Hermosa Beach, California

“You’re never too old to become younger.” – Mae West

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Buki HoodiePillow CoverLeggings 1Leggings 2, Capri Leggings, Long Sleeve White Pullover, Suede Ball Cap, RayBans

Having just celebrated my 57th birthday, I’m counting my blessings as there are immense benefits to being a woman at Midlife & Beyond – most of which are found on the inside. I’ve also skidded into menopause over the past year and as the saying goes, “Menopause ain’t for sissies,” I would have to agree! As each year passes, I’m more convinced that true beauty lies within and is found in a kind heart and the wisdom of a life well lived. I’m also a big believer in disrupting the aging process on every level. The gift of having a blog and a public platform affords me the luxury to test out products that allow me to defy aging naturally.

Enter Buki, a new company on the cutting edge of fashion technology. What exactly is “Buki?” Buki is the Japanese word for ‘protect and defend’ and refers to their ingenious, proprietary technical fibers function with properties such as thermoregulation, moisture-management along with dynamic stretch & recovery. Think … “OMG, that’s great for my skin!”

The moment I took a peek at their site and learned their latest capsule collection infused collagen into their fabrics, I couldn’t wait for my own experience to share with you. I’m sensing my neighbors may think I’m having an affair with the UPS delivery man as it seems there’s a package arriving on my doorstep daily. Oh, the perks of being a fashion blogger! Although, it’s a rare day when a package arrives with the promise of comfort, style combined with the skin softening benefits of collagen.

I began by selecting two items from the Collagen Collection – The Collagen Hoodie and The Collagen Pillow Cover (ok…full disclosure…it was hard to choose just two!) Any woman who’s hit menopause understands the impact of hormonal changes on her skin. Moisture seems to evaporate overnight. My skin has changed dramatically from combination skin to skin that is excessively dry. I’m always on the hunt for the latest product to add moisture and soften my skin. The moment I slipped on the long sleeve hoodie from Buki, I could feel a difference. It was buttery soft and light as silk. One of the added benefits was that it felt cool to the touch, a definite bonus for a woman in the midst of menopause and hot flashes. The fabric is luxurious and super lightweight.

A Boho girl at heart, you may not know that I would trade a ball gown for yoga attire any day. The beauty of the Buki line is the ease in transitioning from workout wear to athleisure to an evening out! Buki is an affordable luxury with a price point from $128 for a scarf to $178 for the long-sleeved hoodie. When I shop, I tend to look for classic pieces with longevity and a range of style. The Buki line can easily be dressed up or down. I decided to hit the town in a pair of white skinny jeans, over the knee black suede boots and a fisherman’s cap to show how easy it is to go from day to night. Once you slip into a piece of Buki, you won’t want to slip out of it. In full disclosure, I actually didn’t! I went from a night out to a night in Buki. I couldn’t part with the feel and spent the night cozied up in comfort with a pillow cover to match. I tend to take this age disrupting thing quite seriously! Mission accomplished, as the collagen infused my body, my face, and my spirit. It’s nice to know the Buki team added thermal regulation into their technology; it was a nice relief from the California heat wave and those menopausal hot flashes!


Traditional fabrics in pillowcases can cause your skin to crease and form wrinkles over time. The beauty of a pillow cover infused with collagen lies in both the comfort and the moisturizing properties. Why not use those sleeping hours to do double duty? The special fabric, “Kinoki – 3.0,”  is made with an advanced knitting machine, is fully machine washable and uses technology to ensure against pilling. After a delightful night’s sleep, I woke up tossed my hoodie in the washing machine as I was planning to hit a late afternoon yoga class followed by a walk along the beach at sunset.

I was loving the Buki experience and I was planning to find every way I could possibly style this hoodie into my life. It’s the perfect top over leggings. These are a favorite from Beyond Yoga. Another added benefit of Buki? The fabric incorporates SPF into the technology to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. It wasn’t long before I found myself dancing in the waves. There’s something freeing about the Buki experience which they call a Wardrobe Revolution …I sense ya’ll know how much I love a Revolution! It’s unlike any other fabric I’ve tried and this fashionista has tried just about everything out there. It seems the older I get, the more comfort becomes a priority. When that comfort combines style along with skin softening, age-defying benefits, I’m all in. Buki, you’ve won this girl over! I’m looking forward to many days and nights wrapped in collagen infused luxury. Cheers, Beauties!



WOW! You look so gorgeous and stunning in that dress, I would love to see more of your fashion style. 🙂


How kind are you? I hope you do. I would absolutely love for you to join me on the blog. May I add you to my mailing list? Thank you so much and wonderful to meet you!


Catherine you look stunning in that outfit! That jacket is gorgeous!


You would love Buki sister. So comfy and cozy. Plus it’s so easy to style if you want to head out the door!


What a great idea for your clothing material!! Of course you wear everything so well—lord knows you need that sweatshirt whenever I’ve been on the beach with you—LOL!!
PS…tell that crack manager that I’m still not getting your emails when your post goes live….:)

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