“Nudity is natural but not until a person accepts and loves who they are.” – Jolene Blalock

What’s it like to pose fully nude?



Most of all …


No one was more surprised than me at how comfy I have become in my own skin – and only my skin – at 60.

Of course, it helps to have a Dream Team, to build that confidence both outside in and inside out.

60 isn’t what it used to be.

60 is anything you want it to be.

I’ve shared before that the 60 Days to 60 Campaign and Photo Shoot were inspired by both a desire and a need. I wasn’t looking or feeling my best having been stuck at home during most of the pandemic. A challenging move, living in hotels for weeks on end, a diagnosis of COPD and my healthy lifestyle and routines had gone out the window.

My insides were screaming for some TLC while my outsides were looking a lot more squishy than normal.

What better way to force yourself to get into tippy top shape than holding yourself fully and very publicly accountable?

I do believe that if a woman has a dream in her heart, the Universe has all the goods ready to be delivered to make those dreams come true.

Keep in mind that I’m someone who could barely look at herself naked, let alone prance around nude in a studio with a photographer I was just getting to know.

Somehow, it was scary. It was thrilling. And fun. And wildly exhilarating.

I’ve been waiting to reveal the total nudes. Holding on tightly until now. Behind the scenes, so much went into creating these dreamy images. Kevin Steele, Photog extraordinaire, was definitely stretching his imagination along with his limitless creativity. One thing Kevin let me know ahead of time was that he wanted minimal editing, ie. very natural images without airbrushing. I was totally on board with his wishes.  Fortunately, he had the perfect environment for the shoot at St John Studios in Austin, TX. A sunlit loft with the coolest range of rooms to shoot made for the perfect backdrop. Kevin was experimenting with lots of moving parts on this shoot including special lights, lenses, fog machines, flowy fabric and ready and willing assistants.

Directly behind me in the image above is Jess deBen, my fabulous makeup artist and friend, holding onto one end of a chiffon drapery panel we cut in half. Mike, my Photog, is holding onto the other end. Together, they are swirling the fabric around, while Kevin artfully directs and Juan, our additional Photog assistant helps with lights and adjustments.

Who knew it takes a village to take your clothes off???

From my perspective, it was like watching a beautiful symphony in motion with Kevin firmly in control as the master conductor.

Now, keep in mind, since I’ve never posed nude, I’m simply playing around with poses. In other words, I’m a novice who has no clue what she’s doing! Part of my “homework” was studying nude photo shoots and experimenting with poses.

One thing I’ve learned over the years, the camera reads your energy. You can’t fool the camera. Whatever emotion you wish to project must also be generated inside of you – by you!

If you want to look confident, you must feel confident.

If you want to look sexy, you must feel sexy. Or, as Jacqueline DePaul says, “Be sure to fire up those lady parts!”

This crew was Kismet – the ideal team to help me to feel my most confident and sensual self. It was such fun to embody a Playboy vixen while exuding sensuality for the first time in my life.

A big part of my role was learning to move and sculpt my body for the shots so the images captured beautiful lines, artfully posed. As a first time “nudie,” I couldn’t have envisioned anything more beautiful than the final images.

My greatest hope is to inspire women to go for their dreams and desires – no matter what they are! They exist for a reason. Your dreams are a direct pipeline to your soul. If we get quiet enough and listen to our hearts and our inner knowing, we can feel our dreams. We can hear them talking to us, urging us, nudging us to believe we have the power to make them come true.

Dreams pull us forward.

Letting them go holds us back.

I’ll be honest that I didn’t know my dream was to do a nude photo shoot with a world class photographer. It wasn’t until I began tossing around ideas and landed on that one that felt so right. It felt scary. Exciting. Terrifying. And wild – at least for me.

The 20 year old me wasn’t in touch with her inner wild. She was too afraid to touch it. To feel it. To get to know it.

My “wild” was in there all along waiting to be let free.

My 60 year old Self has been through the fire and risen like a Phoenix. She’s all about pushing the envelope. She isn’t afraid anymore. Or, if she is, she doesn’t run from the fear. She runs straight toward it.

She doesn’t avoid the fire. She becomes the fire.

The truth is, as Glennon Doyle says, “We are fireproof.”

Yes, we are. What becomes the ashes, the parts that burn away, was never us. It wasn’t real. The truth of our being, our Authentic Self, is always fireproof.

