My sweet friend Jodie Filogomo

Scottsdale, Arizona

“As you get older, you have your tribe of women that you grow an age gracefully with and you share wisdom with. That’s your clan. That’s your family. That’s your strength.” – Sheryl Crow

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Red Slinky Dress, Hot Pink Pants, Floral Blouse, Red Strappy Sandals, Valentine Lace Mini Dress, Valentine Maxi DressValentine Textured Mini

You know those women in life, the women who let you be you, those friends that are like the most beautiful Kismet, friendships created through the heart and linked through the soul?

Those friendships are few and far between. I am blessed to have a few of those kind of friendships, friends who are far more like sisters, friends that feel like one giant exhale – Ahhhh. Or, in this case, one big HAH HAH!

Meet my sister and my Fierce friend, Jodie Filogomo. If you don’t know Jodie, you’re missing out. Her blog, Jodie’s Touch of Style is a treat for women at Midlife & Beyond.

I have to thank the Universe for connecting me with this beautiful soul. I do believe there has been a lot of divinity happening in my life, guiding me to a new life along with new friendships. The friendships I always dreamed about.

It was The Fierce 50 and Forever Fierce that brought us together. Well, that, and a beautiful guardian angel looking out for yours truly. Jodie and I had an instant virtual connection. Meeting her in LA for our very first unofficial “FierceCon” 3 years ago was pure delight. We’ve shared many adventures since that time, yet they’ve always been on my turf, in the SouthBay of LA.

Last week, it was finally my turn to visit Jodie in her new home and new life in Sun City, AZ. My last venture to Sun City was ages ago when my father relocated there. This time was vastly different. Jodie and her husband Rob are like Siamese twins, never separated and on a perpetual 14 year plus honeymoon. They’re a joy to be around. They’re also the least likely couple to find in a retirement community. I’m pretty sure these two still get carded! I couldn’t help but laugh as we pulled up and Rob opened the garage sharing Jodie’s new AZ plates, “HAH HAH.” Yes, that’s Jodie! Known for her cackle. For once, I’m not the only crazy cackler around. Or the “lone nut!” 

Sun City is a 6 hour drive from LA. This time, I brought along my photog and business manager, as we were on a hunt for a new addition to our brand (stay tuned for a special surprise on Valentines Day!) We were both a bit more tired than expected pulling into Jodie and Rob’s new home. Within moments, we were whisked outside to their beautiful backyard, a bit of a tropical oasis filled with gorgeous orange and lemon trees in full bloom. I couldn’t help but think about Peter, Paul and Mary! Before I knew it, this adorable couple had cobbled together the most beautiful tray of delicious appetizers along with a nice, chilled glass of chardonnay. It’s that kind of friendship. Friends who take care of friends. 

The next evening, we decided to take a drive into Scottsdale, scouting for the perfect photo opp. It was a sunshiny day but it’s also winter and golden hour is gone in the blink of an eye. After driving around a bit, we landed in an outdoor shopping area with a beautiful aqueduct winding around it. Jodie and I found the ideal spot to begin hamming it up. Oh, we do love to have fun together! I’m pretty sure we’re never going to grow up! We were decked out in our favorite Valentines looks: me a long red slinky gown that had a bit of golden iridescence that seemed to glow as the sun was beginning to set. Jodie had on the most adorable dress with little hearts that was reminiscent of Laura Petrie. Girls will be girls and the two of us were no exception! We had a ball goofing around while Rob was busy taking some super silly behind the scenes shots.

The sun was sinking fast. The two of us zipped to the car to make a quick change. One more special Valentine’s look to top off the shoot. Jodie slipped on a pair of cherry red slacks topped with a darling tee and the perfect pair of heart shaped sunnies. I wore a beautiful red and pink floral blouse with a pair of hot pink pants and red strappy sandals. After a quick IG live (we had to bring y’all along!) and singing our very own rendition of “Standing on the corner of Phoenix, AZ – sorry, Winslow!…” the two of us began to strike a pose and finish off our shoot with the tiny slice of golden light remaining. Pure joy! 

The sun began to set and it was time to head in for some margaritas and delicious mexican food, a beautiful way to top off a wonderful evening. It was a perfect couple of days in AZ with my dear friends. It’s so much fun for me to produce content that I enjoy creating, with someone that I connect to like a sister. Make sure you are following Jodie on her blog and Instagram

It was a wonderful pre-Valentine’s and be sure you stop by here on V-Day for a special surprise!



These are wonderful shots of the two of you. You both look beautiful, and your connection is very authentic and real. A joy to behold! xo


Thank you sister. Jodie is so special. She means the world to me!


I love this post and gorgeous photos so much! I was lucky enough to meet Jodie and Rob on their visit to NYC last fall (along with 2 of their lovely friends). You have captured the force of nature that is Jodie and I loved reading about how fortunate you were to make the connection and to develop your friendship. You are both terrific representatives of a Forever Fierce woman!


I had no idea, sister! Aren’t they so darn wonderful. Thank you so much. I feel so blessed to have them in my life!


You two are beautiful inside and out! I can just feel the energy through this post. So glad I know you both!


Oh, she is a special one!


Oh my gosh, Catherine! I feel like Jodie is MY friend too, although we’ve never actually met! Through Jodie (because I’ve been following Jodie’s blog for a couple of years now), I heard about Forever Fierce and the wave of sisterhood for us sisters over 50. And I really have embraced the concept of this “oneness” we share. And also found YOU! I love reading your posts as well- and getting to know you this way too.
Jodie is such a sweet woman and we’ve bonded over clothing and what makes us laugh. When she lived in Denver, I thought I might actually meet up with her, as I have a niece who lives there. But now, I’m not so sure with her new AZ residence! But never say never, so who knows? So glad you are both a “part” of my life now!



Who knows, maybe at a FierceCon? Now, wouldn’t that be fun??? She is such a love. Grateful you found us!!! Hoping we do meet one day!


This is just fun! fun! fun! I’m so happy you had this special visit together!


We had a blast sister! How’s school??? I hope it’s treating you well.


You have such a way with words!!! And that gown?? Amazing beyond words!!


Wasn’t it so darn fabulous??? What fun you are!!!

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