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“Midlife: The moment a woman stops fighting with herself and begins to fight for herself.” – Catherine Grace O’Connell

You’ve probably been hearing about Clubhouse, the new invitation only audio app currently only available on iPhone? It’s taking the world by storm and I love it! I consider myself an expert on Midlife, but I learned something new there, a huge awareness, that I’d love to share with you!

I was in a Clubhouse room (Our Midlife Matters Room – please join us!) the other day when it struck me. I mean really struck me. Like, “lightning bolt” struck me!

I was listening to woman after woman sharing their personal stories, their version of the Heroine’s Journey – not a mythical journey, but a real, life altering journey. A journey of Awakening. A journey of Self Discovery. A journey Home.

A journey fighting the good fight.

That’s when I realized the truth about Midlife. Midlife is the moment a woman decides it’s time to stop fighting with herself and, instead, chooses to fight for herself.

Inside of us lies more than one Self.

At times, it may feel as if an entire village lives inside of us – oftentimes it does, in our minds.

The truth is, there are only two selves. The False Self (the one that’s a real dickens!) and the Real Self – the Authentic Self or, more truthfully, the only Self worth fighting for.

Midlife is the beginning of The Good Fight.

It’s also the end of the bad fight, the exhausting fight, the fight that gets you nowhere. The fight that keeps you stuck.

The Good Fight moves us forward.

The Good Fight awakens us a little more each day.

I spent much of my life at war with myself. Not in the good fight kind of way.

Perhaps, you can relate.

The days I felt my best were the days when my Authentic Self won out. Those were the days when I felt lighter, brighter, perkier, simply more like me.

The days I felt my worst were the days when the Ego, my False Self (that dickens or little devil!)- the Self keeping me teeny tiny, crushing my heart & soul and filling me with Self doubt – won out. Those were the heavy days, the dark days. The days I wanted to sleep – like forever and ever.

And then, one day, I was done. I mean, REALLY DONE!

I was done fighting the useless fight, the worthless battle, the battle that kept me going in circles and my tummy twisted up in knots.

I was ready to fight the Good Fight.

That’s Midlife in a nutshell – the beginning of the Good Fight.

Midlife is the realization that there’s only one Self that’s real – one Self worth fighting for.

Midlife is not an end. It’s a beginning.

Midlife is a pivot point from who you were told to be, taught to be, “shoulda woulda coulda” be, to whom YOU choose to be.

It’s a shift from the wind at your front pushing you backward to the wind at your back pulling your forward, toward your dreams, not away from them.

Midlife isn’t when you’re done. Midlife is when you’ve just begun.

The Good Fight. The Fierce Fight. The Fight that’s full of Grace.

That is Midlife.

Fight for it.

P.S. I suppose I have some fight in my bones, in my DNA. After all, Miss Tamara Batsell calls me the Barbie Gangster! Here’s a fun fact. Did you know my Dad was a Golden Gloves boxer?!?

Boom Boom ... Out Go the Lights!

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Love this post Barbie Gangster 🥊


You’re so cute! I love Barbie Gangster!


Thank you sweet sister!

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