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"The new women’s movement is entrepreneurship.”

It’s been a man’s world for far too long.

That’s about to change as Dr Joseph Coughlin, Founder of the MIT AgeLab says, “The Future is Female!”

You know what else he says?

“And, it’s Female Over 50!”

Back when we were growing up, 50 pretty much meant – over the hill, rocking chairs, and the beginning of the end.

Now, it’s the end of the beginning and the beginning of a new beginning.

What’s really cool today and vastly different from most generations that came before us is the internet that’s created global communities along with women coming together from all corners of the world.

We live in revolutionary times!

You know how much I love a Revolution! Well, I’ve recently joined a new revolution – a global movement of women called WEDO – as in WE DO!

WEDO or the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization is the brainchild of Wendy Diamond, the Founder, and is committed to celebrating, supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs.

They have leaders at all levels – local, national and global. Oh, and they partner with the United Nations in their annual summit on November 19th each year – the official Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

Which brings me to me! I’m super excited to share that I’ve joined the WEDO team as the Seattle & NW Pacific Ambassador. Oh, and I have a posse by my side – the fierce & fabulous Lana Lindgren and Julia Turner – as my partners in crime and team leaders. We are hosting our very first Pacific NW Virtual Summit on November 10th and you’re invited to join us on a special livestream in the Forever Fierce: Midlife Matters Community on Facebook!

Which brings me to YOU!

I hope to inspire you to get involved!

Maybe it’s Women’s entrepreneurship that floats your boat and you can hop on board to join a local WEDO Ambassador in hosting a local event which benefits a nonprofit organization in the local area.

Maybe it’s something else that makes your heart go pitter patter or gets your inner activist pumped up to go out and change the world.

Women are changing the world. We are leading the way to a new world – one that’s more connected than ever before – a kinder, gentler yet fierce world with women at the helm.

What I’ve discovered is that the only way to know you’re a leader is to LEAD – to take one step forward as the leader of something – anything you’re passionate about – and invite women to join you!

It can be something small or something big.

One thing I know for sure is that this world needs more female leaders leading the way for more female leaders to join them.

This world needs YOU!

Remember- WE DO! Yes, women do! We can do just about anything if our heart is full of passion and our mind is connected to our heart.

Let’s be honest. This world needs some changing!

This world needs YOU!

The way to a new world is paved by new leaders and that means YOU!

I’ve always believed that the greatest responsibility of a leader is to create more leaders.

I hope I’ve inspired you. If you’re interested in joining the WEDO team, be sure to register to attend our very first virtual Summit livestream in Forever Fierce on November 10th. You can find all the information here to grab your FREE ticket!

There are so many wonderful ways to lead us into a new world. Start somewhere. Anywhere. And know that you can do anything in the world if only you believe in you!

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