Law of Attraction

“Raising consciousness is like turning up the dimmer in a dark room. It allows us to be illuminated, fully seen by the universe.” – Catherine Grace O’Connell

I like to think of consciousness as a light shining from the heart. 

The brighter our hearts, the more love, compassion and kindness we hold, the higher our consciousness and the brighter our being.

The brighter our being, the brighter our spirit.

The brighter our spirit, the brighter our energy.

The brighter our energy, the brighter our possibilities, and our potential.

I’ve been enjoying spending time on Clubhouse lately and I’m learning that people are fascinated by the Law of Attraction. In fact, the biggest and most popular room on Clubhouse is a room on the Law of Attraction!

I’m also learning there are a lot of misconceptions and confusion around the Law of Attraction!

Confession: I spent over 4 hours in that LOA room last Sunday morning. 



Remember, I’m the How Why Girl? I want to know what makes people tick.

I also want to know what people want. That’s the best way I know how to serve: give humans what they want.

Clearly, there’s a fascination with the Law of Attraction.

Let’s simplify the concept for the Modern Midlife Woman!

It’s a Law I’ve been studying and implementing for decades.

A Law I used to save my life.

A Law I used to transform my life.

The essence of the Law of Attraction comes down to this: It’s a relationship, a partnership with the Universe. 

It can be a good relationship – one that serves you and works with you – or, it can be an unhealthy relationship; a partnership that holds you back.

It’s also a choice.

We live in a gigantic, cosmic, pulsating, quantum soup. Everywhere around us is energy. Everywhere inside of us is energy. 

Without purpose, that energy can be working against us. You can thank your subconscious for that!

The more awake and aware we are, the more CONSCIOUS we are, the more power we have to question everything in our subconscious so we can let go of limiting and disempowering beliefs and patterns – all those things we hold (much of the time unconsciously) within, that hold us back.

The more conscious we are, the more light we hold.

The more light we hold, the more light we can emit.

The more light we emit, the easier it is for the universe to see us, to hear us, and to partner with us.

The Law of Attraction requires a partner. For Universal Laws to work, they require the Universe to be your partner.

The higher our consciousness, the brighter and lighter our hearts, the easier it is for the Universe to hear us, to help us, and to work with us.

One of the most powerful side effects of a high consciousness is a natural attraction to good things, good people, and good opportunities.

Positive energy attracts positive people.

Positive people attract positive things.

The bottom line is that most of us want a beautiful life. We want peace. We want happiness. We want joy. We want positivity. We want beauty. We want grace. We want love. 

We want to be loved.

To have those things, we must BE those things.

Mastering the Law of Attraction begins with Mastering Ourselves – Mastering our BEING.

Mastering Ourselves, Our BEING – our thoughts, our attitudes, our beliefs – is the key that opens the door to the universe, to the Law of Attraction and to a beautiful life.

If you want to Be Loved, BE LOVE.

The greater the love in our hearts, the higher our consciousness. 

Love is like a beacon in the darkness, shining from our hearts, a light beckoning the Universe, broadcasting our hearts desires. 

The key to linking arms with the universe lies in your heart – the light that’s in your heart. 

If you want the Universe to see you, to feel you, to partner with you, shine your light. 

Be the Light – the Light that is YOU.

That’s the real Law of Attraction.

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Oh Catherine!
You have this incredible mind that makes me gasp with awe and smile at the metaphors you use.
You are a magnificent communicator!
You had me at “We live in a gigantic, cosmic, pulsating, quantum soup. ”
I am all about positivity and light in the darkness.
Great food for thought today!
Great post!


Isn’t language so much fun, sister? Thank you for always reading and supporting. I do miss your blog posts. I loved your recipes and feeling like I was part of the family!

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