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“What’s important to you?” – Dr. Doug Mest 

For 57 years, I’ve been on a path of aging naturally. And, naturally … I’ve aged! Until recently, I was a “virgin” when it came to trying things like botox, fillers, lasers, and the latest Pro-Aging technologies and interventions. No more! I’m smack dab in the midst of Midlife and I’ve never felt more powerful and creative! I’d like to look the part as well and decided to find a top expert in the aesthetic field to guide me on my journey.

I’m letting you in on a secret – the BEST KEPT SECRET in LA – a boutique medical practice located in the South Bay of Los Angeles with decades of experience and expertise and a carefully curated variety of the latest treatments and technologies to help you look and feel younger. I had already made the decision to ease on down the road and experiment with cutting edge procedures that are noninvasive to help turn that clock back, stimulate collagen naturally and help me to look and feel my best. Lucky me to find my very own Wizard!

Introducing Dr. Doug Mest and Pier Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Mest leads a team with the finest medical experts and unmatched experience who have been at the forefront of medical aesthetics and skin regeneration for over two decades. They combine Botox or Dysport, Sculptra and fillers, and a variety of cutting edge lasers and treatments along with a deeply personalized approach. Pier Medical combines expertise, the personal touch, the finest technology and the best prices in the LA area to help you look like you, only a younger, more refreshed and rested version of you. I knew I was in the right place when Dr. Mest’s first comment was a question: “What’s important to you?”

I happened upon Pier Medical through a trusted friend. She’s also a medical professional and her opinion is pure gold to me. I was in search of a local doctor, someone trusted with a great deal of experience as I was ready to begin experimenting on non-surgical procedures and I was open to trying it all. She had one recommendation – Pier Medical, Dr. Mest and Cyndee Spear – was the one and only place to go. With that, I headed over to Pier Medical and met with Dr. Mest and Cyndee.

Just over a year ago, I hit menopause. Women at Midlife can arrive at menopause anywhere from in their 30’s to their 50’s. I’m a late bloomer as I hit menopause at 56 and my world was turned upside down. It’s amazing the impact of those pesky and declining hormones. One of the greatest impacts is on your skin and the collagen that helps to support the structural foundation underlying it. I had been doing pretty well for most of my life using nutrition and natural therapies to stay looking young and healthy. Plummeting estrogen levels meant a rapidly declining ability to manufacture collagen. It was time to forge a new path and test out the latest treatments for younger looking skin.

Dr. Mest has been at the top of the field of medical aesthetics for over two decades which was perfect as I knew very little about the area of medical aesthetics. Immediately, I knew I was in the right hands. Dr. Mest and his team represent the utmost in professionalism. Cyndee is also a Registered Nurse bringing several decades of experience with her. She and Dr. Mest have been working together for over 14 years. Walking into Pier Medical, a neighborhood boutique, is an experience in and of itself. It’s a family affair, a warm, inviting professional atmosphere with a multitude of treatments and options to choose from. I told Dr. Mest that I wanted to share everything I’m learning and experiencing with my audience. Many of you might be like me. Maybe you’re testing the waters or maybe you’re afraid to. The only fear I had was that I wanted to look like me, only a little younger, less tired and with more glow and radiance in my skin. I definitely didn’t want to look like one of those reality show housewives!

And … speaking of reality shows, it was only after my visit that I found out Dr. Mest is the anesthesiologist on the hit reality show Botched!

Dr. Mest put me right at ease as he has a unique way of relating to his patients. To him, the key is listening. He wanted to know what areas of my skin bothered me so he could develop a treatment plan custom tailored to my needs.

Where do we tend to show age the most? Our skin. The half Irish part of my heritage means my skin tends to show the signs more easily. The fact that I’ve done a lot in the way of nutrition and natural therapies has kept a lot of the signs of aging at bay until menopause.

Today begins a series of “Behind the Scenes” with Dr. Mest, Cyndee and the Pier Medical team to share the treatments I’m choosing, why I’m choosing them and showing the actual process itself. You’ll see… my true, unaltered before and after photos. You’ll also come along with me for the journey. I’m taking you behind the scenes and showing you the treatments so you can learn more about the process and the options available to you. You’ll learn about the latest in laser technology, PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, Microneedling, Sculptra, Restylane, Thermage as well as Botox and Dysport.

