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“Fashion anticipates, and elegance is a state of mind… a mirror of the time in which we live, a translation of the future, and should never be static.” – Oleg Cassini

Outfit Details:

Pink Blouse, Julie Jacket, Dickey Selection, Maddie Coin Pant, Maddie Coin Top, Alexis Pant, Rhinestone Shoe StrapsGold Marguerite Boot

Do you remember the endless hours playing with Legos and building blocks when you were a kid? What you built was only limited by your imagination. What if fashion were like that?! Guess what? 

It is.

Meet the Wardrobe Evolution by Nicole Frank! Welcome to the “Tinker Toys” of the fashion arena. And for you younger gals, just think “Transformers!” You can tinker endlessly and come up with new ways to combine her pieces to create new, distinctive looks that suit you. Her designs make getting dressed up fun! I continue to expand my collection as most of her designs are interchangeable with one another. Just like when I was a child, my fashion creation is only limited by my imagination!

Your personal style is so much more than the clothing. Fashion is a super fun form of creative self expression! You may have noticed over the past year that I’ve been singing the praises of Nicole Frank and The Wardrobe Evolution – a brand that excels at melding fashion with creativity. Think of it as “Creative Fashion.” I absolutely love discovering new brands and sharing them with you! In this day and age, fashion has evolved and so have we, as consumers. We are far more conscious about everything, including sustainability. Nicole Frank is an imaginative designer who is also immensely innovative when it comes to finding ways to build multiple looks from a few key pieces. The Modern Midlife woman is a woman on the go and she needs a wardrobe that can keep up with her busy lifestyle. With just a few key pieces, you’ll be your own mini-designer, love the process, and look and feel like a million bucks!

I’ve always had a penchant for vintage. I was raised on flea markets and consignment shops where everything that’s old is new again. When I saw this beautiful pale pink Hannah Frenchie blouse, I knew I had to add it to my collection. Fortunately, the Nicole Frank team was “boots on the ground” at last year’s FierceCon which gave the lucky participants an opportunity to be first in line to try out some of her newest designs. This gorgeous lace top comes in dusty shades of rose and navy as well as the perfect white hue to go with just about everything. Nicole is a master at combining the vintage vibe with contemporary design, incorporating the latest in high performance fabric with a unique 4-way stretch. Like everything else Nicole Frank designs, this top can be tossed right in the washing machine to save money and time as well as our precious environment. The 4-way stretch allows the top to fit a multitude of shapes and sizes as it conforms to your personal contours. It’s ideal on its own or under any one of Nicole’s fabulous jackets. I layered it over a simple white cami. Feel free to wear it alone, over a cami or even unbuttoned for a modern vibe. 

For this shoot, I also brought along the “Julie Jacket,” a great basic on its own or easily changed up with the addition of a modern “Dickey.” Remember Dickeys? I sure do. My mother had an endless supply. Fortunately, Nicole has completely revamped the Dickey in the most beautiful fabrics from tweeds to stripes, leather, suede and fleece! When it comes to travel, Nicole’s pieces are always at the top of my list and the first travel pieces in my suitcase. With only a few select, core pieces – a jacket, pant, and top – along with a multitude of interchangeable options such as sleeves, collars, dickeys and the fabulous shoe straps – you can easily pack for an entire week’s wardrobe in the teeniest of carry ons! Now, that’s fashion innovation! I love the pink tweed Dickey to give the Julie jacket a dose of femininity; any Dickey from their collection will do. Just like every other piece in this collection, you can toss the jacket right in the washing machine. It’s also wickable and virtually wrinkle free for the woman on the go. The Julie Jacket is a beautiful yet simple accompaniment to the Maddie Coin Pant and also pairs beautifully with a variety of Nicole’s pants, including a favorite of mine, the Alexis pant

I love playing around with fashion. I feel as if I’m always “tinkering!” One thing I love to play with are the endless options with the interchangeable, glittering rhinestone shoe straps. To add a bit of whimsy, I took the heart shoe strap and decided to “wear my heart on my sleeve.” Of course, I also love slipping them over my shoes as I did in some of the shots. I carry a multitude of shoe straps with me whenever I travel. Some of my favorites are the inspirational ones with “LOVE,” “HOPE” and “PEACE.” We can’t ever have enough love, hope and peace! They’re one of the best values in the Nicole Frank line as they will modernize any shoe that you already own. They can also be added to pants to transform them from a pant into a jogger. They can be slipped on sleeves or worn on the cuff. They can be worn as a bracelet or slipped over a wallet to add a bit of whimsy. The options are absolutely endless. As you can see here, I brought along a gorgeous pair of golden boots from another local designer, Jaclyn Jones. It’s so easy to transform any shoe or boot with a multitude of fun shoe straps to choose from. 

The “Maddie Coin” Pant is definitely on the top of my list. Every Modern Midlife woman needs a variety of black pants in her closet. This pant is guaranteed to get you noticed. It fits like a dream. With an amazing amount of 4-way stretch, it will flatter just about any body type. I loved the split front leg as it’s the perfect way to showcase a fabulous pair of shoes along with the glittering shoe straps. Once again, this pant can be tossed into the washing machine. It’s the ideal pant to modernize any top from your wardrobe. It’s also easy to mix and match with just about any top or jacket from Nicole’s collection. The glistening gold coins along the pant leg definitely add a modern twist and are guaranteed to get you noticed. There’s also a matching Maddie Coin top that’s absolutely precious too. One things for sure, you won’t see yourself coming and going. Be prepared to be stopped along the way when decked in Nicole Frank. This Wardrobe Evolution is on its way to its very own global revolution – Forever Fierce Revolution!!! Feel free to use your imagination when it comes to accessories. I kept things simple with a pair of classic black sunnies and a pale pink shoulder bag that’s designed to look like an old fashioned vintage camera bag. It was a special gift from my own Maddie and was customized with my very own monogram on the bottom. A sweet touch!

I hope I’ve inspired you to take a deeper dive into Nicole Frank and her brilliant Wardrobe Evolution. As Nicole shares, it’s like having a wardrobe on the ready to easily transition from morning to moonlight or from New York to Paris! Mastering Modern Midlife requires a modern wardrobe, one that makes you look and feel your best. Investing in a few high quality pieces along with a wide range of affordable, interchangeable accessories, is the perfect way to enhance your Modern lifestyle. Cheers Beauties. Here’s to Functional Fashion in Modern Midlife Style from Morning to Moonlight! 

I absolutely love hearing from you! Which pieces are you thinking of adding to your collection?



Super fun fashion. The suit looks fabulous on you!


Thank you sister!


That suit is crazy adorable. Looks great on you!


I feel so blessed to work with such beautiful brands!


fantastic article and love the Tinker toys analogy


Don’t we love to tinker???

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