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Feelings are much like waves: we can’t stop them from coming, but we can choose which one to surf.”– Jonatan Mårtensson


Have you ever felt like you had a “Kick Me” Sticker on your back?

I have. 

I’ll never forget the day a close friend once told me that I must have been born with a “Kick Me” Sticker firmly planted on my backside. 

Whhhhhhaaaaatttttt??? Me?

I remember being taken aback. For a moment anyway.

The truth is, at the time … that’s exactly how I felt. Looking back today, I get it. 

I was out of alignment. 

BAM. That was it!

If I’m being honest, I had been that way for a while. The Universe was busy banging and jostling my life. The message was loud and clear… Ok – deafening. But I insisted on swimming against the current rather than allowing myself to become one with the flow of life and creating my own destiny.

That was 14 years ago. 

I was going through a particularly brutal time in my marriage. My life was unraveling quickly. Everything felt chaotic. Things were spiraling out of control. The facade I so carefully constructed for most of my life was going to hell in a hand basket. (What the hell is a hand basket anyway?)

The Universe was sending me a message. But I didn’t move. I didn’t act. I just kept getting buffeted by the same message: “It’s time to stop “f*#king around! If you want the life of your dreams, become part of the flow and create from your heart.” 

But I had some Self discovery to do and that would take some time.

Everywhere we turn, there are millions of books on self development. The law of attraction seems to dominate the arena with a Guru popping up on just about every street corner. 

Manifesting anything, including a new life, your best life, begins with one thing – alignment.

It’s pretty simple. Being in alignment means you’re in the flow. You’re working with life – not against it. 

It’s like swimming in the ocean. Don’t fight the wave. You can’t direct it. But you can use its power and allow it to bring you all the way to the beach! Surf the wave, beauties!

We live in a cosmic soup filled with energy. Every thought we think, every word we speak, every action we take is either in alignment or out of alignment.

In every moment, we are either heading toward our best life or away from it.

If it feels good, juicy and delicious, we are in the flow. If it doesn’t, we’re out.

When life is exhausting, filled with stress, chaos and anxiety, it’s time to find our way back … back to alignment, back to flow, and back to feeling good!

It’s been 13 years since I left my marriage. It took almost 10 of those years to find my way to being in the flow or living in alignment.

I’m not there every day. 

But I’m aware of when I’m in or when I’m out. 

Part of that lesson came from a wise man, a mystic, who helped me to see more clearly. 

He told me, “You are called to find, see, and share the Beauty in life. But you have spent much of your life in Pain. Pain is not who you are, it is simply a mantle that you need to cast off and banish. Your mission is to help others see Beauty where they believe none exists.”

And so that’s what I try to do. Every day, moment by moment.

See the beauty. Feel the beauty. Live the beauty. Share the beauty.

This past year, many gifts have come my way. Just the other day, I opened up my computer and there was an email letting me know that I won the grand prize in a contest.

Do you know how many contests I’ve entered over the past 5 plus decades? A LOT! What did I win? Not a thing! Until now. Fourth big contest in a year. Now that’s flow!

If your life isn’t working or going in the direction of your best life, take a step back and ask yourself, “How do I get back into alignment?” “What do I need to do to get back into the flow of life?” 

A life is created one moment at a time. 

Our best life requires a collection of beautiful moments, “beauty moments” spent in the flow, strung together like a shiny set of glimmering pearls.

Sure, there’s some irritation in there. Without it, no pearl. 

Your best life comes with some friction and a whole lot of flow.

The life of your dreams is waiting for you. Getting there is easier than you think. That is, if you’re in alignment. Are you ready to surf the wave?

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Life's a Beach!




You always remind me of the opportunity. My life is not in flow right now. It’s only a trickle. I look forward to FierceCon and getting in flow. Thanks for the possibility of turning the faucet back on… xo


I love a challenge. Let’s turn that faucet onto a waterfall at FierceCon!


Thank you Catherine, like always, for making us feel like we’re not alone. Definitely have felt like I have the “kick me” sticker on my back. Hearing your story helps me feel like it’s okay and that I just need to keep going and finding those good waves!
Serena West


It’s time for us to tear that sticker off and replace it with a LOVE ME sticker and a WATCH ME FLY sticker!
Can’t wait to see you sister.


No one deserves it more! I am so happy for you! You have brought hope and joy to so many! I am so happy to see you rising to ever higher heights of success!


And you too sister. You are pure goodness.

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