Celebrating FierceCon with Friends

FierceCon 2018, Redondo Beach, CA

“I think that it’s time to take into our own hands this power and to say, ‘You know what — I’m beautiful — I just am. And that’s my light — I’m just a beautiful woman.’ And I am just going to start talking about how beautiful I am, and people will start talking about it after I start talking it.”- Margaret Cho

What would life look like if we went through our days collecting “securities” rather than “insecurities?” What would life feel like if we built our self worth from inside-out rather than outside-in? 

The concept of “Self Worth” is based on the importance of the view of The “Self” yet most of us go through life half asleep as to our true being and power, while focusing on how others perceive us and define our “Worth.” I call Bullshit on that paradigm! We have to take ownership of our intrinsic sense of value and define our own Self.

I’ve been a fan of Jennifer Aniston since the first time I saw an episode of  “Friends. I was hooked. She was likable. She was friendly. She was a little bit kooky. She was beautiful – not too beautiful – more girl next door. She was relatable. It’s hard to believe that now she’s a newly inducted member of the over 50 club!

I’m glad to have her along! Turning 50 was life changing for me. Literally … yes. Metaphorically? … absolutely!

I happened to catch a recent interview with Jennifer. She was talking about a painful childhood experience that she carried with her into adulthood. In Variety Magazine, Jennifer shared about being told something negative at a young age, “I remember a parental figure saying to me around the rather critical age of 11, Jennifer Anistonafter a dinner party, that I was excused from the table because I didn’t have anything interesting to add to the conversation.” She goes on to say, “Ouch. It stuck to me, it stuck to me like painfully worded sentences and, if I’m being honest – and I’m being honest because I’m 50 and that comes with the territory – I carried that sentence with me into adulthood.” 

Jennifer went on to talk about her experience being on “Friends” and how, for the first time in her life, this show began helping her see herself in a new light.

That made me think about the similarities in my life. You see, I’m in a show like “Friends” too! It’s called the Forever Fierce Revolution and it’s helped me see myself in a new light! Those comments made me think about the lives of the many women in my community. It made me think about FierceCon and how it’s designed to empower, celebrate, and support women – to help them see themselves in a light they’ve never seen before. It made me think of all the mean things people say about us that seem to “stick like glue.” We tend to let go of the kind comments, laugh them off in our female, self deprecating way, while we hold onto the negative comments like badges of honor.

It made me think about what a beautiful world it would be if we went around collecting “securities” over “insecurities.” It made me think of all the decades we spend collecting insecurities allowing them to damage our Self Worth. 

It made me think that we wouldn’t have to spend decades “peeling the layers” we’ve built around us if we didn’t spend so much time building those damn layers in the first place.

Back to FierceCon. It works.

FierceCon is a game changer. Last year, one of the most enlightening experiences came from our Fierce sister, Linda Williams. She shared her experience openly on social media, something, up until then, she didn’t do. Linda’s post, “I Am Not,” can be found here. Essentially, Linda came to FierceCon with a lot of “I Am Not’s” – the proverbial I Am Not’s – the every-woman I Am Not’s. Linda left FierceCon with a powerful intention, to leave the I Am Not’s behind.

She did. And she wasn’t alone. 

How many of us are walking around with the same baggage – with a mind filled with “I Am Not’s” – many of those projected onto us by others, damaging our Self Worth and holding us back in life?

It takes Moxie to let go of our baggage.

It takes Moxie to tell ourselves a new story.

It takes Moxie to see ourselves in a new light.

It takes Moxie to stand in that light! And shine!

Midlife is filled with Moxie Moments – moments in life when we choose differently – new thoughts, new friends, new experiences, new stories, new beliefs and a new mindset toward ourselves and our capability.

Moxie allows us to Rewire.

Moxie allows us to Inspire.

Moxie sets us Free.

FierceCon isn’t a conference. It’s a Connection. More truthfully, a Re-Connection … with Self. It’s like unplugging ourselves from an outlet that no longer works and plugging into one that’s filled with power, the highest voltage of power made up of kindness, compassion and brimming with Self Love!

The truth is we can see ourselves in a new light at any moment. It’s a choice. A choice to begin life anew, a life collecting securities over insecurities, a life of “I Am’s’” rather than “I Am Not’s.” If you’ve been on the fence about attending FierceCon, may this prompt you to throw caution to the wind and join us! You’ll experience one of the most wonderful “securities” in the world: If you ever doubt that Beautiful Self, someone will always be there for you, when the rain starts to fall.

Me? I can hardly wait for FierceCon. It feels a bit like Christmas. Among Friends.


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Can’t wait to see you, and everyone. I’ve collected so many insecurities from my parents, family members, even strangers. Last year at FierceCon, my eyes were opened to what I was allowing that to do to myself and my self esteem. Who knows what this year will bring?


It brought a lot of magic, didn’t it sister? Every year brings with it a different flavor of magic and wonder that builds on the prior year. Adore you! Well done on those chats, sister!


Some day I hope to be able to experience a FierceCon. I think as bloggers we all open ourselves up to the criticizers and those who feel the need to tear us down. I encountered that in a negative comment the first couple of weeks I posted something. I tried to come up with a reply that didn’t sound like I was biting back but in the end just decided not to justify it with an answer and just deleted it. Out of sight, out of mind – right? No, I think about it constantly and whether I did the right thing to ignore it. I think it’s so important for us to have the support of other strong women and it’s so important for us to learn to be supportive and uplifting. Thank you for this wonderful chance for women to get together and learn to empower themselves and each other. That group in the opening photo looks like a whole lot of fun!



Oh did we ever have fun sister! There wasn’t any negativity but there was a healthy dose of being real, including sad emotions and lots of raw vulnerability. Overall, incredible joy and lots of hearts being moved.


Let’s definitely collect securities


Let’s do it!


Oh wow! Just wow! I can’t wait for the celebration, for the million golden moments that happen when women of all kinds but “all kind” come together to grow and refresh in the oasis that is Fiercecon 2019!

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