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“Midlife: when the Universe grabs your shoulders and tells you ‘I’m not f-ing around, use the gifts you were given.’” – Brene Brown 

** This Moxie was originally published in April of 2018

What if Midlife is our greatest superpower?

What if we began to view each passing year as a gift?

The gift of life, the gift of wisdom, the gift of experience, the gift that allows us to view life from an entirely new vantage point?

Hindsight allows for insight.

The longer the life, the longer the lens.

Midlife opens a gateway. A gateway to the opportunity for a new life and a new beginning.

Midlife requires Moxie. Moxie is attitude. Moxie is character. Moxie is fierce. Moxie is a way of looking at life.

Moxie is a choice.

As a child of the 60’s, I saw age through a vastly different lens. Midlife was viewed as an end – over the hill – the beginning of the golden years of retirement, rocking chairs, and pensions.

Life has changed dramatically. Life spans have lengthened. Health, vitality, wisdom and life experience make Midlife the perfect storm – a storm where the Phoenix begins to rise – a storm where the ashes of old belief systems fall away and a new, empowering way to live begins to emerge.

Midlife is a blessing. Midlife is a bridge…a bridge that unites the wisdom, lessons, and experience of decades of life with the opportunities of the unfulfilled, unlived, hidden aspects of our heart and soul waiting to be ignited.

Midlife is a catalyst. Midlife unleashes potential. Fierce potential.

Midlife is brimming with Moxie.

Moxie is where your superpower is found.

Fill your mind with Moxie, with attitude and boundless possibility.

Moxie awakens the potential of the Midlife Woman.

Are you ready to ignite the power and potential inside of you?



Love your thinking and your f….king power


Thank you!


Yes yes! You’re preaching to the converted here, but I couldn’t have said it better myself. At age 54 I’ve never been more excited about life! A long life of being #foreverfun&fit :-).


Now that is a Midlife woman with Moxie!


My Moxie is FIERCE too! I started a new company at age 54and I could never have done this earlier. I needed to make the connections in my community to sustain and grow my work. My creativity is Fierce and is stronger today than ever. F*^k the people who said I couldn’t do it,and challenged my lack of degree. They underestimated my fierce desire to build a platform for caregivers everywhere who I believe in and feel are underpaid and underappreciated. F*^k the former male boss who hit on me so mercilessly and then fired me when I refused his advancements; he pushed me out of my comfort zone so far I couldn’t even see the Fu*^king comfort zone! Look at me now jerk! I own my own company and I am making it successful! Me too, Me too Me too! I don’t care anymore and you don’t own me. I never have to work for slime like you again. F*^ k my ex husband who berated me because I couldn’t successfully carry a child. You weren’t worth the pain and tears I shed, and I am glad I never had a child with you. It rocks I am not chained to you for a lifetime. P.S. I met a man who is 10 times the man you are and he loves me for me. We’ve been happily in love now for 25 years and look at you, you are alone. Boohoo…
I am Fierce because I found new life in my 50’s and found friendship, my renewed sense of style and joy with the FFR beauties. F*^k growing old and being afraid of it. I LOVE MY LIFE and won’t apologize for that! I can buy pretty clothes and fine wine and could never do that in my younger years. I can travel and do photo shoots and have fun friends and nothing’s ever going to stop me now!!!!! I have moxie and I am forever fierce and proud of it! Wow! Was this Moxie Monday or #shieldsdown!


Wow, this girl is on fire! I love to see the power and strength emerging from within, sister. You are filled with such beautiful moxie. I’m so grateful you have a wonderful man by your side today and are on a mission to help those affected by Alzheimers.


Brilliant! Love this attitude.


Thank you, Sue and I hope your week is filled with Moxie!


Oh I am so ready! Bring it! Fantastic post! How inspiring! Turn the tables on those stereotypes!


Bring it sister…you know I will. Let’s turn those tables.


Tis is just the motivation that I needed today!
Perfect in every way!


Thank you sister! Have a week filled with Moxie!


Tis is the just the motivation I needed today!


Yes, I am ready! C’mon potential!!!


I know you are sister!

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