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"Midlife is like a bridge, a bridge into a new world, a world previously unknown, except to your Authentic Self.”

You know those times in life, the times when your heart is busting open, so full of gratitude, that you think it just might explode?

This past weekend was that kind of time for me.

This entire week was that kind of time.

Sometimes, I can’t believe this is really my life.

Can it be that good? Can my heart be this full? Can my friends be that wonderful?

Yes, it can. Yes, they can!

Much of the credit goes to Midlife.

Much of the credit goes to friends!

Well, that and God, the Universe, my lucky stars, and some good stored up karma too!

There’s just something about Midlife & Friendship.

Why Midlife?

Midlife Women know how to celebrate life. They know that life is precious. They know that every single moment is precious. They understand that feeling of urgency only the juicy middleness of life can bring. They know how to celebrate one another.

This weekend I was the lucky recipient of that celebration for my 60th birthday. I have the best friends in the world. They’re like family to me.

Jodie Filogomo, our favorite style sister of Jodie’s Touch of Style Blog, flew up with her hubby from Arizona to spend a few days reconnecting and celebrating in Seattle. I’ve missed her so much! No one gives a hug like Jodie. She brought with her two hand knitted hats, so perfect and so full of love. She and Rob treated me to so many goodies all weekend long.
I’m going to miss this one – her smile, her kindness, her love and her presence.

And then, there’s Lana Lindgren, my Seattle Bestie and the fashionista behind, Belong Lifestyle USA. Lana and her sweet hubs opened up their lovely home for a delicious birthday dinner party on Saturday night complete with a ten course dinner spread that could rival any 5 Star restaurant. This wasn’t your ordinary dinner – everything was not only cooked by Lana’s hubby, George, it was also “caught” by her outdoor loving fishing and hunting partner. What’s better than that? Fresh caught shrimp, halibut, salmon, duck and wild boar! The extraordinary dinner was capped off by a smorgasbord of the most divine desserts on the planet, including my favorite coconut cake!!!

And, of course, there’s Julia Turner, my favorite Upscale Hippie and her husband, Jim, our latest addition to the Seattle Shenanigans Crew. They were officially indoctrinated into the Forever Fierce Family this weekend. I’m pretty sure they drank the Kool Aid!

The celebration didn’t end there as the fun continued on Sunday with a fabulous lunch and shopping outing, complete with Rob as our Instagram Hubby happily snapping photos to capture the moments while also chauffeuring and schlepping overflowing shopping bags along the way!

Midlife is a celebration.

Midlife is the best part of life.

I do believe there’s a bridge – a bridge between the first part of your life, the first act, and the second part of your life. This bridge is also the bridge between the Self you thought you were and the Self you truly are. Waiting alongside your true Self is all the goodness, love, beauty, kindness and friendship you’ve been waiting for – all that you truly desire & deserve.

Midlife is the bridge that takes you there.

Midlife is a one way bridge.

Midlife is the way.

Midlife is also a secret, one of the best kept secrets known only to those who are fortunate enough to cross that bridge.

I’m one of the lucky ones.

The pot of gold waiting for us at the other end of that one way bridge is worth far more than anything else in the world.

I’m sensing a change, a change in the way we view getting older. A change in the way we view the years at Midlife & Beyond. I’m sensing a change in us, in the women who cross that bridge, the women who no longer buy into the belief that they should be invisible, that they should ride off into the sunset or rock the rest of their lives away in a rocking chair.

Midlife isn’t an age. Midlife is an experience, a delicious, divine experience to be shared with friends of a lifetime, friends who have helped you discover who you truly are –  Friends who are the reward for a life well lived. 

Cheers Beauties, are you ready to cross that bridge?

Awesome! We’ll be waiting for you! 

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It really is amazing when you have women that share the time and inspire the best in us. That’s what you are to me!!!!
As the saying goes, “Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life” (Or we could say the shrimp in a budda bowl, LOL)


I haven’t heard that quote but is it ever wonderful, sister? I love you so much!

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