Plum Island, Massachusetts

“Somewhere between what she survived, & who she was becoming, was exactly where she was meant to BE. She was starting to Love the journey.” – J Raymond 

It was Sunday.

We were sitting on the sofa immersed in conversation.

Lana of My New Happy was in town for a visit.

We were talking about Midlife Reinvention.

Not long ago, we were mothers raising our kids.

Being a Mother was our whole identity.

Empty nests rocked our worlds.

In our mother’s generation … there was only one Second Act.

Waiting around to be a Grandmother.

Not any more. Not us.

We’re creating vibrant, new Second Acts.

We’re rewiring.

We’re inspiring.

Our grandmothers were living out their golden years in rocking chairs.

Our mothers were at the beauty salon, getting their hair set, attending luncheons.

Playing bridge.

Being a grandmother will be wonderful.

And we’ll be rocking … just not in chairs.

Lana was at the top of her class.

An exceptionally brilliant student.

Eager to learn.

With limitless potential.

She still is.

Eager to learn.

Lana is reinventing herself.

She’s the Editor of our newsletter.

Our Editor in Fierce.

She’s busting out of comfort zones.

Learning new technology.

Stretching and growing.

Letting her shields down.

Making new friends, new connections.

A new life.

An empowered life.

A Modern Midlife.

Life is what we make of it.

Life is limitless.

We are limitless.

We are what we tell ourselves.

We are what we believe.

We believe we are relevant.

We believe we are powerful.

We believe we are Fierce.

We believe we have moxie and so do you!



Time changes so much. If you are told you can only do it one way, you either play along or rebel! Lucky for us that many women rebelled so we can experience life so wonderfully. Even at this age!


Yes it does sister. Never any judgment just learning we have the power to make our own rules!


It’s always good to push the envelope. That said, I am also looking forward to being a grandmother some day, though my name will be Grandzilla.


I love your grandzilla idea! I think being a grandmother will be absolutely fabulous and not in the least detract from pushing envelopes, boundaries, edges, or any other pushable object but ADD to the fun, thrill and excitement of still being alive…bring ’em on and let’s have some new adventures!


I hear ya! That actually sounds like a good thing. I was way too easy of a Mom. I’ll be excited to be a Grandma who doesn’t lose her identity. I can be both…me with a full life and a loving Grandma.


Yes it is. I understand that sister. An empowered Grandma!


Oh how I love this post! There was something in our moms that paved a way for us to be free to be who we are. I am so grateful for our moms, allowing us to make new paths! And I am thankful for all of the warrior spirited men and women who knocked down every barrier and fueled the fire of so many incredible dreams, and by the light of that fire, I found the confidence to pursue my dream! I am so thankful for you, Catherine, for being relentless in the cause of fighting stereotypes, ageism, and people who put anyone in a box. This is a Moxie Monday, and I am so glad I’m in your tribe!


Amy…you know how to bring a smile to a woman’s face and heart!

I appreciate you and all the brave souls in this community. We have so much moxie and power inside of ourselves. The more we access it, the more good we can spread around the world!


How fun to sit with Lana and share! Lovely.


Wish you were with us. You two would have loved spending time with Lana and George. It was a lovely and action packed weekend filled with lively conversation!

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