“Changing a life is temporary. Transforming a life is forever.” – Catherine Grace O’Connell

Are you ready to slam the door on 2020?

I don’t know when I’ve been more delighted to close out a year and welcome in a new one. Although, I’ve had some brutal years before, 2020 definitely takes the cake. It kinda felt like childbirth!

It was a doozy, a humdinger of a year, one I couldn’t be more grateful to say:

So long






Get lost

Hit the road, Jack!

You get the idea!

2020 is a year for the record books.

The good news? 2020 is in the rear view mirror.

Hindsight Baby.

What lies ahead?

A blank slate.


A new beginning.

It’s only at the end of a year that we can look back with a bit more perspective. 2020 was a year of friction. The pandemic brought life to an instant halt, ejecting us from life’s proverbial treadmill that only seemed to speed up year after year.

Looking back, it’s pretty clear many of us needed that time out. Many of us needed to be ejected. Perhaps, we needed to be shaken. Awakened.

Metamorphosis is uncomfortable. Friction is uncomfortable. Waking up is uncomfortable. Yet metamorphosis always leads to transformation. Once a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly, it never changes back.

As we come to the beginning of a new year, we’re under such pressure to change our lives – to do something different – to look better, to be better in some way.

How many times have we resolved to change?

How many times have those resolutions failed?

What if the very idea of changing our life, those New Year’s resolutions, are only setting us up to fail.


Because … whatever we choose to change, we can easily choose to change back.

Truth be told, most of the time that’s exactly what we do!

We lose weight only to gain it back.

We give up sugar or alcohol only to add it right back.

We begin a new exercise routine only to let it go.

Change is temporary.

Transformation is permanent, everlasting – forever.

2020 was a time of metamorphosis. 2021 is a year of transformation.

Once transformed, always transformed.

Is there something in your life you would like to change forever?

Cool. Now’s the time, beauties. You’ve spent time in the cocoon, experiencing lots of friction.

Transformation is the reward.

Cheers Beauties, here’s to 2021, a new year and a brand new Age of Aquarius, one where kindness and love lead the way. It’s a new world and a new beginning.

If you feel like a caterpillar … become a butterfly.

Don’t just change your life. Transform your life.




Beautiful Catherine. This is the year for FLIGHT


I love that. Yes, it is sister…the year for Flight!!! Happy New Year, beautiful friend.


This is beautiful! So inspiring! On to Transformation!


On to Transformation, sister! I have loved watching your metamorphosis over the years. You are on beautiful soul I’m grateful to call my dear friend. Happy New Year!


I am striving for transformation and looking forward to it! Busting out of that cocoon and flying toward the sun!


Bust away, beautiful. I’m right here cheering you on!!! Happy New Year!

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