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“A new reality is only a thought away.” – CatherineGraceO

We live in crazy times. 

Covid-19, quarantine, economic strife, and chaos around every corner. 

Oh, and then there’s the rigid political divide. You get on your side while I’ll stay on mine.  Red versus Blue. Right versus wrong. Mask versus no mask. 

Watch the news or doom scroll on social media and you’re sure to plummet down a dark rabbit hole. 

Much of what was familiar, perhaps your daily routine, your job, your business, the future you were working so hard to create has changed dramatically or maybe disappeared altogether. 

The future is murky.

Your old reality is gone. 


Feeling confused and disconnected?

Me too. 

What now?

How about a new reality?

But what the hell is “reality” anyway?!

Well, it’s not truth. 

Reality is a function of our perception. 

How we feel about that reality is our perspective.

Perspective determines how we feel about our reality.

We’re viewing life through one lens – our lens – one perspective. 

Our perspective is the key.

Did you ever see the movie, “Sliding Doors?” 

The premise is based upon the idea of multiple realities or multiple timelines existing at the same time? In other words – same you living different realities. A different door means a different reality. 

The same principle applies to our thoughts. Our thoughts are shaped by our perspective. Our thoughts create our reality. 

In other words, shifting the perspective of our thoughts has the ability to shift us into a new reality. 

New perspective. New thoughts. New reality. 

Positive perspective. Positive thoughts. Positive reality. 

Think about the impact of Covid-19 right now. There is one truth we are all experiencing – quarantine and social distancing. Yet there are also endless realities we are experiencing at the moment. Most likely, mine is very different from yours. 

What if Covid-19 is the reset you’ve been waiting for – the permission you wouldn’t give yourself to let go of what’s not working in your life or, perhaps your life isn’t giving you the joy you desire. 

The joy you deserve.

Maybe your old job wasn’t working. Perhaps your business wasn’t lighting your fire. How about that relationship that fizzled out during Covid-19? Was he really the one – you know – “your person?” Maybe your pre-Covid-19 life left you little time to create or to do all those things you’ve been dying to do. Ok, it’s not the  time to check off your bucket list and travel around the world. Yet it may be the ideal time to write that book, take an online class and learn Italian or design a new fashion line?

Anything is possible. 

Any reality is possible. 

New realities are created all the time. Heck, I should know. In one reality, I was an abused, disempowered woman without a voice or a smidge of self worth. In the next reality, I’m an empowered woman full of passion and purpose with a global community inspiring women all over the world!

All it took was a shift in perspective. Empowering thoughts create an empowered reality. Sliding open a new door which, in turn, opens up a new life. 

After all, when one door closes, another one is open and ready for you to slide through. 

Are you ready?

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