Catherine as Wonder Woman

“It’s not about what you deserve; it’s about what you believe. And I believe in love.” – Wonder Woman

It’s the New Year.

Time to change your life, right?

You know the drill.

This year, you’re really going to do it.

Not like last year. Or the year before that. Or the last 10 years before that.

This year is gonna be different.

Guess what? You’re right. It is.


Because I’m going to tell you how!

It’s the difference between wander and wonder. Huh?

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about the New Year and all that comes with it … you know, everything that’s attached to it … the pressure to be – Something …


I don’t know exactly but something different than what we’ve been.

Somehow, the new year arrives, and supposedly, we are able to wave a magic wand and become something different. We’re able to magically turn those New Year’s resolutions into reality.

Except for what?

Except we don’t, most of the time. We drift.

And we wander.

So, what would make this year different? What would make you succeed in 2021? What would make YOU different?

How about becoming a Woman of WONDER?

One of the greatest gifts about almost losing my life to Lyme Disease, was learning how to save my life – how to not only change my life but to transform my entire being from one of Self Loathing to one of Self Love.

One of the greatest tools I discovered was the power of Wonder.

Sounds simple, right?

As children, we live in a continual space of wonder. Our imaginations are wildly alive along with our inner worlds. We believe almost anything is possible.

As adults, not so much.

Over time, all that wonder and imagination begin to shut down as we adopt limited belief systems along with limited ways of being.

Many of us learn to use affirmations as a way to change our lives – to change those limited beliefs.

Come the new year, affirmations are usually kicked into high gear. Sometimes they work. Many times, they don’t.

Why not?

It’s those very limited belief systems that also limit the power of affirmations.

If you have a subconscious that’s filled with decades of “I Am Nots,” it’s going to take a hell of a lot of “I Ams” to negate them – to kick those limiting beliefs to the curb.

What does work?


Wonder works wonders on limiting beliefs.

Wonder opens up our energy to miracles and magic. Wonder opens our imaginations. Wonder expands possibilities. Wonder naturally reprograms our subconscious – not by forcing new “I Ams” or new beliefs but by allowing our imaginations to do it for us.

How do I know?

Wonder saved my life.

Wonder transformed my life.

My daughter made me a set of Mantra cards when I was bedridden with Lyme Disease. I may have been limited but my imagination wasn’t.

Before I went to bed, I would choose a card – the cards would say things like, “I wonder what amazing things will happen to me today?” Or “I wonder what wonderful friends will come into my life today?” Or “I wonder what beautiful place in the world I’ll be traveling to next year?” And on and on.

Every night I would read a card over and over and let wonder permeate through my subconscious while I slept. I would do the same thing when I woke up. I would simply choose a card, read it over and over, and let it bubble up in my subconscious all day long.

Overtime, magic and miracles began to happen.

The new year is a time for Magic & Miracles.

The new year is a time for Wonder.

It’s a time for you to become your very own Wonder Woman!

It’s a time to allow the power of Wonder to Manifest Magic & Miracles.

I wonder what wonderful things are headed our way in 2021?

What do you wonder?

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Love this post Catherine… cheers to the wonder of 2021! Anything can happen~ let’s make it a great year!❤️


Here’s to it, Wonder Woman!

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