“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” – Lao Tzu

Have you ever been at one of those fancy-schmancy hotels where you enter the elevator and the highest floors, the penthouse floors, are only available to a select few with a special key?

Weren’t you dying to visit those floors? 

Consciousness is like an elevator, and higher consciousness, is a key in and of itself.  The higher you can travel in the elevator, the more floors you have the opportunity to visit. Can you imagine the view from the highest floors?

So why don’t we just buy the key and share it like a Netflix password?

Because, when it comes to the Elevator of Consciousness, access can’t be bought. It can’t be sold. There’s only one way to access the higher floors. There’s only one way up. 

You have to raise your consciousness.

Let’s be real. Concepts like consciousness aren’t easy to grasp. Consciousness isn’t something you can hold. You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. You can’t measure it in any normal kind of way – like pouring it into a measuring cup or taking a tablespoon of consciousness. 

You may not be able to measure it, at least not without a fancy lab and scientists, but you sure can feel it.

We are vibrational, energetic beings. We’re also human containers or containers of the human spirit – containers of light.

The higher our level of consciousness, the more light we hold. 

The more light we hold, the higher our level of consciousness.

The higher our level of consciousness, the higher we can travel up the elevator. 

The higher we can travel up the elevator, the more floors we can access.

The more floors we can access, the more opportunities available to us. 

Each new floor opens you up to an entirely new reality, a whole new world of possibility, one you couldn’t see or experience before at your previous level of consciousness.

The cool thing about consciousness is that it’s not linear. You don’t have to climb one floor to the next. You can make quantum leaps in consciousness. You get to skip a few floors!

Life is an elevator ride. 

The lighter you are on the inside, the higher you climb. The higher you climb, the more expansive your world, your reality and your opportunities.

The way to the top is always from the inside out. 

Sure you have to get in the elevator. You have to hit the buttons. You have to get out on each floor. In other words, you have to do the doing part. But the doing part alone won’t get you to a higher floor. That takes a combination of being and doing – being is the most important part of the equation. 

So, what floor are you on?

Or, more importantly, what floor do you want to be on?

Cool. Simply BE THAT NOW and hold on for the ride of your life.

That’s the beauty of Midlife … you don’t have to take the stairs!

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