Why you shouldn't listen to me.

“Don’t listen to people who tell you what to do. Listen to people who encourage you to do what you know in your heart is right.” – Unknown

Do you trust me?

Will you listen to me?

Maybe you shouldn’t.

At least, perhaps, not yet.

With social media exploding and the internet available 24/7, almost everyone you turn to seems to be another “expert.”

Did you know that on Instagram alone, there are over a half a million so called “Influencers?”

The truth is if everyone is an influencer, who is left to influence?

If everyone can be a self branded expert, then virtually no one is a true expert.

If someone tells you they’re your Guru, what would you do?

I’d run like hell!


Well, back in the day, and I mean BACK IN THE DAY (eons ago!), the word Guru meant a “Hindu Spiritual Teacher.” Authentic Gurus were rare beings indeed.

First of all, true Guru’s don’t call themselves Gurus. The term “Guru” is bestowed upon them once they have proven themselves to be deserving of the recognition.

By the time someone had earned the honor of the title, that rare being usually had so little ego left in his enlightened soul that he didn’t need to go around letting other humans know that he was a Guru.

A Guru doesn’t become a Guru because they say they are a Guru, they become one by proving they are worthy.

The same is true of an Expert or a Master.

What I’m really saying is, I’m not your Guru.

The only true Guru for most of us, is You for You and Me for Me.

The Guru lives within.

A few years back, I attended an event and a speaker took the stage. He gave a powerful talk on being an expert. The essence of his talk was that if you claim to be an expert in an area that you haven’t mastered in your own life through vast amounts of experience, knowledge, accumulated wisdom, and proven success, then you are a fraud.

That stuck with me.

Throughout my 32 plus years in the spiritual world, working with some of the top “Masters” and “Gurus” in the Self Help and Personal Development arena, I’ve realized many so called experts and Gurus are a lot like the Wizard.

Behind the curtain, there’s nothing there.

Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t incredible humans out there doing amazing work. And, that doesn’t mean there aren’t true experts, masters and gurus. There are.

What it does mean is this world of influence is tricky. It’s complicated. Everything isn’t always as it seems.

It means that it’s up to you to pull back the curtain.

It’s up to you to find out if the wizard is real.

How to know?

That voice … that voice deep within.

Not the voice in your mind. The voice in your heart.

By learning to trust yourself and your intuition … first and foremost … before anyone else.

That, and a healthy dose of wisdom and a whole lotta direct, personal experience.

Oh … and skepticism is healthy!

Education transforms into knowledge from the inside out.

The truth is that the one and only Guru is YOU.

To master anything in life, we must master ourselves first.

Sure, I have a great deal of wisdom and life experience to share. I’ve accumulated vast amounts of knowledge. I’ve learned how this crazy game of life works – inside out. I’ve learned not only how to change a life but how to transform a life.

I love to share what I’ve learned but …

Yes, there is a BUT … a ginormous BUT!

BUT, anything I share with you, any tool, any knowledge, anything at all must be experienced by YOU first!

KNOW-ledge comes from KNOW-ING.


The truth is that’s the only way we ever learn.

Why not try it on for yourself?

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Yes! I recently wrote a post about my yoga practice, and I realized that my teacher (who has been a significant mentor in my life for 5 years now) has NEVER told me what to do, when I’ve gone to her for advice. She has encouraged me to do things that I have chosen to do and helped me to believe that I could accomplish those things. I have learned to be very skeptical of people who give advice.


She sounds like a wise woman! I love teachers who allow us to do the learning as it’s up to us to discover our own truth. Thank you!


I live this! ❤️


Thank you sister!

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