Do you order the same comfortable thing every time?

“You can’t always get what you want … but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need.” – The Rolling Stones

Sorry, Stones … I love ya … but great song, bad idea and I have to call Bu#%$hit on that! But what a great example of a limiting belief!

Life should be about what you want!

But how?

Manifestation has become a hot buzz word.

It’s gone from metaphysical to mainstream.

The Law of Attraction is everywhere – books, movies, self help courses out the wazoo.

With an overwhelming abundance of information, why do so many of us find ourselves stuck, unable to realize our greatest dreams and desires? Why is it so darn challenging to attract what we want?

It’s our Ego, silly. Much of what we try and manifest comes from our ego – and our ego loves to keep us small. Why small? Because the ego is all about feeling comfortable and staying in one place.

Big fish … small pond. The ego likes it that way.

When we manifest from the ego, from our human self, our small self, we place limits on what the universe can bring our way.

How do we remove those limits?

4 Simple Words:

“This? Or Something Better!”

You may be wondering what those 4 words have to do with manifesting your desires.

Those 4 simple words tell your ego to take a hike – to get out of the way and to stop limiting the Universe on what it brings your way.

As humans, we tend to think we know what we want. We think we know what’s best for us. We like to think we’re right. We have a way of asking for things from the universe just the way we want them, when we want them, and exactly how we want them.

That’s manifesting from ego.

It’s also a great way to limit the unlimited gifts the Universe would love to send your way.

Here’s a helpful metaphor: Imagine you’re going into a restaurant and ordering off the menu. Your waitress brings you exactly what you ordered … which is exactly what you ordered last time. And the time before. It’s good. There’s no risk.

No risk … no gain. Meanwhile, the chef has a kitchen filled with all kinds of delicacies, scrumptious things beyond your wildest dreams. Delicious delectables you didn’t order because you didn’t know they were possible.

The Universe has an unlimited menu of abundance – way beyond your wildest dreams and what your human self could begin to imagine.

One of the greatest obstacles in attracting what we desire is our lovely ego getting in the way.

Our highest manifestation, our greatest life and gifts, never come from the ego. They come from our higher self.

Our higher self has a direct connection to Source. Our ego? Not so much.

How do we get our ego out of the way and manifest from our higher self, the purest space of our being?

By adding these 4 words to any wish, desire, prayer or intention: “This? Or something better!”

Every time we speak to the universe, every time we ask for something – a new home, a new job, a new partner, more income – absolutely anything, we must leave it to the universe to fill our order – our wishes and desires- not our way but the universe’s way.

Ask for what you want but make sure to take the limits off the universe by including those 4 simple words at the end.

In that way, we are giving permission to this magical universe to do what it does – perform magic – Modern Midlife Magic – Magic that’s full of Moxie!

So dream of something you want, something scrumptious, and a bit daring … And take a bite out of the Universe!

Cheers Beauties. My wish for you is a magical life … this or something better.

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I’m all in! Big fan of LOA and I love “this. Or something better.” You’re so right that we have no idea what’s available from the universe. Thanks for the reminder!


I know you are!!!


ok… I Love Your 4 Words!!!

Thank you for this super inspiring post!


Thank you for your beautiful support sister! You mean the world to me.


I’m definitely going for the something better!!


YOU are something better. Something very special to me!


My girl. That song will live in the minds of my kids and all kids I come in contact with. Whenever the whining started I went immediately into that verse and the kiddies ran screaming from the room. LOL


Isn’t it such fun, sister? It brings back awesome memories. I can picture that vividly!


You are SO speaking my language with this post! Thanks for the reminder to get ego out of the way and see what amazing trajectories the universe has in mind for our goals. And the little Stones throwback performance was a fun bonus 🙂


Birds of a feather! Fierce birds flock together!!!

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