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“Fashion has the most power when we align our internal energy to a place of owning our beauty, of feeling confident and loving the skin we’re in. When we align our internal world with our external world, that’s when the magic happens.” – Catherine Grace O’Connell 

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Jacket, Pants, TankFedora 1Fedora 2, Cat Eye Sunnies, Round Sunnies, Crossbody 1, Crossbody 2, Pumps, Hoops

My word this year is “Rich.” There. I said it and I’m owning it. Why choose a word (or words) of the year to live by? It’s a powerful way to focus your energy and your intention. My intention this year is one I’ve been reluctant to own up until now. Language has power. Words have power. Intention has power. What also has power? Color. Who knew there was an entire field devoted to understanding the psychology of color? The secret lies in combining focused intention, the power of energy and the psychology of color along with fashion.

This year, I’m expanding into new territory and combining my love for the world of energy with my passion for fashion. As Rachel Zoe so famously said, “Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.” Bam! That’s it. Brilliant. Fashion can be referred to as an instant calling card. It’s the way we express ourselves with others in the world without saying a word. Our personal style speaks volumes. So does our energy.

As long as I’m forging into uncharted territory and sharing my style philosophy, “Intuitive Style” or Style from the Inside Out, I’m testing out the impact of new colors – the effect colors have on energy, confidence, mood and the impact on others. I’ve always loved fashion. I learned the power of style and self-confidence at an early age. I spent much of my life in the background. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I may have dressed beautifully but the energy I put forth didn’t necessarily match what I was wearing. Fashion has the most power when we align our internal energy to a place of owning our beauty, of feeling confident and loving the skin we’re in. When we align our internal world with our external world, that’s when the magic happens.

Fashion means the transformation of clothing into personal style. It’s when we bring our energy, our confidence and a powerful sense of self to the clothes that we wear. You can’t help but notice a confident woman who owns her power. Runway models are taught to project confidence. The models learn to shift their internal energy into a place of power. It’s like a magnet for your attention. It’s that energy that makes the clothes come alive. It’s the combination of energy along with a personal style that makes those “Wow” moments.

Green is one of those colors I’ve tended to shy away from. It felt too bold. Come St. Paddy’s Day, even though I’m half Irish, I would always come up empty-handed. Spotting this striking green pantsuit on my new favorite online site, Mango, I felt compelled to give it a try. With “Rich” being my word of the year, I sense something far more intuitive was drawing my attention to this look. The psychology of the color green is an ideal match for the more adventurous side of my personality. It’s also reflected everywhere in mother nature. I think everyone knows by now I’m a nature lover by heart.

In color psychology, green is the color of life. It’s meaning is renewal, nature, and energy. It is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and the environment. Green is traditionally associated with money which made it well aligned with my intention to put the law of attraction to work in my favor. Green is also the color of the heart chakra. In other words, green helps us shift into a more heartfelt space.

My focus this year has also shifted into sharing wearable looks that are affordable. I love Mango for its wide variety of styles but also for its relatively low price point without feeling like “fast fashion” that tends to be lower quality. The site is filled with gorgeous looks that are classic yet incorporate some of the latest trends without being trendy. The pantsuit with its cotton blazer and pants is a classic look yet the cut is more contemporary. The color adds a bit of the unexpected. It’s the perfect suit to take away on a long weekend. One you can style multiple ways. On this shoot, I selected a simple white tank and rose-gold crossbody. It was a blustery day which means the perfect day for a hat. This classic fedora felt just right. The Mimi Sunnies are by a designer I had not seen before, Eila Cherie. In LA, I rarely leave home without a selection of sunnies including these Cat Eyes. I’d noticed this round pair on my friend Jacqueline DePaul of Yellow Brick Runway and I was lusting after them.  A unique pair of sunglasses can easily be the focal point of a look as can some simple hoop earrings. The pumps are from my personal collection. They’re a favorite from designer Paul Andrew. They’re whimsical in nature and remind me of the wild peacocks that roam the hills throughout the surrounding neighborhoods of Palos Verdes.

What I love about a great pantsuit is the multitude of looks that can be created. For a weekend away, all you need is the pantsuit, an oversized sweater, a white classic blouse, a long sleeved silk blouse with a print, a pair of sunnies, a pair of flats and pumps and a pair of skinny jeans and you can style many different outfits. Adding a fabulous trench coat would finish off your looks in classic and elegant style.

Style is so much more than clothing. Style is attitude. Style is energy. Style is confidence. Style is aligning our inner world with our outer world. Style happens when we don’t just slip into clothing but we slip into confidence. Before you put on that outfit, make sure you put on your “Infit.” That’s style. Go rock it at any age! Cheers, Beauties!



I’m a huge fan of color too! It works wonder for moods!!


It’s amazing the impact of color on mood isn’t it sister?


Oh wow! I love it! You make me get so pumped up about fashion! Do you know where I can find the round sunnies?


Always looking out for me sister. I sent Amy the link to the round white ones too. They are super fun! Thanks, girlfriend!


Aren’t they fabulous? I couldn’t take my eyes off of them? I hope you’re all set with the link now on IG, sister??? Big XO!


I love the color green. It looks so good on you my dear. I need to get that green blazer to wear with my white pants or jeans. Rich is a good word for the year 💚


Rich is a good word! Thanks, sister. It’a fun suit!

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