for us!!
You always find the best women to lift up, and I loved meeting Janet at the Chico’s video shoot!!


We are redoing the newsletter…just like we worked on the design of the FFR newsletter…it’s in new design mode…stay tuned,sister and thank you for stopping by!

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