60 is pretty damn cool. I want the whole wide world to know that age is a gift. Every moment on this planet is a gift. I won’t stop shouting it to the rooftops until enough of us awaken to see the beauty, grace, courage and strength found in the years at Midlife & Beyond.

My heart is busting with gratitude for my amazing team. Thank you to the phenomenal age defying fitness wonder, Kacy Duke, for kicking my butt and whipping me into shape in record time. Oh, and for making it FUN! And – helping me to tap into my sensual Goddessy Self.

Thank you to Jessica daBen Polish, the most impeccable makeup artist on the planet for glamming this every day girl up to the nines. I appreciate you more than you know. You’re a gift! You also have the patience of a saint and the artistic gifts of a true master.

And, of course, I couldn’t have made this dream come true without the phenomenal Kevin Steele capturing these incredible images that are way beyond my wildest imagination. Your artistry knows no bounds. I’m forever grateful to experience the magic you create with light and a lens.

Cheers Beauties! Here’s to Midlife, Magic, Miracles and Making Midlife Dreams Come True!



Catherine, my dear, beautiful friend, this post and these photos are simply magnificent! I have been holding this post in my email inbox for two months and I finally got here to read it and I am so very inspired by you, your journey, your beauty, and your strength! I did a nude photoshoot a few years back in a lake with my husband behind the camera. It was an extraordinarily liberating and empowering experience to strip down nude in a public place (although there was no around except the two of us) and pose for the camera. It was even more empowering and liberating to post the images online and write about my experience with nude photography. It has now become a bit of a passion for me…nude photography. The human body is so very beautiful and magical and awesome that we should be celebrating it not hiding it away in some culturally enforced state of shame. Keep on shining bright, gorgeous!

Shelbee on the Edge


Dear Shelby,

I’ve been following your journey and it’s beautiful to see you feeling so liberated! I was so surprised by how comfortable I felt in my own skin. Congratulations, sister! Onwards and upwards in 2022!


Catherine you inspire me. Reading this post and devouring your others. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. We are all better for it. Love, Jess


And, you inspire me, beautiful friend. I am forever grateful for you and the love and support you have given me. This video and your glamorous makeup at the shoot were such incredible gifts. You do spoil me and I love it! Happy New Year!


Catherine, as usual you have blown me away! Not only with these amazing images but with your insight and words of inspiration for all women. You are a wonder! Thank you for all you do, leslie


Hi Leslie,

Your kind words blow me away! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be forever grateful for your love and support. It’s my intention to continue to uplift and inspire through my words, deeds and actions.

Big XO!



Catherine- these shots are so incredible, I’m so glad you shared them. You look ravishing, you and Kevin totally nailed it, and I’m so very proud of you. You are a beauty through and through and you will look back on these shots as time passes and stare at yourself in wonder and say “Wow- I did that.” I’m so so so very proud of you and in love with these images. Well done lady.


You know how much I adore you – inside and out! Although your outside beauty knows no bounds, your inner beauty and kind heart are at the top of the heap and the essence of your radiance. Thank you for leading the pass not well traveled for us nudies at 40, 50 and 60 plus! I do hope we are leading the way to a revolution inside and out. And, yes, Kevin rocked the house!


What about fabulous at 77? I’m working on it!!


That’s why I’m all about Midlife & Beyond. All ages, sister! Until our last breath, may we continue to push the boundaries and go for our dreams. I’ll tell you what it’s like when I’m 77. In the meantime, you tell me!


Yaaaaaaaasssss Sister!!! Beautiful inside and out! My first photoshoot EVER was artistic nudes with Ben Winkler…that was over 2 years ago. You have inspired me to share them!!
In gratitude, Susan


Wow, sister! I bet they were wonderful. Thank you for your love and support. You mean the world to me!


Catherine you have so inspired me to let my dream out and to explore the wild child in me once more! Since you shared your sixty in sixty, I decided to take my own journey there. I have spent an enormous amount of time looking at poses, practicing my own, working out and getting in shape, losing 27 lbs, and the day has come. October 21st is my photo shoot, and I hope I am as brave, courageous and willing to let my inhibitions fly with the wind. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!! Here’s to being fabulous and 60!


You’re going to rock the house, beautiful soul. I know it’s happening today and I am over the moon for you to have this experience to surprise and share with your hubby. Biggest XO!

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