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“I got up one morning and couldn’t find my socks, so I called Information. She said, “Hello, Information.” I said, “I can’t find my socks.” She said, “They’re behind the couch.” And they were.” – Stephen Wright

Who knew that a simple pair of socks, an affordable purchase not much more than the price of a latte, can brighten your spirits and spice up your wardrobe?! Welcome to the world of Cute But Crazy Socks, a retail novelty sock store  in Bellingham, WA with a down home feel and a global reach and mission. As their website says, “If you love fun socks, you’ve come to the right place!”

Cute But Crazy takes their mission seriously. What is their mission? Well, first of all, the socks may be cute and the company and it’s beloved employees are crazy on their own terms!. They also have a bit of a different take on the word, “Crazy.” Supporting mental health issues is their game. In their own words:

“We know that “crazy” is a word with a complicated and uneasy history. For far too long, it is a word that has been used pejoratively against people who experience the world differently — from people suffering with mental illnesses, to people who go against the grain to speak up for change and justice.

Many of us have been called crazy before, and it wasn’t a compliment. We were told the idea of starting a business that just sells socks was “too crazy to work,” yet here we are after a decade of growth, success and expansion.

The word “crazy” also has a special place in our hearts — it’s the adjective most people use to describe our socks! We wanted to reclaim this word and even take a look into its history back to its oldest etymological roots. The very first meaning of craze is “to shatter or break,” like in the ancient art of “crazed” crackle-glazed pottery or the Victorian trend of crazy quilts. Today we use it with the intention to break boundaries, shatter stereotypes and redefine what a sock company can be!”

Now, that’s a mission I can get behind, having been very open about my own experiences with mental illness, particularly some struggles with depression in various times of my life. You all know how much I love breaking boundaries and shattering stereotypes and stigmas! If you can do it with something as simple and fun as a pair of colorful, Cute But Crazy Socks, why not?

The Cute But Crazy Socks mission is all about wanting your feet to be happy. Heck, many of us are on our feet so much of the day, making our tootsies happy with a pair of socks to bring a smile to your face seems to make a lot of sense. The Cute But Crazy team has outdone themselves when it comes to creativity and imagination. They’re a team of artists who dream up some pretty fun designs to make your feet as happy as possible. As their website shares, “Our employees are a sock crew full of artists, dreamers, hard workers and big thinkers. We give 1% of product sales to our partner NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, because it is a cause close to our hearts — we have all had our lives touched by mental illness in one way or another.” How touching is that? I do love the Cute But Crazy philosophy and mission.

For me, recently relocating to the Pacific Northwest from LA, has meant loading up on things like comfy sweaters, cozy jackets and loads of fun and colorful socks. I’m one of those people whose feet are always freezing cold. So, yes, I love to sleep in socks! Lately, it’s been sleeping in Cute But Crazy Socks! The dilemma tends to be choosing which one!

As many of you know, Jacqueline Depaul was in town recently to do some brand shoots together. While here, we had some lovely days and some typical Seattle weather days. On the day we shot these images, it was pouring buckets, which made for a perfect day to curl up on the sofa and cozy up in our Cute But Crazy Socks. We had so much fun choosing the socks. The website has everything you could ever imagine – every theme, every color, every hobby – absolutely everything. The socks come in all kinds of styles, from knee socks to anklets. The locals here also love picking up their Seattle socks for a little wink and a nod to the area. The Cute But Crazy Socks team makes it so easy to rock your socks!

A few of my favorite socks are shown here. I have a bit of a penchant for the mystical, so the Basically Psychic Ankle socks definitely got my attention. Jacqueline and I both love the water, so we were naturally drawn to the beachy designs. Their website is loaded with all kinds of socks and meticulously organized by your interests. The bright beautiful Sunflower Designs caught Jacqueline’s eye. They’re also knee socks which makes it super fun to style a look around too. Of course, we love our animals, particularly pups like Moxie, so who can resist the cutest Crazy Socks dog socks? Certainly, not us! Jacqueline bonded with the Mox while she was here, probably a bit more than intended as Moxie was fascinated with Jacqueline and spent a lot of time taking over her tiny guest room quarters! A couple more of our fav’s include the extra colorful ones – mine are covered in cinnamon buns and Jacqueline’s are all about being Anxious and Sexy! How fun is that?

I know we’re in the midst of summer with warmer temperatures and possibly, more bare feet than usual. Just know that cooler temperatures are around the corner and what better way to get ready for chilly temperatures than with some crazy, colorful Cute But Crazy Socks? Heck, I wear them year round as they make my feet happy and warm. If you happen to be in the Seattle area, be sure to stop in and visit their flagship store in Bellingham where their entire job is to leave you with happy tootsies. How crazy is that?

Cheers Beauties! I hope you’re inspired to visit the Crazy Socks website. You can see Moxie’s favorite pair! Please let us know your favorite styles!!!



Fun photos, fun women, fun socks!


Aren’t they so fun sister? Thank you for reading.


the cutest ever!


So fun to be with you!

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