After consulting with Dr. Mest and Cyndee, we came up with a treatment plan over a period of a few months beginning with a Dysport session. Pier Medical offers both Botox and Dysport which is an alternative to Botox that tends to be a little lighter in its impact in softening wrinkles and fine lines. Here’s a more in-depth explanation from Healthline.com, “Dysport and Botox are both types of botulinum toxin injections. While used to treat muscle spasms in certain health conditions, these two injections are primarily known for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles. The differences lie in the potency of trace proteins, which can make one more effective than the other.” When it came to my desire to look as natural as possible, Dr. Mest recommended that we begin with Dysport. What most people don’t know about me is I’ve been using my bangs as camouflage for some very deep expression lines that have accumulated over the past 57 years. The only way to soften or erase these lines and prevent them from becoming deeper is via injections of Botox or Dysport.

The session, as you can see, began with a conversation with Dr. Mest explaining the procedure and process in depth. Every person has a different threshold for discomfort. Mine tends to be on the high side as I’m accustomed to a lot of needles given my medical history. Dr. Mest mapped out the areas on my face that needed to be injected. I learned there is a real art to medical aesthetics and skin rejuvenation. It’s wise to research the doctor of choice as the more years of experience, the more likely you are to end up with a result that’s aesthetically pleasing to you – a result where you look like you, only rested and refreshed.

The entire Dysport procedure took about 45 minutes. The injections were expertly and swiftly done with minimal discomfort. They continued to take effect over the next few days following the procedure. What I noticed was that the lines that were so noticeable on my forehead were basically gone. What I was most surprised about is there were no actual wrinkles left behind. The lines were simply expression lines that needed to be relaxed and softened. The result was extremely natural. A wonderful side effect that Dr. Mest shared with me is that one of the most surprising impacts of Dysport or Botox is on the way the patient feels. Research has shown that injections tend to have a positive impact on both mood and depression. I definitely felt younger and more rested looking which was huge! There’s nothing like looking and feeling younger to have an uplifting impact on my mood. I’m delighted with the result as I look like me, only rested!

If you’re looking into skin rejuvenation treatments, here are the top tips from Dr. Mest to ensure the best results:

  • Research, Research, Research! Make sure to check out the doctor who will be treating you. The greater the level of experience and expertise, the better the result.
  • Ask friends for personal referrals and check out patient testimonials thoroughly.
  • Do an extensive review of the doctor’s website including a look through the patient before and after photos. Do the results convey the type of result you are looking to achieve?
  • Schedule a consultation with the doctor you select. Make sure to clearly express those things that bother you about your skin and the result you are looking for. Do you hope to look 5 years younger, 10 years younger? Does your pore size bother you? What fine lines or wrinkles would you like to soften or eliminate?
  • It can help to bring pictures of you when you were younger showing how you would like to look. Be reasonable about the outcome and results. If you want to look like a more rested version of you, it’s best to take a more natural approach with erasing say 5 to 10 years.
  • Be prepared and ask questions. What do I need to do to ensure the best result? Are there any supplements I should take or avoid? What is my after care program? How long before I can resume regular activities? Etc.
  • Create a treatment plan with your doctor along with a time frame to work together.
  • Layering treatments together, ie. lasers with PRP, will help you achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Stay tuned as I’m planning to take you along throughout the entire process over the next few months. Next up is a post you won’t want to miss as I’m sharing the “Cyndee’s Special.” Find out why Cyndee’s patients keep coming back year after year. The Cyndee’s Special is the most comprehensive skin rejuvenation treatment package I’ve ever seen in the LA area. Although LA has a reputation for pricey treatments, Pier Medical is like a welcome oasis in the number of options, the level of expertise and the incredible affordability of the packages. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss behind the scenes at Pier Medical and the exclusive Cyndee’s special where you’ll receive 4 laser treatments combined with PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, for the biggest bang for your buck and your skin all at the same time. It’s Cyndee’s exclusive specialty, one that will allow you to turn back the clock naturally faster than any other skin rejuvenation treatment I’ve found. Cheers Beauties! Stay Tuned and Stay Fierce!

Exciting Update! 04/03/2019 – Dr. Mest is offering a free consultation for anyone mentioning CatherineGraceO and this post. This is normally a $150 consultation. Trust me, don’t wait! This man is a true Wizard and I’m glad he’s mine!




I’m half-Irish and 57 too. Been in menopause for several years. Started with Restilyne injections a couple of years ago and will never go back. Just added Botox to my frown crease and forehead and had Cool Sculpting to get rid of the love handles that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, despite daily pilates and running. I feel too young and energetic to look in the mirror and hate the way I look, and it’s so safe and relatively affordable to get injections now. To me, there’s no reason not to do it if it makes you feel better. Pro-aging to me is aging gracefully, beautifully, in an energetic, empowered way, and this is one part of that.


