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“Youth is a gift of nature but age is a work of art.” – Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

I used to believe that skincare was about the surface, the outside of a woman. Now, I know that it’s so much more. When we take care of the outside, we change the way we feel on the inside. Exceptional skincare is a form of Self Love.

When it comes to exceptional skincare, StriVectin, my personal bodyguard for my 60 Days to 60, is at the top of the heap. There are many wonderful skincare brands out there yet StriVectin has always managed to be ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to cutting edge ingredients and scientifically based skincare.

That’s why I use it.

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There was only one contender for my 60 Days to 60 journey and that is StriVectin, a brand I’ve been using since it’s original debut in 2002 with it’s well known stretch mark cream turned anti-wrinkle moisturizer, SD Advanced PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate.

For women over 50, or like me, turning 60, skincare is a critical part of Self care. It’s also integral to feeling comfortable in your own skin. Although, my personal journey and experience of my 60 Days to 60 was never about the outside, it’s virtually impossible to separate the two. The outside is fundamentally connected to how we feel on the inside. What I know for sure is that my level of self confidence is influenced by how I take care of myself. A huge part of that is protecting and nurturing my skin.

Most women over 50 will tell you that their skin has changed dramatically over the years, particularly those years at Midlife & Beyond. With hormonal fluctuations and declining estrogen levels, moisture and collagen can plummet. Those are fundamental to youthful skin, skin that looks lush, full and plump. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t wish to return to my teens, 20’s or 30’s. I much prefer my wiser, more grounded Self yet. With that said, I have a heavy duty arsenal filled with the latest StriVectin products to help me turn back the clock as naturally as possible. At this point in my life, I have shied away from fillers or plastic surgery of any kind, preferring a more holistic approach. With cutting edge technology, StriVectin has helped me keep those more invasive procedures at bay.

Some of my absolute favorite products I’ve been using daily over the past 60 days include:

1. Daily Reveal Exfoliating Pads – loaded with a Multi-Acid Blend of AHA + BHA + PHA and TX.
2. Peptight Face Serum- a tightening and brightening face serum to layer under your favorite StriVectin moisturizer.
3. Peptight 360 Tightening Eye Serum – visibly tightens, brightens and moisturizes the delicate area surrounding the eye.
4. Lactic Acid Nightly Retexturizing Serum – part of my nighttime regimen to exfoliate dry, flaky skin.
5. TL Advanced™ Tightening Neck Cream PLUS – designed to improve skin elasticity and provide visible lift.

I’m sure for so many of you, 2020 kinda sucked, to put it bluntly. Lots of research out now shows the impact of lockdown on our mental health, our psyches which also has impacted how we look and feel. I’ll admit, I wasn’t taking care of myself the way I normally do. Self care went from being a priority to being an afterthought. I wasn’t feeling great. The extrovert in me really suffered from a lack of human contact. Let’s just say, I really, really missed my friends. I missed a lot of things.

Overtime, that made me feel as if I was slipping into depression. I was tired from a lot less activity. I’m a high energy Type A who thrives on action packed days. 2020 meant more delicious, power yoga classes. No more travel. No creativity. No fun photoshoots. All combined, I felt like I was losing me. That’s what inspired me to do my 60 Days to 60! I also thought it might inspire some of you to join me. I figured that if I had a goal, a big goal like a naked photo shoot with a legendary photographer and a celebrity fitness trainer along with the world watching, holding me fully accountable, I could whip myself into shape while also doubling down on Self Care.

And I did. It was hard. But it was actually fun and gratifying as well!

StriVectin was a big part of that. I didn’t have to worry about what my skin would look like! I knew I was in good hands. The nice thing about StriVectin and it’s endless variety of products, it’s super easy to create your own spa experience at home. That’s what I did and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The truth is, these days, I’m a whole lot happier. Prioritizing Self care, skincare has made me feel like me again. Oh, and it’s made me look like me again! I haven’t left home. I haven’t gone to a spa. Heck, I haven’t had a facial in almost 2 years! These days, I’m giving myself at home facials with StriVectin as my bodyguard. For the 60 Days to 60, it was only StriVectin from head to toe! One thing I know from using their products for many years is that they work! The other thing is, over the past year when I wasn’t doing much in the way of self care, StriVectin was busy, as always, innovatively shaking things up with a whole bunch of new products being launched.

What have I noticed over the past 60 days when it comes to my skin? The skin on my body definitely has its glow back. It’s much more radiant and full of moisture. Crepey Drapey skin is visibly minimized. With loads of daily exfoliation from head to toe, dry skin didn’t have a chance. I’m happy to let it go, or let it glow, baby! Overall, my skin looks tighter and brighter. And, a wonderful side benefit, so is my spirit. Thank you, Team StriVectin. I definitely picked the perfect partner, the best bodyguard!

The world may have been on lockdown or a global pause, but that didn’t stop this amazing brand from developing more cutting edge products. StriVectin is where science and beauty intersect. Without question, the way we look on the outside, especially when you have zero clothes on to hide behind, affects the way we feel on the inside. I can’t imagine letting go of a single product I’ve been using. Fortunately, I won’t need to!

So, is it time for you to have a personal bodyguard? One that prioritizes self care and self confidence over everything? Take a peek at StriVectin’s entire line of skincare from head to toe and be on the lookout for some new products launching this month! I can’t wait to share with you!








They sound like great products for people who are older and what a fun goal to work towards for your birthday! 🙂

Hope you are having a good weekend 🙂 It’s another chilly winter day here!


Thank you so much sister!

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