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“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix

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Who owns Boho? We do. That’s right. Women at Midlife & Beyond were rocking Boho before the younger generations were just twinkles in their Daddyo’s eye! The 60’s, the 70’s, Woodstock, the Beat Generation, sex,  drugs and rock n’ roll … We were there first! No one knows how to style Boho better than we do! Follow me!

A Modern Midlife is a Midlife with meaning and purpose. It’s Midlife on your terms. It’s taking that wealth of life experience and magically morphing it into Self Mastery. It’s taking life to the limit and up-leveling every aspect of your being to squish and squeeze every single ounce of joy in each moment. 

One of the greatest joys of life lies in the beauty found in creative self expression. There are many forms of self expression with personal style at the top of my list. Fashion is our ultimate calling card. By the time a woman reaches the decades beginning at Midlife and extending well beyond into her 2nd, 3rd and perhaps, 4th act – she has, most likely, developed a deeper relationship with herself and her personal style.

Growing up in the 60’s, many of us were surrounded by the hippie explosion and the emergence of Bohemian Style. Decades have gone by since the birth of BohoStyle with a natural progression and evolution to a more Modern Boho look with a tad more urban flavor. Let’ try it on!

Last year, on one of my forays into one of my top stores for the ultimate in Boho Style, Anthropologie, I was instantly drawn to a new collaboration and designer in their store, Bhanuni by Jyoti. The flavor is Boho yet with a decidedly modern twist. Their colorful maxi dresses can easily transition from a day at the beach to an evening out. Toss on a pair of gladiator sandals and it’s the perfect comfy dress for a day of shopping.

On Anthro’s site, they describe the Bhanuni by Jyoti designs beautifully – “Traditional art meets avant-garde in designer Jyoti Sharma’s line of heirloom-inspired pieces. Blending contemporary trends with conventional silhouettes, Bhanuni by Jyoti exhibits a deep love of design and celebrates her Indian culture in each colorful garment.”

The Indian vibe definitely permeates the brands brilliant designs brimming with gorgeous colors, patterns and a touch of sparkle along with a smattering of shimmery sequins.

Boho Style has come a long way since the more free spirit days of the 60’s. We just passed the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. In abundance was free love along with a healthy dose of tie dye, halter tops, and the requisite tube tops and over sized bell bottoms (what were we thinking?!?)

Bohemian vibes bring to mind flowy, tiered skirts and dresses, peasant blouses along with ethnic touches like tunics or wood jewelry, embroidery, and jeweled or flat sandals

Beading, fringed handbags, floppy hats and an abundance of colorful embellishments are the cornerstone of traditional Bohemian flair. Modern times call for a modern evolution transforming the former hippie vibe into a more urban chic style.

Another benefit of Boho Style and Bhanuni’s gorgeous designs for Modern Midlife is the flowy part. Midlife and hormonal fluctuations can take a toll on our metabolism resulting in weight gain (yes, it’s happening to me too!) What better way to camouflage a few extra pounds or a tummy you wish to hide than a maxi dress with room to move and space to breathe. 

I’m sharing one of my favorite shoots from 2017 in another one of the gorgeous Bhanuni designs. I couldn’t resist returning to the same rocky shores in Palos Verdes, CA to do another round in their latest designs. On both shoots, I added one of my own hats I’ve collected over the years. The tan one is from Michael Stars and the navy one is by Rag and Bone. Both designers have similar styles this season which I’ve tagged for you. Adding a pair of hoops is the perfect touch to finish off the Boho Vibe.

Lovely pose in Anthropologie dress and Michael Stars hat on hillside
Anthropologie dress and Michael Stars hat on rocky beach

Modern Midlife naturally brings with it a sense of Modern Style, one that’s deeply personal for each and every woman. As a happily relocated woman in the South Bay of LA, Boho Style with an urban flavor is definitely a favorite of mine. 

Cheers Beauties! I love empowering women to make fashion your own by expressing your personality and transforming it into personal style that’s yours and yours alone. How has your personal style evolved over the years? I love hearing from you!

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Anthropologie dress and Michael Stars hat in a turning pose on the beach




Oh my stars! I love them both! And those glad sandals are so cool! You are such a perfect model for sunny California boho!


You can be a Boho girl in LA soon enough sister!


That sleeveless dress is the cutest thing ever! Looks great on you – you should wear it everywhere!! 💗


Thank you sister. I do love Boho. And, those nice flowy dresses are wonderful with menopause!

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