That’s such an empowering comment! I love that you are choosing what makes you happy. I do want my outside to look like I feel on the inside too. I’m so happy with Dr. Mest and the path I’ve chosen. I can’t wait to share the Cyndee’s Special. It is special!!!


woo-hoo! thank you for sharing as we continue to embrace the LOVELY “next chapter”. xo


How do you feel about harsh judgement against the type of anti-aging that you are now embracing–criticism against even using the verbage “anti-aging.”


Hi Dawn, I’m using the language that Dr. Mest uses in his marketing. I tend to gravitate toward Pro Age more than Anti Age. I’m not a proponent of Anti Aging but a proponent of Pro Aging. I’m not focusing on the language so much here as the process itself which has been an absolutely incredible experience. I remember talking talking about your experience in NYC.


Hi! It’s exciting to realize the change when you first do Botox and fillers. What I’m going for is more of a fresh and healthy look, as opposed to looking younger. Although who’s shitting who, there’s a bit of that too. And I do remember when we talked about using Botox and fillers that you were not a proponent—that you felt it was in the “anti-aging” camp. I do like your distinction of categorizing it as “pro-aging,” but agree that it’s really petty semantics. Women in both camps are looking for the same results. I wondered after reading your post what changed your mind about going with these types of treatment?


Oh Catherine! You are such a courageous warrior! Thank you for sharing this! Such great information and tackling something so many women are interested in!


I do love sharing absolutely everything. It’s such new territory for me. Thank you sister!


Thank you so much for sharing!What about the long term side effects of these treatments? Once you start do you have to continue a maintenance program for life and how many times a year do you have to do that ? Are you taking hornones as well?
Did you try the light therapy for wrinkles and collagene activation?
I am really looking forward to see the results on you!
Bless your heart.


Hi Alessandra, Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. That’s a very good question and one I feel best answered by Dr. Mest. Let me send him an email and ask him to provide you with an answer from a much more experienced medical professional. I have only done one so far. My understanding is that the more you do them, the less often you will need to go in. At 57, I have very strong expression lines and the muscles that control the cause of those lines will weaken over time. That’s why a lot of people start much younger. It prevents the lines from forming. I’ll definitely Dr. Mest to respond to that as well. I don’t take hormones. I work with a naturopath and I tried the creams for just a short amount of time but noticed no difference at all. It was very expensive and I needed more agressive therapy but I have a history of a blood clot which means most doctors won’t prescribe the patch or pellets which tend to be more effective. I’m on absolutely no hormones but honestly wish I was as I have zero clinically measurable estrogen and very low progesterone and testosterone levels. From what I have learned and seen in many women, HRT definitely has a powerful impact on the skin and collagen formation. My friends look much younger who are on HRT. My next post will show the Cyndee’s Special. This is a combination of fraxel, PRP, microneedling, A clear and brilliant laser and an IPL laser. I cannot recommend it enough. The combination of the treatments is highly effective for older skin like mine. Thank you and I’m excited you’ll be following along. The comment I just received from Dr. Mest is below. He is also offering my audience a free $150 consultation if you would like to speak with him directly.

Updated from Dr. Mest:
In general there are no long term side effects of the treatments, you can stop at any time and basically you have staved off those changes for the period of time that you are doing treatments. Different treatments have different lengths of correction. Botox/Dysport lasts about 4 months. Sculptra lasts for several years once treatment is completed.

There is also a school of thought that various treatments have an anti aging effect as well.”

I hope that helps!



Thank you so much for this series! I’m interested in learning all the things because I know I’ll need them!


You and me both sister although your skin looks perfect to me!


Thanks CATHERINE, for looking out for all of us and preparing us for what we would need to do. YOUR THE GREATEST 😊


I do love sharing it all sister and I’m so grateful you’re joining me over here!


I love how you documented this. So thurogh and love the natural approach.


Thanks sister. It’s all new territory and I love sharing it in a meaningful way.


I would love to look into something like this. Like you I have bangs to hide my forehead wrinkles. I will have to look for the doctor on Botched 🙂


I’ve been hiding them forever. When I was a young girl, I hated my forehead. I began scrunching it up on a regular basis to try and shrink it. Well, that didn’t work so well and only caused major lines to form beginning decades ago. I’m so grateful to have this experience.

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