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“You only really discover the strength of your spine when your back is against the wall.” – James Geary

Our world has changed. We are all affected. This is not our choice, but it is our reality.

Just a few months ago, most of us had never heard the word “Coronavirus.” COVID-19 wasn’t a “thing.” And then, seemingly overnight, everything changed. We find ourselves searching for our own version of a “new normal.”

We may feel as if our back is up against a wall.

If you think about it, at this very moment, we are history in the making. Some day, our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be learning from our experiences – learning from what we do right and learning from our mistakes – mistakes that will only be clear in hindsight.

Right now, we’re the ones learning. Learning about ourselves. Learning that we live in an entirely different world from just a generation or two ago. While we shelter alone, we are realizing that we are forever globally connected. What touches one part of the world will inevitably touch another.

I’ve never thought of myself as a lazy person. Lately, I’ve been anything but productive. Some days, it seems the only thing I’ve accomplished is getting out of my PJ’s. Welcome to the new normal.

It’s amazing how fast our lives can change. One moment, we humans are doing our thing – living life the way we always have. And, then, suddenly everything is upside down- topsy turvy. We find ourselves wading through the dark, finding our way to a new normal that’s anything but normal.

The thing about humans is just how resilient we are – when push comes to shove, we rise. The harder we fall, the higher we bounce.

I’ve found myself with a lot of time on my hand for introspection. Reflecting on life. Reflecting on the loss of life. Reflecting on pain. Reflecting on beauty. Most of all, reflecting on just how much of life I have taken for granted.

(Sigh) It’s the little things I miss the most.

I do believe this virus will leave us forever changed – our eyes and hearts opened that can never again be closed. I also believe it’s a good thing – not the virus but our personal evolution – our Moxie, our force of character rising up from the ashes.

It’s like the “Butterfly Effect,” except it’s now the “COVID-19” Effect. We can no more close our borders to this virus than we can our hearts. Viruses don’t understand borders.

Rarely does something impact much of humanity the same way. For the most part, this virus doesn’t understand the difference between the classes. This virus doesn’t understand race, creed or color. This virus doesn’t discriminate.

COVID-19 has woken us up from a deep slumber. It continues to awaken beautiful qualities in us humans like empathy and compassion. It has also awakened fear, anxiety and, in some cases, panic. All those qualities exist inside of us. The virus isn’t the cause. The virus is the trigger. It’s like a gigantic global mirror showing us our true reflection – those qualities that have been inside of us all along.

The beauty lies in our free will – our power to choose – how we respond and what we focus upon. What we focus on grows. When we focus on helping others, on being a bright light, our compassion grows – our light gets bigger – brighter.

When we focus on fear, we shrink – it’s like dimming the light in a bright room.

What’s important is awareness in these moments – in knowing that it’s all a choice – our choice to be made. Every single moment, we have two choices – love or fear – beauty or pain – that’s it. It’s truly that simple.

I spent much of my life asleep.

Asleep to being asleep.

Awakening was challenging – sometimes brutally so – yet also the most rewarding.

When we awaken, we can’t “un-awaken.” It’s one of the few paths in life that’s only one way – the right way – UP.

We are being called to awaken, to tear the blinders off, to begin to see what we couldn’t see – refused to see.

It feels to me the universe is prodding us to awaken, to realize that we are forever connected and for us to know we are stronger together.

Once connected, we cannot disconnect. Once a global society, always a global society.

We are in the midst of one collective “AHA” moment – awakening a global consciousness, one where we will create a new normal together.

We are in this together.

The hardest part for me, where I struggle, is with the unknown – so many unknowns – the uncertainty of it all. It’s feeling helpless, powerless, to do anything but take care of me and my little corner of the world.

For now, it’s one day at a time. I’m grateful that I have a comfortable home, a warm meal on the table, a pantry filled with necessities (minus the damn toilet paper! 🧻) and a brand new puppy by my side to weather the storm – together. Most of all, I am grateful for my health- and for all those healthcare silent heroes “Sheroes” – on the front lines of this invisible war.

What I know for sure is we have far more Moxie than we know. The thing about Moxie is, like resilience, it’s tucked away much of the time, until we need it most.

It’s difficult times that reveal our character. It’s challenging times that shape our character.

Moxie shines in the face of darkness.

Moxie is a lighthouse.

Moxie is you. Moxie is me. Moxie is us.

Cheers Beauties, here’s to being the force of character that is you – to embracing this new normal – a new paradigm where we rise and heal together.

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Boy, I sure am curious to see how this virus will change us. I think when we’re finally free and can have physical contact again, it’ll be a love fest for a period of time. I think it’ll feel like the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. But we have major political and environmental issues on the horizon, so we’ll see what happens. I hope positive things come out of it, even if we’ve got a long way to go to get through it. All we can do is stay away from each other while staying connected. ❤️


I believe it is a new day and the dawning of a new age. This beautiful earth couldn’t exist the way we were going. We were going too fast and becoming more and more disconnected and unconscious. It’s hard to go through the tough times yet I know we needed to slow down as a society. Our values have been turned upside down. This time has been so good for me. We will get through this and the new world will be a more beautiful place.


So eloquently stated. I love “when we awaken, we can’t unawaken.” I feel like that about all of the hard lessons I have had to learn. There is no going backwards now…thank goodness 😉


One of the few things in life that’s guaranteed sister! Only one way up when we begin to ascend and awaken!

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