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“Meditation is transformation and transformation is evolution.” – Davidji

“Come on. Tell us the truth. You weren’t at a meditation retreat. You snuck away for plastic surgery!”

That was a real conversation with some girlfriends – not after returning from some luxury spa or Hollywood Hideaway with a famous plastic surgeon. It happened following one of the most transformational experiences of my life.

No, it didn’t involve a scalpel. Actually, it didn’t have anything to do with my “outsides.” It had everything to do with my insides.

What was it? Meditation.

Who knew meditation was a healthy, non invasive substitute for plastic surgery? No, I didn’t get a facelift. What I got was far better. It was more like a “heart lift.

It was 8 years ago, on the top of a glorious mountain, when I first encountered Davidji. I had flown to Whistler, an idyllic location for a weeklong retreat with the Chopra Center. I thought I was there for Deepak. Little did I know how a meditation guru by the name of Davidji, a silver Meditation Master Davidjihaired new age hippie version of Jesus, would rock my world and begin my obsession to be forever “heavily meditated.” I came for Deepak. I was hooked by Ji.

Every day was pretty much the same which meant about 12 hours happily plopped on a meditation cushion with hundreds of kindred spirits busily diving into their inner worlds squished cozily next to one another. Ji would hop onto the stage completely electrifying the place, lighting our spirits on fire. He was luminous. He was mesmerizing. His energy was infectious. Somehow, he made meditation fun – I mean really fun! Like you can’t wait to get up in the morning for some RPM – what is that, you ask? It’s Ji lingo for get your ass out of bed and meditate or Rise, Pee (extremely important for your comfort, especially when you’re almost 60!) and Meditate!

Ji has boundless energy that doesn’t come from 12 cans of Red Bull but rather from a human spirit on fire to bring meditation and an inner peace around the world. He has a way of captivating an audience, holding you in the palm of his hand. Sunrays in the RedwoodsHe’s known as “The Velvet Voice of Stillness.” On stage, he’s like the Mick Jagger of meditation. Oh, and he’s hilarious. Like if he loses his day job (ok that would never happen!!!) he could easily become a stand up comic.

After 7 days of around the clock meditation while absorbing ancient spiritual teachings, my heart was busted wide open, forever changed. That’s the idea. Ji’s intention is to: “ teach millions of people around the world to heal their hearts, plant powerful intentions and manifest their dream lives.” Sounded good to me. That week, I happily drank the Ji Kool-Aid and never stopped.

So, why am I sharing this with you today? Because this weekend, I’m beginning a new adventure with Davidji to become a Certified Meditation Teacher as I embark on a 6 month journey through his “Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Training.”

The best news??? I’m planning to take you along on the journey with me and share all of Ji’s juicy wisdom with you.

I can’t think of a better way to close the door on 2020 (or slam it shut forever and ever!!! ) and to begin 2021 with a peaceful, open heart and a mission to spread this peace to all the amazing Modern Midlife & Beyond women around the world – like YOU!!!

Be prepared as peace from the inside has a way of transforming not only the inside, but the outside as well. So, if your friends begin to ask for your secrets to looking younger, let them know it can’t be found in a bottle. The “Ji Effect” can only be found when heavily meditated.

Cheers Beauties … here’s to being “Heavily Meditated” together.

PS – If you’d like to learn more about Ji’s online courses and access over 100 free meditations, please visit!



This sounds amazing! I remember him at the first Forever Fierce conference and that meditation he took us through was unforgettable. I can’t wait to read more – we really need this after 2020. 🙂 Once this pandemic is over, I want to look into visiting a retreat in person. I’m off to check out his website!


How wonderful, sister! I’ll definitely share your comment with Davidji. I was delighted to begin this morning with the course. It was an awesome class with people all around the world. I’m so glad he had such a positive impact on you and many others at FierceCon and since then as well. Keep me posted. I do hope we get back to normal life sooner versus later. I miss my sisters. Big XO


I am so excited for you! And I am totally going to check out the online courses and meditations. By the way, these photos are simply out of this world!


I’m so happy to hear that, sister! He was absolutely the hit of FierceCon the year before. Hopefully, we can nudge him to join us in the future! I do hope you try out his courses and meditations. They’re pretty life changing.


Love this for you! Can’t wait to follow along!
Love and miss you my friend. ❤️


Me too, sister! Just what I need at the moment and a lot less than a facelift!!! Miss you too. Let’s get you out here when it’s safe! Have a beautiful holiday.


Congratulations Catherine! I have tried to meditate and I just can’t seem to get into it. Would love to crack this one!


Thank you for sharing, sister. Trust me, if anyone can “crack” you, it’s Ji! It’s probably by cracking you up first, as he’s all about comfort and joy. Cathy Williamson was absolutely blown away by him at FierceCon last year. She went right up to him and ended up buying his books and giving them to everyone in her family as gifts last year. It was so wonderful. I hope you’re well. Let me know if you give him a try. I promise you will love him.


I love my meditation. It brings me closer to Drew. Makes me relax and it makes me feel better. It brings light to my darkness and gives me hope. Thanks for Sharing


I’m so happy to hear that sister. That would make perfect sense as he lives on in your heart. What better way to connect to our hearts and our true selves as well as those we love than in meditation.

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