"The acorn does not know that it will become a sapling. The sapling does not remember when it was an acorn, and only dimly senses that it will become a mighty oak. The oak recalls fondly when it was a sapling, loves being a mighty oak, and joyfully creates new acorns.”

I used to be fascinated by acorns. I would gather them up as they fell off the trees, marveling at something way beyond my youthful understanding.

Looking back, with a bit more perspective, a teeny tiny acorn holds within its essence a miraculous power.

A tiny acorn simply knows it will ultimately become a Mighty Oak.

Unlike humans, acorns never doubt.

They don’t waste time wondering when the metamorphosis will occur – or if it will occur. Acorns simply KNOW that they hold within themselves the power to be a Mighty Oak.

Humans have learned a great deal about themselves since the beginning of time by observing Mother Nature.

Humans, by their very nature and internal wiring, are programmed to be cognitively biased toward the negative.

That’s where Mother Nature comes in. Mother Nature has a lot to teach us kooky humans about worry and self doubt.

Human beings are wired for worry. They’re wired to doubt themselves. They’re wired to let go of the positive and focus on the negative.

The flip side is that what is wired can always be “Re-Wired.”

Just like a computer can be re-booted or a software program can be replaced or re-written, our neural pathways aren’t fixed and immutable.

Our neural pathways are waiting for us to re-wire them.

Ever since I read a life-changing book by Dr Joe Dispenza,  Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself, I’ve begun to focus on changing my neural pathways.

In the yogic philosophy, neural pathways are called Samskara’s.

Think of a Samskara like a railroad track. To change course, you have to lay new tracks.

Or, like a groove that’s been created over time, we have to create new grooves or new pathways to change who we are by changing our habits or habitual ways of thinking.

To boil the spiritual teachings down, we are only our thoughts. Our thoughts are the power behind all creation.. To get a bit biblical here, “I think therefore I am.”

The advantage acorns have over humans is that they don’t think.

Acorns simply KNOW.

The advantage us kooky humans have is that we can think and we can change our thinking. We can use our thoughts and our ability to reprogram our thoughts, thus changing our neural pathways, ultimately changing our destiny.

Happy thoughts lead to happy neural pathways.

Happy neural pathways or happy “re-wiring” leads to happy humans and ultimately, happy lives.

Think like an acorn.

I know that’s a bit of an oxymoron as acorns don’t think.

They know.

As Oprah always says, “What I Know for Sure…”

Well, what I know for sure and I want you to
know is that inside of every human – meaning you and me – lies a tiny seed with the power to become a mighty human.

Cheers Beauties. Remember that YOU are one MIGHTY Human!

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Fantastic post! Love your Moxie on Monday! Always so encouraging and inspiring!


Happy Moxie on Monday, sister!

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