Meet My Moxie

Redondo Beach, California

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.” – W.R. Purche

It’s time to come clean. I’ve been lying to y’all!!! I told you I had Moxie.

Ok, I didn’t have Moxie. Not this kind of Moxie. But, I do now!!!

Meet Moxie! She’s my Valentine and the latest addition to the CGO family. (and follow her in IG!)

It’s been so hard for me to keep her a secret! I’ve been dying to share her with you. I kind of suck at keeping these types of secrets.

I have to admit, I wasn’t planning on getting a pup anytime soon. It’s been almost 5 years since I lost my beautiful pup – a 14 year old Sammy, Tuli. I missed her presence terribly. Next to my kids, she was the love of my life. Yet, much like having a baby, it seems there’s never the right time to bring a puppy into your life.

My daughter and I have been talking about it for years. I wasn’t sure. Puppies need a lot of your time and attention. Did I have enough to give?!

I’m nearing that 60 mark, with a more than full time business, did I really have enough energy to take care of a little one?

It was a conversation with my business manager that tipped the scales. Last year was a rough year in many ways. My heart needed some healing and he suggested “What better way to heal a heart than a fluffy, cuddly puppy?”

Well, I couldn’t think of one. That’s all it took to begin my online search for Samoyed Breeders. Breeders were spread across the country and far from California. But wait! A breeder in Arizona … and with a litter! A phone call later, I found out there were three darling girl pups that were 6 weeks old waiting for a home. That was it. I put the phone down and called my bestie, Jodie Filogomo, and told her I was headed her way in a few days. Sweet Jodie got my room ready and the rest is history.

My baby

Moxie is now everyday!
Holding my girl

Too cute

6 hours later in a rough and tumble Jeep Wrangler, I was surrounded by 6 little Sammy’s with a difficult decision to make. The boys were taken. Choosing between 3 gorgeous girls was just too much. How could I only pick just one???

Have you ever had to decide on a puppy? It’s soooo hard!!! I was surrounded by puppy love central. I may be a bit partial but I’ve never seen a cuter pup than a Sammy. There was one little girl that seemed to follow me around. She would drop at my feet and flip over for an extended belly rub. Who can resist a belly rub? Not me? The other bonus, this one was a kisser. Couldn’t stop kissing me! That definitely sealed the deal. Yes, this girl stole my heart in an instant. I knew I had my Moxie.

After a 6 hour drive back to LA, Moxie was a bit whooped. The good part – she slept in the car. The bad part – she slept in the car!!! Of course that meant a sleepless night with a fully rested pup filled with piss and vinegar! Moxie is a little minx. She’s a bit of a devil. It was moments before this 7 lb pup knocked over her puppy gate and climbed in bed with yours truly after putting on quite a show of yelping and whining. Who can stand a wee little pup begging for attention?

Speaking of attention, I’m ready and waiting for Moxie to take over the show. In fact, Moxie even has a brand new IG. Get ready to follow the adventures of Moxie & Me!!! I’m cool with being upstaged. Let’s be real – who can hold a candle to a fluffy, spirited beautiful pup? Certainly not CGO!!!

Cheers Beauties, here’s to puppy love and new adventures. Happy Valentines Day. I do believe I have a new little Valentine.❤️

Puppies make me feel like a little girl again!

Cuddling with my cutie
Samoyeds are the cutest!
Say hello to Moxie

This is my girl



What a beauty!! You two are adorable together and the joy and companionship you’ll share is everything!!!! Congrats on your new LOVE Moxie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Thank you so much sister! I can’t wait for you to meet our new addition. She’s adorable. Mom needs sleep!!!


Oh I totally get it – there’s nothing like a fluffy, cuddly pup! I have a deposit down on an English Cream Teddybear Goldendoodle – the sweet little pups were born yesterday. This comes a year after losing our 11 year old doodle, Molly. The love and companionship of a dog is impossible to explain. You’re right about there never being an ideal time to bring home a new puppy. But, when you move forward and do it, your heart opens and you somehow make it work. It’s SO worth it. Congratulations! Enjoy your new fur baby💕!


Congratulations on your put! That’s so exciting. Can’t wait to see. Losing a loved pet is so hard. It took me quite awhile to let her go. I loved mine deeply. No sleep but so worth it!


I just love it Catherine!❤️ Your little fluffy Moxie will open your heart even wider than it already is! I felt the same hesitation before getting my MAX boy! I wasn’t sure that I was ready for responsibility either, but oh boy am I glad I went through with getting him despite my nervousness!
When your Moxie has all shots, we will have to arrange a play date! Happy Valentine’s Day 😘🥰❤️🐶


You’re on sister! Can’t wait!!!


What a beautiful puppy!! She is a darling! Here’s to a wonderful new life together!!


Thank you so much. She’s wonderful and I’m sleepless!!!


OH MY GOD! She is the most adorable thing ever! And you are a beautiful pair! Have so much fun 💋💋💋


Definitely cuteness overload sister. I should have warned you!


The shot of her kissing you is priceless!!
I can’t wait to see her in person…oh yeah, and you too, LOL


That’s the best part isn’t it sister?

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